Insignia 7" Wifi Android Tablet

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Insignia 7" Wifi Android Tablet


<ul><li><p>7" Wi-Fi Android TabletNS-15AT07</p><p>Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.</p><p>USERGUIDE</p></li><li><p>Table of ContentsWelcome 4Features 4Package contents 4Product overview 5Home screen 6</p><p>Get Started 7Charge the battery 7Turn on your tablet for the first time 8</p><p>Understand the basics 9Turn your tablet on or off 9Restart the hardware 10Adjust the volume 10Navigate with gestures 11Navigate with on-screen function buttons 12Use the Recents screen 12Use the keyboard 13Download apps 14Capture and view a screenshot 15View a status item or notification 15Check for updates 16Add a new user account 17</p><p>Change basic settings 21Customize the Home screen 21Customize the lock screen 23Set the date and time 25Adjust the screen brightness 25Adjust the power saving settings 26Setting the screen font size 27Adjust system sounds 27Select your language 28</p><p>Connect to a computer 30Transfer or download an e-book 30Set up wireless connections 31Connect to aWi-Fi network 31Add aWi-Fi network 31Checknetwork status 33Connect to a Bluetooth device 33</p><p>Use the Internet 33View web pages 34Search for text on a web page 34Copy text on a web page 35Checkand clear history 36Manage downloads 37</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com2</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>Manage bookmarks 37</p><p>Use email 38Set up an email account 39Manage email accounts 39View an email 40Create an email 41</p><p>Use Gmail 42Set up aGmail account 42ManageGmail accounts 42View aGmail 43Create aGmail 44</p><p>Create and manage contacts 45Use the calendar 45Work with photos and video 45Use the camera 45View photosand video 47Edit photos 48Share photosor videos 48</p><p>Listen to music 49Control playback 49Create a playlist 49</p><p>Protect your data and tablet 50Set and use the screen lock 50Encrypt your data 51</p><p>Manage storage space 52View storage space 52Clear application cache and data 53Uninstall apps 54Delete a user account or profile 55Free up storage space 55Reset to default settings 55</p><p>Troubleshooting 56Maintenance 57Specifications 58Customer support 58Safety information 58Legal notices 59One-Year Limited Warranty 62</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com3</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>WelcomeThank you for purchasing an Insignia 7"Wi-Fi Android Tablet (NS-15AT07). Your tablet is astate of the art Android design that will give you reliable and trouble-free performance.</p><p>FeaturesFamiliarize yourself with your tablet's features below.</p><p>Wi-Fi ConnectivityConnect to the Internet wherever you are with the latest Wi-Fi technology.</p><p>7.0" Touch ScreenThe screen responds to your touch instantly.</p><p>Third-party Application SupportInstall a large number of third-party applications on your tablet.</p><p>Built-in CamerasUse the built-in front and back cameras as a webcam or to record videos.</p><p>Built-in G-sensorRotate the tablet to automatically switch between landscape and portrait modes.</p><p>EntertainmentEnjoymusic, movies, pictures, and e-books on a single device.</p><p>PACKAGE CONTENTSl 7"Wi-Fi Android Tabletl Micro USBcablel AC power adapterl Quick SetupGuidel Important Information</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com4</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>PRODUCT OVERVIEWFront</p><p>Back</p><p>Top</p><p>Side</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com5</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>Item Description</p><p>Front camera Take pictures or record video. SeeUse thecamera (on page45).</p><p>Charging indicator Lights red during charging.Lights amber (orange) when charging is finished.</p><p>Rear camera Take pictures or record video. SeeUse thecamera (on page45).</p><p>microSD card slot Insert a microSDcard to increase your tablet'smemory.Speaker Plays sound from your tablet.</p><p>Power buttonPress briefly to turn your screen on/off.Press and hold to turn your tablet on/off.Press and hold for ten seconds to restart yourtablet.</p><p>Vol + / Vol button Press to increase or decrease the volume.Earphone jack Connect 3.5mmheadphones to listen to audio.Microphone Speak into themicrophone to capture your voice.</p><p>Micro-USB port Connect theMicro-USBcharging cable tocharge your tablet.</p><p>HOME SCREENSeeNavigate with gestures (on page11) for information on using the touch screen.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com6</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>Status items</p><p>Notifications</p><p>Get StartedThis section has resources to help you start using your tablet right away. You can also check outFeatures (on page4) to familiarize yourself with your new tablet. For more information aboutusing and customizing your tablet, seeUnderstand the basics (on page9) andChange basicsettings (on page21).</p><p>CHARGE THE BATTERYWhen charging your tablet battery for the first time, use your tablet until the battery is completelyempty, then charge it fully before using it again. This will help increase your battery's efficiency andlife. After the first time, charge your battery when it is less than 15% full.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com7</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>1. Insert themicro USB cable into your tablet'smicro USB port.2. Insert the other end into the AC power adapter, then connect it to a power outlet. The</p><p>charging indicator lights red during charging, then lights orange when finished.Note:It takes about four hours to fully charge your tablet.