Introducing new GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

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Introducing new GPS based Vehicle Tracking System. DG-Tracker. Our Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Introducing new GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

  • Introducing new GPS based Vehicle Tracking SystemDG-Tracker

  • Our IntroductionDIGILOG SYSTEMS, a solution provider for the Electronics and IT market, was founded in 2005. Although we are a newly formed company, our experience stretches back several decades. Digilog systems is a fast growing company which will usher in a new era in the field of electronics and software development. Our tireless and never-ending endeavor would always be for the betterment of our society and for the people as well by virtue of the boon of modern science and technology.Digilog Systems is Manufacturer of DC-DC Converter, GPS based Online Vehicle Tracking System, SMS based Control and Monitoring System, SMPS, Liquid level measurement, Capacitive Sensor, Water Level Controller, Embedded System Design, Industrial Automation and many more.

  • Electronics Fields: - We have a fully equipped set-up with moderninstruments and our R&D team is always ready to serve you. We are experiencedin the field of:

    Embedded System Design with Computer Interface


    RFID & GPS based Tracking System

    SMS based Control and Automation (Using Mobile Phoneand GSM Technology)


  • GPS based Vehicle / Car TrackerGPS based vehicle tracking systems or GPS based VTS are commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions. Vehicle tracking systems (VTS) are also popular in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention and retrieval device. Police can simply follow the signal emitted by the tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. We are manufacturer of GPS Vehicle Tracker at Kolkata, India.

  • Our device uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle or other asset to which it is attached. The position is recorded at regular intervals and is transmitted to a central database using a cellular (GPRS) modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed on a map in real-time or over a span of time in Control Center.How it works?

  • Key Features:

  • Completely Web-Based Application

    Real time tracking on Google Map

    Over speed alert through SMS to one mobile no. Remote Engine cut-off via SMS upon vehicle theft Integrated Fuel Level Sensor Built-in local memory in absence of network Up to 6 Hrs backup Battery in absence of main power (Vehicle Battery) Geofencing SOS button for any emergency Web-Based report generation

    History Replay


  • Special feature for Indian Army that we may provide! Dedicated server for your own use SSL Encryption function Application Software and Database to your server Highly secured database Unlimited Data storage Unlimited Data retention time

  • Brief Description:

  • Ease of Use: Completely Web-Based Application. User friendly web interface. Web-Based report generation for date-wise total distance traveled, idle time, no. of over-speed occurrence etc.Notification Management: User can choose his preferred condition like vehicle speed vehicle route or boundary through geofencing for notification via SMS alerts.Pin point location identification:Avoid Vehicle Theft, Pin Point your stolen vehicle.

  • Remote Engine Cut-Off:In case of theft, hijack or other security reasons, users can remotely immobilize the engine either from an authorized cell phone, or by requesting our support center.Built-in Local Memory:In absence of network the device is capable to store data in its local Memory.24 x 7 Visibility:User can monitor their vehicles using PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone round the clock.

  • Safety (Panic Switch):This is an emergency switch. A SMS will be delivered to owner/user mobile number upon pressing it in case of emergency. Over Speed Alert:User may set speed limit (ex.: 80Km/hr.) from his web site control panel against each vehicle separately. A SMS alert will be generated if the vehicle runs over this speed limit (ie. 80Km/hr).Device Tampering Alert:A SMS alert will be generated if the device is tampered like main power cable is removed.

  • Geofencing:User may draw a boundary on map at his desired location and able to get alert through SMS upon entering or exiting from this boundary.Status Request:Know status of the vehicle like Speed, Latitude, Longitude, Network Location etc. by sending corresponding SMS to the device.History Replay:User can view past one month movement of their vehicle for any date and time.Savings:On fuel, driver time and insurance costs.

  • Our Registered Client List

    DM Office - NadiaRadiant Cash Management Services - KolkataJBB Transport KolkataMahadev carrier - BiharFortis Hospitals KolkataMD Siraj Rourkela Auro Max Pvt Ltd KolkataJ S Fleets SiliguriCommedia Enterprise MumbaiSwagat Business Pvt Ltd - Kolkata

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