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ITHACA DIRECTORY - 1965 165 MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical Directory 1965 1965, by H. A. MANNING co. of N. Y., INC. PUBLISHERS' NonCE The information in this directory is obtained as far as possible by actual canvass, compiled In a way to insure maximum accuracy. While the publishers will in no way be held responsible for any errors that may occur, they will be pleased to have any inaccuracies called to their attention, for correction in succeeding editions. TO FIND A NAME YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT There are many ways of spelling some names with practically the same pronunciation When the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears immediately after the name, it Indicates the place of business. After the name of a street, the word' 'Street" is omitted. The post office address is given only when the same does not correspond with the name of the town. Cay Ht s GLF CU Montgomery Ward & Co MW&Co Morse Chain Co MCCo National Cash Register Co NCRCo New York State Electric & Gas Corp NYSE&GCOlp New York Telephone Co NYTelCo Renwick Ren Robinson & Carpenter Inc R&CInc Rothschild Bros RBros Soil Conservation Service United States Department Aw:iculture SCSUS Dept Agr Tompkins County Hospital TCHosp Tompkins County Trust Co TCTCo United States Air Force USAF United States Merchant Marine USMM Willard Straight Hall WSH Women's Army Corps WAC Women's Auxiliary Vol un teer Emergency Service WAVES GEEC HCTMCo IC IFS IGCo IICCo II&CCo IJ IS lSI P&Son LPN Cayuga Heights Cooperative GLF Exchange Inc Cornell University First National Bank & Trust Co of Ithaca FNB&TCo GLF see Agway General Electric Advanced Electronics Center HCT Motor Co Ithaca College Ithaca Fl ying Service Inc Ithaca Gun Co Ithaca Ice Cream Co Inc Ithaca Ice & Coal Co Ithaca Journal Ithaca Schools Ithaca Scientific Instrument Co JG Pritchard & Son Licensed Practical Nurse WHCU-DiaI870 Music - News - Sports - Drama and Substance

Ithaca Alphabetical Directory 1965 - TCPL

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ITHDIR_1965.pdfIthaca Alphabetical Directory
1965 COPYRIG!~T 1965, by H. A. MANNING co. of N. Y., INC.
PUBLISHERS' NonCE The information in this directory is obtained as far as possible by actual canvass, compiled
In a way to insure maximum accuracy. While the publishers will in no way be held responsible for any errors that may occur, they will be pleased to have any inaccuracies called to their attention, for correction in succeeding editions.
TO FIND A NAME YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT There are many ways of spelling some names with practically
the same pronunciation
When the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears immediately after the name, it Indicates the place of business. After the name of a street, the word' 'Street" is omitted.
The post office address is given only when the same does not correspond with the name of the town.
Cay Hts GLF
Montgomery Ward & Co MW&Co Morse Chain Co MCCo National Cash Register Co NCRCo New York State Electric & Gas
Corp NYSE&GCOlp New York Telephone Co NYTelCo Renwick Ren Robinson & Carpenter Inc R&CInc Rothschild Bros RBros Soil Conservation Service United
States Department Aw:iculture SCSUS Dept Agr
Tompkins County Hospital TCHosp Tompkins County Trust Co TCTCo United States Air Force USAF United States Merchant Marine USMM Willard Straight Hall WSH Women's Army Corps WAC Women's Auxiliary Vol un teer
Emergency Service WAVES
Cayuga Heights Cooperative GLF Exchange Inc Cornell University First National Bank & Trust
Co of Ithaca FNB&TCo GLF see Agway General Electric Advanced
Electronics Center HCT Motor Co
Ithaca College Ithaca Fl ying Service Inc Ithaca Gun Co Ithaca Ice Cream Co Inc
Ithaca Ice & Coal Co Ithaca Journal Ithaca Schools Ithaca Scientific Instrument Co J G Pritchard & Son Licensed Practical Nurse
WHCU-DiaI870 Music - News - Sports - Drama and Substance
ITHACA SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION Owned by Members Come In Corner STATE and AURORA STS. Chri stmos
Phone AR 3-1431
Four Savings Plans Club, Home Loons, Student Loons Mortgage Life Insuronce
166 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
A A A HEADQUARTERS Ralph R Kingsley Jr mng dir 225 S Cayuga tel 273-6727
ABC EXTERMlNATlNG CO Ernest Falke prop 531 Elm St ext tel AR 3-6592 see under name
Member National Pest Control Assn.
Locally Owned and Operated
A & W Root Beer Stand 320 Elmira rd Aagaard Andrew (Nancy) constwkr h215
Dryden rd Aagaard Janet L (Mrs John) bkpr Maxfield
Randolph & Carpenter res Brookton­ dale
Aagaard Mildred M prac nurse TCHosp res Candor
Abair Wayne F (Judith R) tchr Boynton Jr Hi h802 N Cayuga
Abaivi George S grad asst CU res 110 Cook
Abbatista Carl (Jane) claims adjuster Nationwide h320 Hook pi
Abbe Elfriede M scientific illustrator CU h24 Woodcrest av
Abbey Kenneth R carp CU res Freeville RD 2
Abbey Mara A wid Floyd h311 W Seneca
ABBOTT AMELIA L v-pres I Textiles rlBl West Haven rd
Abbott Anna A wid Abraham hl81 West Haven rd
Abbott Barbara stu r406 Triphammer rd Abbott Bruce stu r406 Triphammer rd Abbott Cath J sten Ind Rei CU r903 N
Cayuga Abbott David M (Rosemary) sis Ithaca
Textiles h406 Triphammer rd Abbott Diane aide Oak Hill Manor rl03
ABBOTT EDWARD P (Clarice B) lawyer First National Bank Building (705-706) and supvr 4th Ward h905 N Cayuga see p B9
ABBOTT GEORGE A (Janice B) pres-treas Ithaca Textiles h507 Highland rd
Abbott James M r113 Park pi Abbott Janet C sec NYS DPW h108 N
Geneva (1) Abbott Joseph stu IC r113 Park pi Abbott Joseph N (Ruth M) prop Abbott's
I G A Store h113 Park pi Abbott Julia J head nurse I C r Danby rd
South Hill Campus Health Center Abbott Marilyn R stu r113 Park pI Abbott Solomon G h502 W State Abbott Virginia wid John h903 N Cayuga Abbott's I G A Store Joseph N Abbott prop
groceries 912 W State Aber Hannah wid Felix library searcher CD
h906 N Cayuga Abma Ernst asst prof CD r311 N Tioga Abraham Fredrick pres Fred's Record
Shop Inc r405 W Green Abraham John N h405 W Green Abraham Lorraine office mgr E F Hall res
Myers NY Abrahams Noble W asst prof CU res
T'rurnan sb ur-g Abramowitz Ira A (Sandra P) stu CU h117
Thurston av Abrams Alfred C carp CU res 2024 Slater­
ville rd Abrams Joanne C acct clk CU res 100 W
Seneca Abrams Leo (Lunetta) const wkr h410 W
Clinton Abrams Lunetta (Mrs Leo H) emp I Textiles