</p><p>Conserve battery powerl Turn off Wi-Fi when you aren't using it.l Lower the screen brightness. SeeAdjust the screen brightness (on page25).l Close apps that you aren't using. SeeUse the Recents screen (on page12).l If your tablet is inactive, your tablet sleepswith the screen off (depending on the screentimeout setting. SeeCustomize the lock screen (on page23)). Press to wake it up.</p><p>Helpful tipsl For the best battery performance, use your tablet often.l Make sure that you charge it at least once amonth.l Use the power adapter that camewith your tablet forcharging.</p><p>l You can use your tablet while it is being charged.However, to conserve your tablet's battery life, it isn'trecommended.</p><p>TURNON YOUR TABLET FOR THE FIRST TIME1. Press and hold the button on the side of your tablet until you see theWelcome screen.</p><p>2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete setup.Note:You can use your tablet without connecting to the Internet and signing into aGoogle account, but you won't be able to use the Play Store or receive softwareupdates.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com8</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>Understand the basicsLearn the basics about customizing and navigating your tablet, plus other helpful features.</p><p>TURN YOUR TABLET ONOROFFTurn on your tablet</p><p>l Press and hold the button. Your tablet turns on.</p><p>NoteIf you don't touch your tablet for a while (depending on thescreen timeout setting), it may sleep with the screen off. Pressbriefly to wake it up.</p><p>Turn off your tablet1. Press and hold the button until thePower off screen opens.</p><p>2. TouchPower Off, thenOK. Your tablet turns off.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com9</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>RESTART THE HARDWAREl If your tablet freezes, press and hold down the button for 10 seconds to restart it. Yourstored data and customized settings aren't affected.</p><p>NoteTo reset your tablet back to factory settings, seeReset to defaultsettings (on page55).</p><p>ADJUST THE VOLUMEl Press the volume + or button to raise or lower the volume.</p><p>NoteSeeAdjust system sounds (on page27) for moreinformation.</p><p>Quickly silence your tabletl Press and hold until a menu appears, then touchSilent mode to turn off sound.l Press the volume + button to turn sound back on.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com10</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>NAVIGATEWITH GESTURESGesture Action</p><p>Touch</p><p>Touch an application or other itemwith your finger to open or select it.</p><p>Touch &amp; hold</p><p>Touch an itemwith your finger andhold it until your tablet responds.</p><p>Double touch</p><p>Quickly touch an item on the screentwice.</p><p>DragTouch and hold an itemwith yourfinger, thenmove your finger to theposition where you want the item.</p><p>FlickQuickly slide your finger eithervertically or horizontally across thescreen.</p><p>Pinch</p><p>Pinch your fingers together or movethem apart.</p><p>RotateTo change the screen orientationfrom portrait to landscape (or fromlandscape to portrait) turn yourtablet sideways.Tip:When entering text, you canturn the tablet sideways to switch tolandscapemode andmake thekeyboard bigger.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com11</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>NAVIGATEWITH ON-SCREEN FUNCTION BUTTONSIcon Touch to...</p><p>Start a text search onGoogle.</p><p>Start a voice search onGoogle.</p><p>Return to the previous screen.</p><p>Return to the home screen.</p><p>Open the list of recently used andrunning applications. SeeUse theRecents screen (below).</p><p>View all apps installed on your tablet.</p><p>Open the optionsmenu.</p><p>Close the keyboard.</p><p>Open a drop-downmenu.</p><p>USE THE RECENTS SCREENTheRecents screen lets you quickly switch to recently used and open apps. If you have toomanyapps running, your tablet may run slower or shorten your battery life. Close an app to improve yourtablet's performance.</p><p>l On the home screen, touch Recents. A list of themost recently used or running appsappears.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com12</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>l To seemore apps, flick the screen right or left.l To open an app, touch the app's icon.l To close an app, drag the app screen up or down.</p><p>USE THE KEYBOARDThe keyboard automatically openswhen you start a program or select an item that needs text ornumbers.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com13</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p># Description1 Switch between uppercase or lowercase letters.2 Switch between number/symbol or text mode.3 Speak to convert your voice to text.</p><p>4 Change keyboard language. SeeSelect your language(on page28).5 Close the keyboard.6 Touch and hold any keywith "..." for more options.</p><p>7Touch to delete a character.Touch and hold to delete all characters to the left of thecursor.</p><p>l To insert a character, touch the character to the left of where you want it, then use thekeyboard to type.</p><p>l To delete a character, touch to the right of it, then touch the delete key (7).l When you dont need the keyboard, press at the bottom of the screen to close it.l To adjust keyboard sound settings, seeAdjust system sounds (on page27).