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A fairy tale by ESO 1 students


<ul><li><p>By: Joan Aguilar, Marc Casas, Arnau Boixaderas i Mar Compte</p></li><li><p> Once upon a time, in a village on the middle of a forest, there was a wonderful palace. In this palace there were a princess and her father, the king of the village. The princess was a beautiful girl, of 16 years old, she had long blond hair, blue eyes, and a pretty smile, with her beauty she can engage all the boys she met. She was tall and thin, but she</p><p>was a bit silly as well. She </p><p>wanted to marry the most</p><p>poor boy in the village.</p></li><li><p>The princess mother had died and so she lived with her father, the king.</p><p>He was an ugly short man, aged 47. His eyes were brown, he had a big nose, silver hair and scaring teeth. He was also very fat.</p></li><li><p> One day the princess said to her father:</p><p>- My lord, last week when I was walking in the village, I saw a gorgeous boy, I spoke to him and I invited him to come to the palace tomorrow.</p><p>- Oh my darling! Have you found your true love?</p><p>The girl didnt tell </p><p>her father that the </p><p>boy was the poorest guy </p><p>in the village. </p></li><li><p> The day after, in the early morning the boy, named Tom, went to the palace to visit the king. When he arrived he found a big table covered by food, there were: fruit, meat, sweets and a lot of dishes. The boy couldnt stop himself and he started eating immediately. When the king saw him, he thought it wasnt a good boy for her daughter. But he didnt say anything.</p><p>He started to talk to the princess for </p><p>large while, and then Tom went</p><p>home.</p></li><li><p> Then the king went talking to her daughter,</p><p>-Darling, I have been talking with your lover, and he seems to me that he is a boy... </p><p>- But father, he is handsome, and a good person.</p><p>- You are silly young girl!</p><p>You mustn't marry this</p><p>boy!</p><p>- Please, father, please, Ill</p><p>beg you!- said the </p><p>princess-</p></li><li><p> The princess, went to her bedroom to cry. She was very sad because her father didnt allow her marriage with Tom. </p><p>Then the princess heard a noise, she showed her head by the big window and she watched Tom. </p><p>-Come here my princess!</p><p>-I cant back down my </p><p>father he will not let me.</p><p>-Please, I want to stay </p><p>with you.</p><p>-I have bad news, my </p><p>father doesnt allow us </p><p>to get married.</p></li><li><p> But the princess this time didnt obey her father, and she went down. </p><p>Tom and her got away to Far Away and her father stayed in the palace alone. Tom and the princess lived together happily, and the king was left alone in the palace.</p></li><li><p>{the end}</p></li></ul>