h410 W Clinton Abrams M H prof CD res 512 Highland rd Abrams Meyer H (Ruth C) prof CU h512
Highland rd Cay Hts Abreu Leonidas (Beatrice) both stu CD
h217 Cornell Quarters Acacia Fraternity 318 Highland rd Cay Hts Academy Beauty Salon Angeline M Gualtiere
prof 113 S Cayuga
Accounting and Management Systems Inc 137 N Sunset dr pres-treas Gordon B White sec Miriam T White
Ackerman Doris H (Mrs Henry W) dept sec CU h911t N Cayuga
Ackerman Dorothy (Mrs Townsend) sales clk Rothschild Brothers Dept Store hl13 Blair
Ackerman Henry W (Doris H) emp Shew h911t N Cayuga
Ackerman Richard H asst Veg Crops CU res 207 Delaware av
Ackerman Robt USN r911t N Cayuga Ackerman Townsend Jr (Dorothy A) secur­
ity off Newberrys Inc R Bros hll3 Blair Ackles Jack R (Rose) emp SGCo h912 W
State Ackles John R hl023 W State Ackley Lester G plumber Hull Heating &
Plumbing Inc res Laurens RD 1 Ackman James E (Marilyn) office mgr
Swift & Co h315 N Albany Acrographics Inc 118 E Green pres James
P Rourke Ada's Beauty Salon Mrs Ada I Joseph prop
406 W Seneca Adair Charles N (Violet) grad stu CU h
Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (SlH)
Adair Violet (Mrs Charles N) emp CU h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (SlH)
Adam Eugene inst IC res Trumansburg
ADAMS ARMAND L (Louise H) lawyer 121 E Seneca (504) tel AR 2-3442 and sec Crispell Char­ ter Service Inc h121 E Remington rd see p 89
ADAMS ARTHUR G (Minerva A) lawyer and notary 114 N Tioga (306) tel AR 3-3680 h702 N Aurora see p 89
Adams Arthur H (Lynn W) stu CU h608 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Adams Arthur H (Ruth V) emp Syracuse h206 Utica
Adams Arthur H stu r121 E Remington rd Adams Barry B instr eng CU res Slater­
ville Adams Carol F Mrs reservations coordina­
tor CU res R D 2 Adams Catherine V wid Robert M h314
Ithaca rd Adams Earl D (Rebecca R) emp Ithaca
Delivery h3l6 Park pl
ADAMS EVELYN HAMILTON (Mrs Leonard P) prop Community Book Shop h581 Warren rd
Adams Genevieve emp Cook-Gauntlett Agency r109t E Green
Adams George P Jr (Evelyn) prof CU h309 Roat ext
Adams Irene B (Mrs John Q) prop Typing Service of Ithaca hl782 Slaterville rd
Adams Janet (Mrs Robert M) laboratory tech CU hlO Muriel
Adams John C (Alice deB) retired h9l5 Highland rd
Adams John Q (Irene B) e m p NYSE&GCorp hl782 Slaterville rd
Adams Leonard P (Evelyn H) prof CU h58l Warren rd RD 1
Adams Leonard P 2d stu r581 Warren rd Adams Linda (Mrs Randall) emp Agway
h1756 Slaterville I'd Adams Linda L elk Holley's r 202~ Utica Adams Luella F wid Bristow h202 Fall
Creek dr Adams Lynn W (Mrs Arthur H) sec CU
h608 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts Adams Randall (Linda) stu CU hl756 Siater­
viile rd (No 1) Adams Robert C (Joyce A) const wkr h3JO
ADAMS ROBERT E (Violet M) emp Lutton's Office Equip­ ment Co h109 Fall View ter
Adams Robert M (Janet) prof CU h l O Muriel
Adams Ruth V Rev (Mrs Arthur H) minis­ ter emerilus and music tchr h206 Utica
Adams Samuel Hamilton stu r58l Warrenrd Adams Violet (Mrs Robert) acct elk I Pub
Schs hl09 Fall View ter Addy Douglas D (Charlotte L) emp NYSE&G
Corp h2l0 E Marshall Addy Nellie G wid Reginald h3l4 E Seneca
(102) Adelmann Howard B prof CU h4l0 Columbia Aderhold Howard C (Florence M) reactor
supvr CU h23 Muriel Adesso Louis J (Mary P) pro golf instr
Newman Golf Course hl37 Hawthorne pl Adkins Dorothy food serv helper TCHosp
res Interlaken RD 2 Adler Elly E emp Boston rl02 Lenox rd Adler Emily stu r102 Lenox rd Adler Julia B Mrs assoc prof CU h102
Lenox Admission Office (IC) Danby rd
AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO Dean of Ithaca Inc agents 401-409 E State tel AR 2-7894
Affolter Mary W (Mrs Richard) emp Bd of Educ of Ithaca h6l4 University av
Affolter Richard W stu CU h614 University
AGARD J RICHARD (Beverly G) real estate broker and v­ pres J D Gallagher Co Inc M04 E Up­ land rd
AGARD MERRITT (Maude) (Taugharmock Farms Inn) res Trumansburg RD3
Agnew Palmer grad student CU r416 High­ land rd Cay Hts
Agnew Ralph P (Anne W) prof CU h416 Highland rd Cay Hts
Agresti Maria G (Mrs Vincenzo) emp TCTCo h609 W Seneca
Agresti Vincenzo (Maria G) h609 W Seneca Agricultural Advertising and Research Inc
416 E State pres Roy H Park Agricultural Conservation Program see
D S Dept Agriculture Tower rd Agricultural Experiment Station NY State
College of Agriculture 294 Roberts Hall Campus Tower rd
Aguilar Domingo D (Lucy V) emp JGCo h730 Cliff
Aguilar Gustavo (Esther V) retired h107 Second
Aguilar Lucy (Mrs Domingo D) emp TC Hosp h730 Cliff
Agway Driver Training Center 600 S Mea­ dow
AGWAY HOME A}ID GARDEN CENTER (Formerly GLF) Cleland W Beebe mgr 213 S Fulton see p 60
AGWAY INC (Formerly GLF - Cooperative Grange League Federation Exchange Inc) Terrace Hill
AGWAY PETROLEUM CORPORATION Milton A Lend! mgr Tompkin's Plant Petroleum Bulk Plant 505 Taughan­ nock blvd tel AR 2-8002 see top lines
Agway Petroleum Corp Ithaca Service Sta Harry Foote mgr S Fulton cor W Green
Ahart Donna emp NYTelCo r100 W Seneca Ahearn David C (Carol M) DSA h316 Hector Ahouse Barbara A Mrs rec clk CW res
Box 89 Interlaken Tburg Ahrens Franklin A spec rec asst CD res
Etna-Ithaca RD 2 Ahrens Franklin A (Katherine A) grad asst
CD h406 Winston ct (2)
AIKIN LORRAINE (Mrs James C) prop Community Sani­ tarium res 41 Main Interlaken
Ainslie Elsie M Mrs prop Ainslie's Beauty Shop h202 Center
Ainslie Harry R (Virginia L) assoc prof CD h126 Pine Tree rd
Ainslie's Beauty Shop Mrs Elsie M Ainslie prop 202 Center
Ainsworth Evelyn asst to registrar IC r501 S Cayuga
Ainsworth Mary L wid Walter J head res Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority CD r313 Wait av
Air Science & Tactics Barton Hall Garden Av Campus
Aivaliotis John retired h228 Linden av
Akerlof Carl W research asst CD res 317 S Aurora
Akers Allen E (Laura A) caretaker Lansing Apts h20 N Triphammer rd Back of Office
Akers Edward T (Nelle M) retired h101U EState
Akins Lillace reg nurse TCHosp res Berk­ shire
AI's Dairy Bar Albert W Schaufler Jr prop 321 College av
Alaimo Robert J (Barbara J) stu CD h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (28A)
ALBANESE ANTHONY J (Bernice B) prop Albanese Plumbing & Heating Co h310 Washington
ALBANESE FRANK (Miriam F) lawyer 200-202 EState (503-505) res Newfield see p 89
ALBANESE FREDERICK (Ruth) plumber Albanese Plumbing & Heating Co res Groton
ALBANESE PLUMBING & HEATING CO Anthony J Albanese prop 909 W State tel AR 2-3950 see p 65
Alberding Robert M stu r308 Bryant av Albert Gerard (Imogene A) truck driver
