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Media Literacies Presentation. By Batoul Amhaz. Area of Interest Introduction. Film What is Film? History & Changes Directors Film examples. What is film?. A work of art A Form of entertainment A Business. Changes. Silent to sound Black & white to colour - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Media Literacies PresentationBy Batoul Amhaz

  • Area of InterestIntroductionFilmWhat is Film? History & ChangesDirectorsFilm examples

  • What is film?A work of artA Form of entertainmentA Business

  • ChangesSilent to soundBlack & white to colourNo blood to excessive bloodEvolving technologyHad to change due to new media, eg. Digital media and 3D technologyA new film industry emerged with new mediaAudiences expectations of greater visual effects due to technology

  • Change of Vision?

  • From this...

  • To this...

  • Some of my Personal Favourites

    Quentin Tarantino films Jarmusch (American) -Coffee and Cigarettes - Askill (Australian) -We Have Decided Not To Die Anderson (American)-The Dargeeling Limited-The Royal Tenenbaums

  • Quentin Tarantino

  • Jim Jarmusch

  • Coffee & Cigarettes

  • Australian DirectorDaniel AskillWe Have Decided Not To Die -short film

  • Art House FilmsThey have a sense of realismThey are non-commercial unlike Hollywood filmsUnique features

  • Art House Films...

  • Foreign Films...

  • What makes a good film?

    RealismNon-commercialismA Reflection of the Audience - Personal ExperienceThe illustration of great artistic visions

  • References