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  • A Better Understanding of Your Child

  • Key Steps in Children DevelopmentJean Piaget0-2 Years Old> Reflexes> Hand-eye coordination> Habits> Experimentation > Symbolic representation

    7-11 Years Old> Appropriate use of logic. > Seriation (sort objects) > Transitivity (logicalrelationships)> Classification> Multiple problem solving> Reversibility> Conservation > Empathy4-6 Years Old> Start mental activities tosolve problems and obtain goalsbut is unaware of how she/he came to this conclusion > Learn through imitation and play> Build up symbolic images2-4 Years Old> Speech> Intuitive reasoning> Highly imaginative minds> Assign emotions toinanimate objects

  • Jean PiagetSwiss scientist and philosopher well known for his work studying children, in particular his theory of cognitive development:

    Children learn through actively constructing knowledge through hands-on experience

    The adult's role in helping the child learn is to provide appropriate materials for the child to interact and construct.

    Questioning is used to get the children to reflect on what they were doing.

    His approach can be seen in how the curriculum is sequenced in schools, and in the pedagogy of preschool centersBust of J. Piaget in Neuchatel, Switzerland

  • Benefits of Reading

  • Books Help Children Develop Vital Language & Reading Skills

    The more children read, the better they become at reading. Children can build their vocabulary through books, associate it to context and reuse it to grow confidence in and outside school

    Reading Can Open Up New Worlds and Enrich Children's Lives

    Through books, children can learn about people and places from other parts of the world, improving their understanding of and concern for all of humanity

    Books also give kids the opportunity to flex their critical thinking skills in such areas as problem solving, the concepts of cause and effect, conflict resolution, and acceptance of responsibility for one's actions.

    Benefits of Reading

  • Reading Can Enhance Children's social skills & understanding ofsocial rules

    Great opportunity for adult and child to share some quiet, relaxed quality time together away from the rush and stresses of the business of daily living Encouraging children to talk about what they've read or heard as well as giving them a head start at school as well as giving them a confidence boost. Books can encourage children empathy to be more cooperative, to share with others, to be kind to animals, or to respect the natural environment.

    Reading Can Provide Children with Plenty of Good, Clean Fun

    Reading should be viewed as a pleasurable activity - as a source of entertainment and useful and interesting factual information.Benefits of Reading

  • Benefits of Images & Illustrations

  • Benefits of Images/IllustrationsClarify text explanation & provide sense of familiarity, reality etc.

    Stimulus for learners to interrogate or explain

    Focus learner on key ideas

    Provide confidence-building visual cues for learners with visual memories

    Allow the reader to think about abstract concepts and relations

    Support the creation of more complete mental models

    Child-friendly & fun for better assimilation of knowledge

  • The 5 Minds For the Future

  • The 5 Minds For The FutureProf. Howard Gardners 5 Minds for the Future (Harvard University)

  • The 5 Minds For The Future

  • Learn about key subjects from different angles

    Different from school: Completes knowledgeStimulates subjects association Encourages cross-curricular learning

    Through different mediums: Questions & AnswersRealistic artwork & cartoonsExtra information & Fun Facts

    These stimulates your childs various intelligences (Prof. Howard Gardner)

  • Builds reflexes and motivation for self-learning

    Opens your childs mind to other cultures and point of views

    Facilitates parent-children interactions

    Arouses curiosity & eases home-works

    24 volumes organized by key topics

  • Starting with a serious note