T G Miller's Sons Paper Co h1008 E Shore dr
Albert Imogene (Mrs Gerard) acct clerk­ typist Tomp Co Welfare hl008 East Shore dr
Albertsman Ann M Mrs steno CD res Box 251 Trumansburg
Albino Domingo eng CD res Puerto Rico Albreada Virginia grad stu IC h908 Danby
rd Albrecht Andreas C (Genia) assoc prof CD
h119 Clover la Albrecht Arnold J (Margaret H) mech eng
Therm Inc h143 Northview rd Albrecht Horst san wkr CD res Ithaca RD5 Albrectsen Raymond prof CD res RD3
Tburg Albright Ada K (Mrs Louis D) prin lab asst
CD h216 Dryden rd Albright Elizabeth N (Mrs H Darkes) tchr
Boynton Jr High h129 N Sunset dr Albright H Darkes (Elizabeth N) prof CD
h129 N Sunset dr Albright Judith D tchr r129 N Sunset dr Albright Louis D (Ada K) grad stu h216
Dryden rd Albright Stephen M r129 N Sunset dr Albro Caroline D r314 N Aurora
NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. ESTATE of C. H.WEBSTER AR 8-1661 102 WHITE PARK PL. EDWIN R. WEBSTER, Agent CAYUGA HEIGHTS Life, Annuities, Accident and Sickness, Group, Pension Trusts
Albro Stanley W prop Snyder's Tourist Home h314 N Aurora
Albro Wayne R const wkr r314 N Aurora
ALBY LOUIS (Martha) prop Alby & Sons 316 Wash­ ington h do
ALBY & SONS Louis Alby prop contractors concrete work and grading 316 Washington tel AR 3-0092 see p 54
Alcor Inc Max H Mattes pres and treas John E Lanphere v pres (radios hi Ii) 215 S Tioga
Alden Madeline B Mrs financial asst CU 322 Mann Library h89 Etna la
Alder Winslow F (Doris T) scout exec Boy Scouts of America h542 N Taylor pl
Alderman Donald W (Sharon D) grad stu CU h124 Triphammer rd (2)
Aldrich Cassie R wid Henry R h510 Utica Aldrich Edward A (Patricia A) mech
Finney Motor Co h341 Stone Quarry rd Aldrich Patricia A (Mrs Edward A) emp
CU h341 Stone Quarry rd Aldridge Mildred C wid Leslie elk CU
h309 W Buffalo Alers Miriam (Mrs Oscar) tchr So Hill Sch
hl14 Grandview ct Alers Oscar J (Miriam E) grad stu CU
h1l4 Grandview ct Alex June (Mrs Peter) emp NYTelCo h413
S Albany Alex Nicoletta wid John hllO College av Alex Peter J (June) ins agt MetLifeInsCo
h413 S Albany Alexander Alfred R (Christine) carrier PO
h319 Cascadilla Alexander Anne L stu r337 Stone Quarry rd Alexander Attilio (Mary) emp MCCo h211
N Corn Alexander Christine M (Mrs Alfred R)
emp CW h319 Cascadilla Alexander Diana J typist NYSE&GCorp
r203 Pleasant Alexander Earl G (Ethel M) prop Ithaca
Hotel Barber Shop h411 E Yates Alexander Ester G (Mrs George J) emp
Agway h137 Coddington rd Alexander Flora Mrs emp MCCo h217
Columbia Alexander Frank D (May) prof CU h536
Cayuga Hts rd Alexander Frederick J (Jacqueline A)
patrolman IPD h309 Second Alexander Frieda (Mrs John W) asst
cashier Treasurers Office CU h203 Pleasant
Alexander George (Esther) purch dept MGCo hl37 Coddington rd
Alexander Ida C wid Isador hl09 S Albany Alexander Jacqueline A (Mrs Frederick J)
cashier Victory Store h309 Second Alexander Jean M (Mrs Robert) emp
FNB&TCo h208 E Lewis
Alexander Jean M draftsman B K Hough r319 Cascadilla
ALEXANDER JOHN W (Frieda E) prop Alexander Real Es­ tate h203 Pleasant
Alexander Linda stu r137 Coddington rd Alexander Martin (Renee) assoc prof CU
hl26 Christopher cir Alexander Michael N (Judith) research asst
CU h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (5IC)
Alexander Patricia A sten CU r137 Coddington rd
Alexander Ralph (Gladys R) prof and phys CU h337 Stone Quarry rd
ALEXANDER REAL ESTATE John W Alexander prop real estate broker 102 E State tel AR 2-5530 see p 105
Alexander Renee (Mrs Martin) research CU hl26 Christopher cir
Alexander Robert emp MCCo h512 W State Alexander Robert (Jean) painter CU h208 E
Lewis Alexander Robert J (Mary Rose) emp New
Haven Conn hllO Clover la Alexander Robin r337 Stone Quarry rd Alexander Ronald G student r203 Pleasant Alexy R James (Sue) grad stu CU h750 S
Aurora Alfarow Juan H (Giovanna) grad stu CU
h120 Pleasant Grove rd (3F) Alford Sandra Lee dental hygienist Tru­
mansburg Central School r215 Elmira rd (tr-)
Alfreds Clarabelle Mrs h910 W Court Algonquin Lodge (Co-op CU) 526 Stewart av Albassani Hosain (Amel) grad stu CU h1l9
Eddy Aliperti Judith E Mrs lab tech CU res 977
Little Neck rd W Baby1an Allaben Charles M Jr (Mary G) eng MCCo
h509 Turner pl Allaire Francis R Jr (Sheila) grad asst CU
h610 E Buffalo Allan M Minov h224 S Cayuga
Allaway W H dir D S Plant Soil & Nutrition CD res S Ellis Hollow rd RD2
Allderige John M prof CD h106 Highgate pl Allee David J (Martha L) asst prof CD
h201 Oak Hill rd Cay Hts Allen Albert J (Patricia B) maintenance
Bd of Ed h630 Spencer rd Allen Barbara J r218 Third Allen Bruce (Virginia) lecturer IC and
teaching asst CD h245 Cornell Quar­ ters
Allen Cheryl (Mrs David) teller Ithaca Savings & Loan Assoc h1l4 S Geneva
Allen David (Cheryl) mech Volksparts Inc h1l4 S Geneva
Allen David emp IC res Caroline Allen David G mgr lab of ornithology CD
h23 Sapsucker Woods rd
I elepIlVIlC;;.
AR 3-5353
170 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
Allen Dayton B poultryman Poultry CD res Marathon RD2
Allen Edith M Mrs senior acct clk CD res RDI Alpine Odessa
Allen Elizabeth A (Mrs Gary P) bkkpr FNB&TCo h215 Auburn
Allen Elsa G wid Arthur A research assoc CD h208 Kline rd
Allen Ethel M (Mrs Howard M) claims examiner NYS Div of Emp hl17 Pear­ sall pi
Allen Frances E (Mrs Richard D) acct elk CU h235 Pennsylvania av
ALLEN FRANK E v-pres Cortright Electric Inc res inq do
A lien Gary student r 117 Pearsall pi Allen Gary D laboratory tech CU res Rich­
ford Box 112 Allen Gary P (Elizabeth A) emp NYSE&G
Corp h215 Auburn Allen Howard W (Ethel M) e mp NYSE&G
Corp h117 Pearsall pi Allen Irving W III (Susan M) emp Agway
Inc h233 Elm Allen J C (Rubylee) emp CU h218 Third Allen Jas (Juanita D) maint CU h309 S
Corn Allen Jane T wid Fay E h410 N Cayuga Allen John B (Joan H) constwkr h416 W
Buffalo Allen Juanita D (Mrs Jas) e mp IC h309 S
Corn Allen Kenneth (Alice) emp Robinson &
Carpenter res Newfield RD 2 Allen Lillian wid Ellsworth antiques 116
EState (2) h do Allen Mabel W wid Thomas hl07 Miller A'Ile n Marie Mrs emp J J Newberry Co
h238 S Cayuga (4) Allen Mary Louise Mrs h228 W Spencer Allen Philip F (Mary) prop Ithaca Green­
house and pres Bd of Mgrs TCHosp res Five Mile dr RD 6
Allen Phillip emp Soyring's Auto Parts Inc r236 S Cayuga (4)
Allen Phyllis L ofc sec Agway r227 S Albany
Allen Prudence L Mrs tchr Fall Creek Sch h912 N Aurora
A lien Ray A retired r 123 Catherine Allen Richard D (Frances E) e mp Ithaca