</p><p>DOWNLOAD APPSCautionTo protect your tablet and personal data, only download appsfrom trusted sources.</p><p>Youmust connect to the Internet to download apps. SeeConnect to a Wi-Fi network (onpage31) for more information.</p><p>1. On the home screen, touch , then Play Store.2. Search for an app or browse the categories to find apps, then follow the on-screen</p><p>instructions to install.</p><p>Notesl If a third-party application does not work on your tablet,contact the app developer for more information.</p><p>l SeeUninstall apps (on page54) for information onpermanently deleting an app.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com14</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>CAPTURE AND VIEW A SCREENSHOTl To capture a screenshot, press and hold the andVol buttons at the same time.l To view the screenshot:</p><p>1. On the home screen, touch , then Gallery.</p><p>2. Touch theScreenshots folder.3. Touch the thumbnail of the screenshot. SeeView photos and video (on page47)</p><p>for more information on navigating your photos.</p><p>VIEW A STATUS ITEM ORNOTIFICATIONStatus and notification information is located at the top of the screen.</p><p>l Swipe down in the upper-right corner of the screen to view status items (such asWi-Fi,Bluetooth, and battery information).</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com15</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>l Swipe down in the upper-left corner to view notifications (such as email, calendar, andtime).</p><p>CHECK FORUPDATESMake sure that you have themost up-to-date software.</p><p>Update your tabletWarningBack up your personal data before updating your tablet. Updatesmay delete your data.</p><p>1. On the home screen, touch , then Settings.2. Under SYSTEM, touchAbout tablet.</p><p>3. TouchSystem Update.</p><p>4. TouchCheck now.5. If an update is available, your tablet displays the update version information. Follow the on-</p><p>screen instructions to install.</p><p>Tip</p><p>Drag theAuto check update slider to ON to let yourtablet automatically check for updates.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com16</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>Update your apps1. On the home screen, touch , then Play Store.2. Touch thePlay Storemenu in the upper-left corner, then touchMy apps.3. Select the app you want to update from themenu on the left underUpdates.</p><p>Note:If there is noUpdates heading, all your apps are up-to-date.</p><p>TipTouchAllow automatic updating (at the top of the list ofpermissions) to let your tablet automatically update the appin the future.</p><p>5. Touch the app to open the app page, then touchUPDATE.6. TouchCONTINUEorACCEPTif you agree to the app permissions. Your app is updated.</p><p>ADD A NEWUSER ACCOUNTYou can create an additional user account or restricted profile. A user account has its own appsand content. A restricted profile lets you restrict access to apps and content from your account. Todelete user accounts and profiles, seeDelete a user account or profile (on page55).</p><p>Create a new user account1. Touch , then Settings.2. UnderDEVICE, touchUsers.</p><p>3. TouchAdd user or profile.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com17</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>4. TouchUser to add a new user account.</p><p>5. Read themessage, then touchOK.</p><p>6. TouchSet up now set up the new account, then follow the on-screen instructions.ORTouchNot now to set up the account later. Select the new account from the lock screen,then unlock the tablet when you are ready.</p><p>Create a restricted profileNoteYoumust set up a personal screen lock before creating arestricted profile. SeeCustomize the lock screen (onpage23).</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com18</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>1. Touch , then Settings.2. UnderDEVICE, touchUsers.</p><p>3. TouchAdd user or profile.</p><p>4. TouchRestricted profile to create a new profile with restricted access to your apps andcontent.</p><p>5. (Optional) If you are prompted to set your lock screen, touchSet lock.Unlock selectionopens and you can set aPattern, PIN, or Password lock.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com19</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>6. To name the profile, touch the new profile name, use the keyboard to enter the name, thentouchOK.</p><p>7. Find the apps you want to give the restricted profile access to, then touch the slider bar toturn themON .</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com20</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>8. To open the restricted profile and complete setup, select the profile from the lock screen,then unlock the tablet.Note: Youmay need to agree to terms and conditions to use your apps on the new profile.</p><p>Change basic settingsCustomize settings on your tablet to fit your personal taste.</p><p>CUSTOMIZE THE HOME SCREENChange the wallpaper</p><p>1. Touch and hold on the home screen until a menu appears.</p><p>www.insigniaproducts.com21</p><p>Insignia NS-15AT07 7" Wi-Fi Android Tablet</p></li><li><p>2. Touch:l Gallery To select a picture saved to your tablet.l Live Wallpapers To select a preset animated wallpaper.l Photos To select a photo.l Wallpapers To select a preset wallpaper.</p><p>3. Find the wallpaper you want to use, then touchSet Wallpaper.</p><p>Add an item to the home screen1. Touch to show all apps.2. Touc...</p></li></ul>