Gun Co h235 Pennsylvania av Allen Robert E (Gloria N) agt State Farm
Inc hl007 Hector Allen Robert N (Patricia) assoc prof CU
h250 Renwick dr Ren Hts Allen Roseanne Mrs assoc librarian CD
h131 N Sunset dr Allen Ruth wid Perry h227 S Albany Allen Ruth C Mrs hilS W Buffalo (4) Allen Stewart retired r405 S Albany Allen Tirado asst mgr Noyes Lodge (CU
Cafeteria) res Warren rd Allen Virginia (Mrs Bruce) tchr Ithaca
h245 Cornell Quarters
Allen William H Jr (Betty) ind lab rela­ tions CU h112 Blackstone av
Alles Mary Lee tchr Endicott r8 Renwick dr Ren Hts
Alles Synthia (Mrs William) prop Synthia Alles Mkt h318 N Geneva
Alles Synthia Food Market Synthia Alles prop 114 N Cayuga
Alles William (Synthia) e mp Synthia Alles Food Market h318 N Geneva
Allick George (Mildred C) retired h212 W Buffalo
Allick Mildred C (Mrs George) office sec NYFB h212 W Buffalo
Alling Barbara (Mrs John T) emp CU h623 Hudson
A lling John T (Barbara) music tchr 623 Hudson h do
Alling Kristin A (Mrs Neil R) sec Alling Transfer Inc hl09 Ridge Crest rd
Alling Neil R (Kristin A) slsm Wilcox Press Inc hl09 Ridge Crest rd
Alling Vera (Mrs Vernon W) nurses aide Oak Hill Manor h623 Hudson
Alling Vernon W (Vera N) freight agt Lehigh Valley Railroad h623 Hudson
Allmandinger Helen L Mrs sten CU res Richford RDI
Allmandinger Louise Mrs r602 Hudson Allstate Insurance Melvin L Passman and
Peter deWysocki agents Triphammer Shopping Center
Alo Frank S (Gladys M) comm bd of public wks and physical therapist 213 E Court h160 Crescent pi
Alpha Chi Rho House 726 University av Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity 425 Wyckoff av Alpha Delta Phi House 777 Stewart av Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority 435 Wyckoff av Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity 310 Trip-
hammer rd Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity 203 Highland Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity 515 Stewart av Alpha Phi Sorority 411 Thurston av Alpha Psi Fraternity 410 Elmwood av Alpha Sigma Phi (Rockledge) Stewart av Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity 625 Univer-
sityav Alpha Zeta Lodge 214 Thurston av Alpine Bar & Grill Franklin G Monroe
prop 215 E Seneca Alsop Rosalind G Mrs research tech CU
res RD 1 Box 85 Altman & Green Frank G Hammer prop
jeweler 144 EState
ALTMANN WILLIAM C (Ruth M) asst treas Ithaca Journal­ News Inc hl006 Trumansburg rd
Altobellis A Clifford Jr (Nancy) emp W B I Radio h837 N Aurora
Altobellis Nancy (Mrs A Clifford Jr) sten CU h837 N Aurora
Altshuler Allen (Julia) prof CU h205 Mur­ iel
Alumni House Naval ROTC 3 East av corn officer Col William P Dukes
T. G. MILLER'S SONS PAPER CO. Art Materials Office Furniture Stationery Paper School Supplies 113 NORTH TIOGA STREET Tel. 272-6363 ITHACA
Alutto Joseph A (Rosemary A) student h209 Columbia
Alutto Rosemary A (Mrs Joseph A) RN Tomp Co Hospital h209 Columbia
Alvarez Jairo (Wilma) grad stu CU h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (59A)
Alvord Elmer W (Hazel L) treas-prod mgr Honey Butter Products Corp Inc h407 Hector
Amandis Marian emp Petrillose Cleaners r401 Richard pl
Amato Ceta B (Mrs Peter W) sec CU h319 Highland rd Cay Hts (6-1A)
Amato Margaret Temp Wilcox Press r406 W Green
Amato Peter W (Ceta B) grad stu CU h319 Highland rd Cay Hts (6-lA)
Ambegaokar Vinay (Saga M) assoc prof CU h604 Winston ct (1)
Ambesey Carmel r142 Linn Ambesey Dominick P emp NCRCo h142
Linn Ambo N Y Inc 20 N Triphammer rd Ameigh Lewis (Irma) caretaker Buttermilk
Falls State Park h675 Spencer rd Ameigh Marion food serv helper TCHosp
r1285 Trumansburg rd
AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST INC publishers chm of board EVictor Underwood publisher A James Hall editor Gordon Conklin treas Phil D Stump advertising mgr Robert Chris­ tianson production mgr Albert Hoefer Jr Savings Bank Bldg (411-420) tel AR 2-5154
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Marie E Doll executive sec 412! W Buffalo Street Ithaca NY tel 273-0430 John V Moynes pres of board Joseph­ ine Keady treas
AMERICAN CASUALTY CO William T Stevens rep First Nat Bank Bldg (612) 200-202 EState
AMERICAN RED CROSS TOMPKINS CO CHAPTER 201 W Clinton exec sec Mrs Frank K Naegely office sec Mrs Margaret Caveney
Ames Jane C (Mrs Willis B Jr) emp Town Clerks Office h915 Danby rd
Ames Robert J assoc prof CU res 205 Roberts RD 2
Ames Robert J (Eva F) emp CU hUOl Dryden rd
Ames Welding §.< Supply Co (Willis B Ames Jr Rt>nald A Taylor Jr and Miles Lumbard) 618 W Buffalo
Ames Willis B Jr (Jane C) (Ames Welding & Supply Co) h915 Danby rd
Amici Caroline P (Mrs Dominick J) h202 Third
Amici Dominick J (Caroline P) constwkr h202 Third
Amici Dominick M stu r202 Third Amici Gaetano (Maria) retired h204 Fourth Amici Ronald const wkr r202 Third Amici Thomas J (Viola K) emp City h661
Spencer rd Ammack James W (Marie) const wkr hU9
Fifth Arnmack Marie (Mrs James W) emp Cor­
nell Theater hl19 Fifth Ammons Archie R (Phyllis) inst CU h400
Triphammer rd (C 1) Amoroso Carmen A (Janet L) prop Car­
men's Beauty Salon r7 Grandview Amoroso Anna Marie (Mrs Sebastian B)
prop Anna-Marie Beauty Salon h l Ll Blair
Amoroso Sebastian B (Anna Marie) h l Ll Blair
Amoto Patsy retired r412 W State Anabel Taylor Hall Central Av Campus Anagnost Margaret P (Mrs Theodore E)
sec CU h315 College av (E) Anagnost Nick G (Anne R) pharmacist
Nor-thaide Pharmacy h308 W Court Anagnost Theodore E (Margaret P) prop
Christopher George Apartments and emp CU h315 College av (E)
Anderson Agnes wid Walfred G h512 Dry­ den rd
Anderson Alanson E (Kathy) mgr Linden Supply Laundry Inc h129 Ridge Crest rd
Anderson Alfred B stu CU r200 E Upland rd
Anderson Alice editor The Cornellian r626 Thurston av
Anderson Alton F (Vera M) emp MCCo h207 Center
Anderson Brenda (Mrs Malcolm) tchr Cascadilla h308 University
Anderson Britton G (Edith E) prop Meadow Court Motel h503 Titus av
Anderson C Grant stu CU h401 Dryden rd Anderson Evelyn wid Alfred L h200 E
Upland rd Anderson Genifer G (Mrs Neal W) nurse
TCMemHosp h120 Pleasant Grove rd (l4-B)
Anderson Gwendolyn M Mrs lib asst CU res Candor Box 624
Anderson Ivor custodian CU res Brookton­ dale
Anderson James M teach asst CU r5l4 Warren rd
Anderson John J B (Elizabeth E) grad stu and res asst CU h3l9 Highland rd (l-2-A)
Anderson John M (Jean M) prof CU h603 Elm ext
Anderson Jon T (Mary H) dir office of scholarships and financial aid CU h302 Hook pl
Anderson Katherine D (Mrs William D) sec CU h258 Bundy rd
Dial AR 3-7921
Anderson Malcolm (Brenda) asst prof CU h308 University av
Anderson Marion wid David emp IC h209 Esty
Anderson Neal W (Geniferl grad fellow CU hl20 Pleasant Grove rd (14-B)
Anderson Richard R USA r258 Bundy rd
ANDERSON ROBERT L (Mary F) asst treas Tompkins County Trust Co hUO Auburn
Anderson Robert Lowell (Sally) physicist CU h319 Highland rd Cay Hts (3-2B)
Anderson Ronald E (Jean B) assoc prof CU hll6 Texas la
Anderson Vera M (Mrs Alton F) beautician Academy Beauty Salon h207 Center
Anderson William D (Katherine E) ware­ houseman Crispell Bros h258 Bundy rd
Andrae William C (Ida R) prof emeritus CU h200 Miller
Andre Michael (Martha) research assoc CU hlOO Fairview Sq (4H)
Andree Robert W (Marie) agt Sinclair Refining Co res Jacksonville
Andren David B teach asst CU r312 Cascadilla Hall
Andresen Finn experimentalist CU res 165 Half Hollows rd Deer Park
Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art 27 East av
Andrew Fern I (Mrs Kenneth W) c1k emp MW&Co h702 SPlain
Andrew Frances T Mrs steno CU res Trumansburg Box P
Andrew Kenneth W (Fern I) mgr Shulman's Furniture and mgr Home-Way Sales h702 SPlain
Andrews Anne Mrs sten Bd of Educ hill Fayette
Andrews Anne M (Mrs Walter V) sten Bd of Ed hIl7 Cog Glen rd
Andrews Annette supv nurse TCHosp res Candor
Andrews Anthony (Ruby L) conf 308 E State hl30 W State
Andrews Dennis J emp City h411 Casca­ dilla
Andrews Eleanor L (Mrs Gilbert) teller TCTCo h838 N Aurora
Andrews Elizabeth L h202 E Lincoln Andrews Georgiana H Mrs dom h413 E
State Andrews Gilbert E (Eleanor L) carp
Finger Lakes Park Comm h838 N Aurora
Andrews Gladys Mrs r Taggin-Wagon Tr Pk (tr 55)
Andrews Hattie wid Robert r526 W Green Andrews John J groundsman CU res RDI
Candor Andrews Larry R stu rl433 Trumansburg
rd Andrews R Eleanor (Mrs Raymond W)
seamstress Reinhardt hl17 Sears
Andrews Virginia typist TCHosp res Interlaken
Andrews Walter V (Anne M) eng NCRCo hll7 Coy Glen rd
Andritsakis Elias K (A thena) (State Diner) h314 Titus av
Andrix George P asst prof IC (asst prof of music IC) res Patmore rd RD 4
Andrus Block 143 EState Andrus Howard G (Helen S) prof CU hIl3
Christopher cir Andy Soyring Specialized Service Inc
Hazel L Soyring pres automotive electric service 108 E Clinton
Angell Jean (Mrs Morris) probation officer T C Courthouse hIl3 College
Angell Morris (Jean) prop College Inn hl13 College av
Angelo Dry Cleaners Angelo Paolangeli prop main plant 315 N Meadow branch 120 N Aurora
Angerer Patricia A (Mrs Richard E) nurse TCHosp hl762 Slaterville rd
Angerer Patricia Ann RN TCHosp res Spencer 28 Michigan Hollow rd
Angerer Richard E (Patricia A) eng tech Ithaco Inc h1762 Slaterville rd
Angers Edward E (Elinore) sub dist clerk PO h814 N Tioga
Angers Elinore (Mrs Edward) emp CU h814 N Tioga
Angstadt Robert (Alice S) stu CU hl018 Danby rd
Angstrom Clement I dlr vet lab CU res King
Anisle James S (Shirley H) farmer h245 Hayts rd
Anisle Shirley H (Mrs James S) dietician Dryden Sch h245 Hayts rd
Ankrum Paul D (Frances K) prof CU hl07 Oak Hill rd Cay Hts
Ankrum Paul D prof CU rl07 Oak Hill rd Anna Mane Beauty Salon (Sebastian and
Anna Marie Amoroso) 206 W Green Announcement Off CU catalogues 516
University av K Mary Stimson prod asst
Anthony Alice adm sec CU hill Eastwood Anthony Henry r 112 S Meadow Anthony Henry D Jr (Edna E) pressman
IJ h527 W Clinton Anthony Josephine rIll Auburn Anthony Mary Jo grad stu IC h221 W Spen­
cer Anthony Richard (Mae L) printer h208
Madison Antique House Mrs Rose Ocello prop 315
EState Antrum Darlene (Mrs John E) emp TCHosp
r509 Cascadilla Antrum Harold Jr (Ollie B) emp CU h213
Cascadilla Antrum Harold M (Irene) emp CU h509
Antrum Ollie B (Mrs Harold Jr) cook CD h213 Cascadilla
Anuta Paul E eng IBM h206 N Quarry Apgar Alice A wid Edgar emp CD r253
Floral av Apgar Barbara J (Mrs Ronald) e mp D S
Plant Soil & Nutrition CD hl76 Pear­ sall pi
Apgar Cecelia emp Ithaca Diner h252 Floral av
Apgar George H (Patricia) tr dr Sprague Steam and Hose Co No 6 h712 Cliff
Apgar Ronald (Barbara J) mech Long's Motor Sales Inc hl76 Pearsall pi
Aplin Richard D (Joanne C) associate prof CD h227 Ridgedale rd
Appel Max J G (Barbara) vet (post grad stu CD) hl27 Grandview ct
Aramini Antonio J (Helen C) const wkr hl12 SCorn
Aramini Armando J (Colornba L) emp MCCo hl509 Trumansburg rd
Aramini Charles R stu rl12 SCorn Aramini James J (Norma C) emp CD h315
EState (8) Aramini Norma C (Mrs Jas J) emp CD
h315 EState (8) Aramini Santo L emp Syracuse rl509
Trumansburg rd Archibald Douglas N (Marie T) emp CD
h205 Hook pi Arden Bruce stu rl17 Coy Glen rd Arden Charles E (Lucille C) cook George's
Restaurant h417 Linn Arden Kelvin J (Shirley J) e m p CD h206
Fall View ter Arden Laura L h403 E Tompkins Ardiff Martha (Mrs Ralph) tchr Dryden
h706 E Seneca (3) Ardiff Ralph (Martha) stu CD h706 E
Seneca (3) Argetsinger Ann P Mrs sec CD h304 W
Court Argetsinger Danny L Prog Fin and Bus Off
CD res Star Rt Lansing Argetsinger Hilda M (Mrs Henry) emp T
County Highway Dept res RD Arikian Rose M sec CD h442 N Tioga Armading Bessie Mrs h522 Dryden rd
(FIA) Armando's Beauty Salon Armando Natale
prop 307 W State Armbrust Edward J (Jane) grad asst CD
hl75 Cornell Quarters Armbruster Edward N (Maryetta L) elec­
tronics tech CD h213 Prospect Armbruster Maryetta L (Mrs Edward N)
h213 Prospect Armentrout David N (Leslie V) grad stu CD
h Hasbrouck apt Pleasant Grove rd (28H)
Armentrout Leslie V (Mrs David N) sec CD h Hasbrouck apt Pleasant Grove rd (28H)
Armin Jessie F wid Glenn rl09 Farm
ARMITAGE CLINTON R (Mary Ellen) commissioner Tompkins County Public Welfare res Halseyville rd RD6
Armitage Frank emp CD res Richford RDI Armitage Lacey F experimentalist CD res
Freeville Armitage S L Mrs field asst CD res Rich­
ford RDI Armitage Shirley 0 Mrs licensed pract
nurse CD res Freeville Armstrong Angie wid Nelson r509 S Albany Armstrong Ch as H asst animal caretaker
CD res S Lansing Armstrong Donald supv Koppers Co Inc
res Ellis Hollow rd Armstrong Ellen M wid Chester M hl51
Maple av Armstrong Frances M (Mrs Ralph E) emp
CD h509 S Albany Armstrong Gladys M wid Wilfred E r307
Comstock rd Cay Hts Armstrong Helen Mrs grad asst CD r206
Willard way Armstrong Lawrence L (Gertrude) prop
Clinton Hotel Barber Shop res Dryden Armstrong Marian office clk GCo h303 E
Fall Armstrong Naomi nurses aide TCHosp res
Trumansburg Box ~19
Armstrong Ned S (Ruth) emp CD hl92 E King rd
Armstrong Patricia A Mrs library asst CD res RD2 Newfield Box 58
Armstrong Ralph E (Frances M) emp CD h509 S Albany
Arndt Rudolf G tchr asst CD r811 EState Arnett Martha B Mrs dir physical educ CD
h516 The Parkway Cay Hts Arnold Douglas L grad asst CD r116 Oak
(Dorothy E) mgr Norton Printing Co h130 Campbell av
Arnold Eugene G (Lorraine M) stu CD hl20 Pleasant Grove rd (IF)
Arnold Laura H (Mrs Leland H) retired h402 SPlain
Arnold Leland H (Laura H) retired h402 S Plain
Arnold Lorraine M (Mrs Eugene) nurse TCHosp hl20 Pleasant Grove rd (IF)
Aroca Antina R (Mrs Charles) prop Tina's Beauty Salon h703 N Cayuga
Aroca Charles (Antina R) beautician Tina's Beauty Salon h703 N Cayuga
ARON HENRY (Eveline) slsm-mgr 89 Lumber & Supply Co h116 Woolf la
Arons Mark L (Beatrice W) stu CD h204 Muriel
Aronson Arthur L (Marilyn A) asst prof CD hl420 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Aronson Freda L wid Eli h317 N Tioga
174 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
Aronson Robert L (Judith E) assoc prof CU hll Renwick Heights rd Ren Hts
Arquit Gordon J (Nora H) emp Murray Hill NJ h130 Christopher cir
Arquit Nora H (Mrs Gordon J) tchr h130 Christopher cir
Arrow Extermmatmg Co Carl H Viel prop 121 E Seneca (307)
Art's T'ax i Co Arthur M Burke Sr prop 407 Second
ART'S TRANSMISSION SERVICE Arthur Kahkonen prop 201 E Tompkins tel AR 3-3642 see p 44
ARTCRAFT OF ITHACA INC printers 604 W Green tel AR 2-3782 pres Floyd M Parke see p 103
Arthur Clifford (Rose) truck dr ive r City h235 Hector
Arthur Clifford D Jr (Catherine M) emp Evaporated Metal Films h206 Lake av
Arthur John S (Barbara H) cont 1106 Han­ shaw rd Cay Hts h do
Arthur Lou M wid Leslie E h628 W Clinton Arthur Rose (Mrs Clifford) emp Fletcher
Dry Cleaning h235 Hector Arthur Wayne D (Linda L) emp MCCo h
415 Second Artinian Robert W (T'at iana) grad stu CU
hlO Lodgeway Asay Fred E Jr (Irene) emp Romulous NY
h1105 N Cayuga Asay Irene F (Mrs Fred E) emp Agway
h1105 N Cayuga Ascher Hete teach asst CU r211 Williams Ascher Marcia (Mrs Ro bt) asst prof IC
h2l8 Tareyton rd Ascher Robert (Marcia) assoc prof CU h
218 Tareyton rd Asdell Sydney A (Muriel T) prod CU h27
Renwick Heights rd Ash Doris B (Mrs William W) grad stu CU
hl008 Dryden rd Ash William W (Doris B) grad stu CU
hl008 Dryden rd Ashe Ann F Mrs library searcher CU res
RDl Freeville Asher Bernard W resident Boston rllO
Eastwood av Asher Frederick P (Herta T) physician 518
EState St hllO Eastwood av Asher John D student r110 Eastwood av Asher Sylvia Jane (Mrs Wm G) RN TCHosp
h2l0~ Hudson Asher Wm G (Sylvia) stu CU h2l0~ Hudson Ashford Douglas E (Margaret) assoc prof
CD h120 White Park rd Cay Hts Ashland Oil & Refining Co Frank A Kipp­
ola mgr 414 Elmira rd Ashton Fred I (Florence A) retired hl044
Danby rd (tr ) Asiatic Garden Tang Wing Quai prop
restaurant 313 EState Asse George (Sadie) retired hl06 Hyers Assembly of God Church Rev Dean L Har­
rison pastor 520 W Seneca
Aston Donald E (Dorothy M) emp Jim's Fix-it Shop h205~ W Court
Aston James (Edith M) prop Jim's Fix-it Shop res 1949 Slaterville rd
Atencio Ivan N (Suzanne G) stu CU h147 Cornell Quarters
Atencio Suzanne G (Mrs Ivan) emp Fair­ view Heights Apts h147 Cornell Quar­ ters
Atherton May F dance instr CD h400 Trip­ hammer rd Cya Hts (H2)
Atkinson Anna L wid Earl E hl14 W Seneca Atkinson William H research assoc CU
hl02 Updike rd Atlantic & Pacific Super Market James J
Sheehan mgr cor Lake av and Hancock Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co Store Martin
Phelan mgr 21 N Triphammer rd Atsedes Esther sec College Spa r134
Hudson Atsedes George emp College Spa hl06
First Atsedes George J Jr student rl06 First Atsedes Peter (Chr-rstine) prop College Spa
h134 Hudson Attiwill Peter M (Judy A) visiting fellow
CU h3l4 Utica Atwater Fred (Amy) retired h l 736 Slater­
ville rd tr
ATWATERS SUPER MARKET INC Read Wilcox pres and treas groceries meats and fish Corners Community Center Hanshaw cor Triphammer rd see p 108
Atwell Allen assoc prof CU h305 Highland rd Cay Hts
Atwell Jeanne G Mrs prog adv CU res RD2 Atwood Elizabeth K (Mrs Robert J) dental
asst C E Taber h152 Crescent pl ATWOOD ROBERT J
(Elizabeth K) prop Slocum-Atwood Agency and insurance consultant h152 Crescent pi
Auble George A (Camilla M) prop Auble's Grill and elec h4l2 W Green
Auble James H (Constance M) elec h8l0 N Aurora
Auble Paul (Margar-ett) electrician h225 Pennsylvania av (1)
Auble Robert J elec r4l2 W Green Auble Ruth E h438 N Tioga Auble's Grill George Auble prop 508 W
State Aue Donald H (Barbara S) both stu CU h
Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove 2d (52C)
Augustine Anthony J (Julia M) emp CU h 1413 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Augustine Charles W stu r2l7 Tareyton rd Augustine John J (Mary Q) prop Johnny's
Repair Service h2ll Wcod Augustine John J Jr emp Norton Elec r211
Wood Augustine Joseph E (Phyllis J) personnel
dir NYSE&GCorp h2l7 Tareyton rd Augustine Louis A retired h311 Park pl
AR 3·3303 lB. W.. Woob &: ~on line. AR 3-3303 SINCE 1R63 DEPENDABLE INSURANCE-WE REPRESENT YOU Nights-Sundays-Holidays AR 3-1216 Savings Bank: Building ITHACA
AUGUSTINE LOUIS W bkpr Paul Mancini & Sons Inc r311 Park pl
Augustine Peter R (Jean H) prop Pete's Repair Service h11l Bridge
Aujang Raymond P eng IBM h20 N Trip­ hammer rd unit E-4
Ault Heidelberg Joseph VanBoven prop 406-410 Eddy
Aumick Vernon H (Geraldine D) const wkr h825 Aurora
Aurora Beauty Salon Mary M McNeil prop 107 S Aurora
Austen Doris Mrs emp NYTelCo hl016 N Tioga
Austen Edward N (Gayleen S) slsm h255 DuBoice rd
Austin Ann Eliz abeth stu r 11 9 Heights rd Austin Clark (Judith L) stu CU h225 Cor­
nell Quarters
AUSTIN EDWARD W (Doris L) prop Ithaca Real Estate Agency res Candor
Austin Harry J (Ann) emp Finney Motors h232 Pennsylvania av
Austin Judith L (Mrs Clark) sten CU h225 Cornell Quarters
Austin Margt C adrnin aide CU res Moravia Austin Phene wid John R r206 Utica Austin Raymond J groundsman CU res RDI
Freeville Austin Richard C stu CU rl05 Brandon pl Austin William W (Elizabeth J) prof CU
hll 9 Heights et Auto Body Works Edward MacCarrick
prop rear 224 S Cayuga Auto Salvage Inc new and used auto parts
329 College av pres Glenn Bartholf sec Robert Bartholf treas Joseph Petricola
Auto & Speedometer Service Harry B Beckley prop 201 Grand View av
Automotive Consultants William K Card prop used cars 359 Elmira rd
Auyang Raymond P (Kwanching) grad stu CU h20 N Triphammer rd Gl-l
Avellino Richard (Patricia) const wkr h rear 320~ Pleasant
Avery Dalton J (Noreen R) stu CU h12l Sharwill ct
Avery Helen H wid James W tchr Belle Sherman Sch h2l7 Mitchell
Avery James C (Florence H) acct h1l9 Thurston av
Avery Lydia wid Fred h823 Kendall av Avery Nancy E (Mrs Robert W) e mp NY
TelCo h12l7 Mecklenburg rd Avery Noreen P (Mrs Dalton J) tchr East
Hill Sch h12l Sharwill et Avery Robert W (Nancy E) emp Home
Dairy h12l7 Mecklenburg rd Avery Stanley J stu r 217 Mitchell Avromes William emp Bill's Lunch r3l6
E Seneca
Axford William I (Catherine J) assoc prof CU r1l9 Winston dr'
Axtell Clifford H Jr (Joyce) patrolman IPD h322 Pleasant
Axtell Daisy P (Mrs Lew) treas Dean of Ithaca h l 19 Titus av
Axtell Gladys wid Clifford C dressmaker h3 2 2 Pleasant
Axtell Laurence H (Mary) emp Agway Inc h14l West Haven rd
Axtell Lew J (Daisy P) retired h119 Titus av
Axtell Mary A (Mrs Lawrence) office mgr RBros h14l West Haven rd
Aycardi Eduardo B (Dflca) spec stu CU h120 Pleasant Grove rd (14D)
Ayers Brigette R (Mrs Charles) sec CU h879 Taughannock blvd
Ayers Charles R (Brigette R) mech CU h879 Taughannock blvd
Ayers Frank D (Edna C) retired h442 N Aurora
Ayers Geo J (Madeline) mgr Ithaca Out­ door Store h809 N Aurora
Ayers H Carl (Florence M) emp IGCo h 1106 N Tioga
Ayers Harlon C (Esther E) emp IGCo h 266 Pennsylvania av
Ayers Helen sec CU r442 N Aurora Ayers Marie supv nurse TCHosp res Free­
ville Ayers Richard H (Theresa G) emp NCRCo
h4l7 S Aurora Ayers Theresa N emp City Chamberlain's
Office r4l7 S Aurora Ayres Valentine Mrs emp NCRCo h202
B & G Robert R Bailey prop vending dist 114 Fayette
B & L MOTORS Burel H Lane prop 23 West Main Trumansburg see bottom lines
Babbage Jack K (Margt E) constr mason Giordano h4l0 Utica
Babbage Mark K student r4l0 Utica Babbaro Anthony J (Irene H) emp CU h116
Cook Babbaro Elizabeth M stu r116 Cook Babcock Carol W (Mrs Harold) emp Max­
field Randolph & Carpenter h262 Bundy rd
Babcock Elma G Mrs emp Old Fellows Home r do
Babcock Harold L (Carol) emp NYSE&G Corp h262 Bundy rd
Babcock Hilda B wid H Edward h8l7 Trip­ hammer rd
BABCOCK JOHN B (Nancy K) sec Rumsey-Ithaca Corp h600 Cayuga Hts rd Cay Hts
Babcock Leo E slsm Jack Townsend Chev­ rolet Inc r Taggin-Wagon Tr Pk (tr­ 38)
Babcock Leo E h5l6 Stewart av
BAILEY ERNEST E (Mignonette) prop East Hill Supply Co h210 Hampton rd
Bailey Ethel Z cataloguer CU hl03 Sage pl Bailey Evans W (Viola) emp MCCo h211
Cleveland av Bailey Floyd A (Ella Jean) barber 614 W
State h110 Dey Bailey Frank E retired h11l Harvard pI Bailey Frank W (Lillis) clk MW &Co hl428
Slaterville rd Bailey Hall CU Garden av Campus Bailey Harriet J Mrs typist CU res Cayuta
Bos 95 Bailey Lillis (Mrs Frank W) sec East Hill
Sch h1428 Slaterville rd Bailey Ralph (Ella) emp Co Op Food Store
h3l3 SPlain Bailey Robt R prop B & G Vending Co h114
Fayette Bailey Rose M wid Joseph L h117 Titus av Bailey Ruth M emp IC h301 W Green Bailey Stella Mrs r Odd Fellows Home Bailey Thos C senior watchman CU res
RDI Bailey Viola (Mrs Evans) nurses aide TC
Hosp h211 Cleveland av Bailor Chas animal tech CU res Slaterville
Box 62 Bailor Frances hskpr r415 Cayuga Hts rd Baird Kerstin T Mrs instr CU res 1193 E
Shore dr Baird Ruth wid John E emp Cornell Laun­
dry h116 S Cayuga (i) Baird Thomas J assoc prof CU res 1193
East Shore dr Baisley Margaret E Mrs keypunch opr CU
res Trumansburg Baizer Ashur H (Sylvia C) prof CU hl009
EState Baizer Sylvia C (Mrs Ashur H) stu hl009
EState Bakeman Leon cust CU res Newark Valley Baker Anna C wid William C h304 The
Parkway Cay Hts Baker Bethel M (Mrs Carl S) emp NYTel
Co h268 Pennsylvania av Baker Beverly Jane emp NYC r320 S
Geneva Baker Carl S (Bethel M) carp h268 Penn­
sylvania av Baker Charles R (Sally J) emp City h604
W Buffalo Baker Clinton emp maint Bd of Educ res
Slaterville rd Baker Dale W stu IC rl008 N Aurora Baker Donald W (Ruth T) prof CU h11 7
Renwick dr Ren Hts Baker Eliz Mrs supvr CU res Freeville
176 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
Babcock Sarah M h430 N Aurora Bailey Donald W (Judy) optometrist 408 Babcock Thelma Mrs emp Lehigh House E Upland rd res Cortland
hl040 Wanley rd Bailey Elizabeth M (Mrs Clifford T) emp Baber Catherine A h52l EState Bd of Educ h3l3 SPlain Bach Lawrence E (Evelyn D) tchr illS h6 Bailey Ella (Mrs Ralph) emp Kresges h3l3
Elmcrest cir SPlain Bache Carl A chemical analyst CU res
Freeville Bachelor Apartments Donald E Gibson prop
303-309 Dryden rd Backer Richard E prin Boynton Jr High
Sch res RD3 Backner Anna D h624 W State Backner Edward M sheet metal wkr r2l2
W Spencer Bacl-ner- Francis (Mary) emp City Fire
uept h34l Spencer rd Backner James W (Phyllis) roofer hl40
Giles Backner John P (Helene) mgr Globe Hotel
hl30 Enfield Falls rd Backner Michael P bartender Globe Hotel
r624 W State Backner Phyllis (Mrs James W) opr NY
TelCo hl40 Giles Backner Stephen P Jr (Helen M) emp Bob
Hiney Dispatch h327 W Court Bacon Arthur C (Pauline) emp City h227
Floral av Bacon Donald E emp CU res Trumansburg
RD3 Bacon Doris H wid Levi h202 Highgate ct Bacon Pauline (Mrs Arthur C) emp CU
h227 Floral av Bacon R Jack (Laura A) emp Johnson
Service Co hl38 Ridge Crest rd Bacon Ralph E (Lois D) emp CU h121
Titus av Bacon Roger C r227 Floral av Bacoon Ronald J (Mar-Irs) stu h234 S Al­
bany Badger Margaret h316 Columbia Badgley Robt H (Dorothy) teach asst CU
h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (59D)
Badick Robt J dftsm CU r608 EState Baer Tomas (Carol J) tch asst CU h Has­
brouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (55J) Bagley Edna M bkpr Eighty-nine Lumber
& Supply Co h119 E York Bagley Ezra Hemp City h420 W Buffalo Bagnall Larry 0 (Shirley A) grad asst CU
hl05 South Bagnardi J Victor (Elizabeth S) architect
308 N Tioga (203) and trustee Ithaca Savings Bank h227 Valley rd
Bahns Barbara F sten CU res Odessa Bahns Danl F programmer machine re­
cords CU res Odessa Bailey Alma L Mrs EAM opr CU res RDI Bailey Clarence W (Sara A) retired and
assoc assessor City hl06 W Fall Bailey Clifford T (Elizabeth M) retired
h3l3 SPlain Bailey David F (Marian G) retired h308
Baker Roy E (Martha) as st prof CU hl13 Warwick pl
Baker Sally J (Mrs Charles R) emp A&P TeaCo h605 W Buffalo
Baker Shirley (Mrs Lloyd) bkpr Robinson & Carpenter h Calkins rd
Baker Tower (C U) West av cor Univer­ sity av Campus
Baker Walter A (Madora F) emp Wilcox Press hl008 N Aurora
Baker Wilbert gas sta attdt r268 Pennsyl­ vania av
Baker Wm A asst prof IC h427 N Cayuga (1 )
BAKER'S BOB KITCHENS Robert Baker prop 126 E Seneca tel AR 3-0493 see p 63
Bakke Jeanette (Mrs Stanley W) tchr Ith h120 Pleasant Grove rd (8H)
Bakke John P (Rebecca C) asst prof CU h139 N Chestnut (A12)
Bakke Stanley W (Jeanette) grad stu CU h120 Pleasant Grove rd (8H)
Bakko Diana (Mrs Edwin) emp NCRCo h518 Dryden rd (B3G)
Bakko Edwin (Diana) emp NCRCo h518 Dryden rd (B3G)
Bakko Edwin M (Sara Q) retired h201 E Marshall
Bakke Marjorie M (Mrs R Norman) sec CU h811 Triphammer rd
Bakko R Norman (Marjorie M) emp CU h811 Triphammer rd
Balaam Leslie (Winifred) asst prof CU hl18 N Sunset
Balbinnie Dorothy M tchr Fall Creek Sch h107 Franklin
Balch Halls for Women Thurston av cor Wait av
Balcome Jack tchr Candor H S h531 S Meadow 4
Baldini Albert V (Margaret K) lab tech CU h228 pleasant
Baldini Ignazia wid Augusto V h312 Esty Baldini Margaret K (Mrs Albert V) sec
N Am Accident Ins Co h228 Pleasant
BAKER G ARLENE (Mrs Langford) mgr oak Hill Manor h320 S Geneva
BAKER FREDERICK W (Winifred) (Ithaca Printing Servrce) res RD3
BAKER GRACE E wid Bert commissioner Board of Elec­ tions h414 N Tioga
Baker Geo L animal tech CU res Krums Corners RD3
Baker Group West av Campus Baker Harold D (Edith M) emp NYTelCo
h1l4 Washington Baker Harry U (Ina M) retired h1409
Slaterville rd Baker Hattie D wid Bernal I emp GLF
h122 Pearsall pI Baker Hazel Mrs h1l2 Third Baker Hazel B wid Earl C h651 Five Mile
dr Baker Henry R emp NYSE&GCorp rll08
N Aurora Baker Henry S (Martha L) emp MCCo res
Newfield Baker Jack T (Linda M) emp MCCo r160
EKing rd
BAKER JAMES v-pres Ithaca Hotel Inc 219-225 EState res inq do
Baker James A prof CU 18 East av r do Baker Jean B tchr Pittsford r1l7 Renwick
dr Ren Hts Baker Jesse maint mech CU res Burdett Baker John C (Laura V) retired hll07 N
Tioga Baker Laboratory of Chemistry 41-47
East av Baker Langford F (G Arlene) chiropractor
317 W State h320 S Geneva Baker Lester C equip opr CU res Richford Baker Lila M emp IGCo h310 First Baker Lloyd (Shirley) const wkr h Calkins
rd Baker Lucille M (Mrs Robert C) asst prof
IC h679 Coddington rd Baker Lyman E (Jean E) sub mail handler
PO h257 Pennsylvania av Baker Madora F (Mrs Walter A) emp IHS
Cafeteria h1008 N Aurora Baker Margaret Mrs prop Margaret's
Nursing Home h1002 N Aurora Baker Mary Mrs sup clk CU res 310 Sand
Bank rd Baker Mary Lou emp NYSE&GCorp h322
W State (3) Baker Paul T (Lillian) emp CU h1307
EState Baker Peter D (Joann M) e mp Terminal
Taxi h161 EKing rd (tr) Eaker R Lee retired h508 Highland rd Cay
Baker Eugene C (Catherine R) emp MCCo Baker Ralph G (Mary E) photographer IJ h206 S Plain res Sand Bank rd
Baker Florence H wid Pliny h914 N Tioga Baker Ralph S (Hazel) emp Babcock Poul- Baker Forrest J retired h1349 Mecklen- try h1389 Mecklenburg rd
burg rd Baker Richard S (Alicemary H) city fores- ter and supt City Public Bldg and Grounds h101 Thurston av
Baker Richard W S B fireman TCHosp res RD2
Baker Robt C prof CU res RD2 Auburn rd Groton
Baker Robert C (Lucille M) tchr Roches­ ter Institute Technology Rochester NY h679 Coddington rd
BAKER ROBERT M JR (Susan) prop Bob Baker's Kitchens res Dryden
Baker Robert W (Natalie) orthodontist 412 N Tioga h615 Cayuga Heights rd Cay Hts
Baker Robert W head teller FNB&TCo r 304 The Parkway Cay Hts
178 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
Baldini Peter J (Elvira) mech I H Sch Dept Ed h408 N Geneva
BALDINI RALPH alderman City of Ithaca 108 E Green res inq do
Baldini Ralph M (Esther A) lab asst CU h 411 N Albany
Baldini Ralph P (Rose L) dentist 415 N Tioga h220 Esty
Baldini William Q (Martje) prop William's Shoe Store h48 Woodcrest av
Baldwin Anne (Mrs Frank) dir Interna­ tional Friendship Center hl02 Trip­ hammer rd
Baldwin Clifford D (Jane) prop Baldwin's Sinclair res Dryden
BALDWIN EDWARD A (Josslyn A K) sr trust officer First National Bank & Trust Co of Ithaca h401 Cliff Park rd
BALDWIN FRANK C (Anne G) alderman h102 Triphammer rd
BALDWIN KARLE J (Ailleen F) store mgr Hull Heating & Plumbing Inc res Trumansburg NY
Baldwin Lester H (Judith C) art illustra­ tor CU h1584 Slaterville rd
Baldwin Mae H (Mrs Merle W) reception­ ist registrar's office CU h3l7 Colum­ bia
Baldwin Merle W (Mae H) emp NYSE&G Corp h3l7 Columbia
Baldwin Nathaniel P USPC rl02 Tripham­ mer rd
Baldwin Sandra Mrs h143 E Spencer Baldwin Sandra L Mrs ofc sec Lutheran
Church h9l0 E Shore dr- Baldwin Wm J (Ellen)sec NY Holstein­
Friesian Assn Inc res Trumansburg Baldwin's Sinclair Clifford D Baldwin
prop 311 SCorn Balk Walter L (Ann H) grad stu CU h8
Ball Carmen L stu h5l9 S Meadow Ball Donald C (Marion S) foreman IJ h244
DuBoice rd Ball Dorcas J retired hllO Sears Ball Edith M wid Clayton M h2l2 W Lin­
Ball Hazel A rllO Sears Ball Marion S (Mrs Donald C) sec Agway
h244 DuBoice rd Ballantyne Joseph M (Mary) asst prof CU
hl048 Danby rd Ballard Betty A (Mrs Fred B) acct Se­
curity Mutual Fire Ins Co h135 Sny­ der Hill rd
BALLARD DONALD W (Jean C) treas Crispell Bros Inc and treas Lake Shore Leasing Inc h203 Texas la
Ballard Fred B (Betty A) emp NYABC h135 Snyder Hill rd
BALLARD JEAN C (Mrs Donald W) sec Crispell Bros Inc and General Electric Co specialist personnel practices and development h203 Texas la
Ballard Rexford E retired h l 0 10 Danby rd Ballard Susan C stu r203 Texas la Ballew Kenneth S (Anna G) arch in training
Talman & Talman h304 Stewart av (1) Balluffi Robert W (Gloria R) prof CU h120
Eastwood ter Ballweg Barbara K (Mrs Ludwig) emp The
Pastry Shop h306 Muriel Ballweg Ludwig (Barbara K) prop The Pas­
try Shop h306 Muriel Bancroft E Marie Mrs lab tech CU res 83
S Main Moravia Bandera-Gomez Cesareo (Esther) instr CU
h207 Pleasant (2) Bandle Etta wid Happy r1l4 W Green Bandler David K research dir CU res RDI
Newfield Banfield Anita Mrs office mgr Dr Robt W
Baker hl08 Auburn Banfield Duane W (Isabelle M) retired h
no Linn Banfield Eva wid Leslie r Taggin-Wagon
Tr Pk (tr 26) Banfield Geoffrey stu rI08 Auburn Banfield Harry L (Patricia A) asst fore IJ
h123 Park pl IBanfield Josephine M wid Roger clk Wag­
ner Funeral Home hl06 Queen Banfield Lucille (Mrs Roland D) teller
FNB&TCo h220 Linn Banfield Roland D (Lucille) draftsman IG
Inc h220 Linn Banfield W David (Mary L) emp U S Govt
h3l2 E Fall Banfield William D stu r123 Park pl Banford Ernestine W (Mrs Howard D) tchr
Henry St John Sch hl05 Indian Creek rd
Banford Howard D (Ernestine) emp CU hl05 Indian Creek rd
Banford Marjorie A tchr Newark NJ rl05 Indian Creek rd
Bangerter Kenneth R (Antoinette T) prop Ithaca Marine h122 Columbia
BANGS AMBULANCE SERVICE John F Bangs prop 209 W Green tel AR 3-1161 see front edge
Bangs Carlton 0 (Margaret E) mgr Mont­ gomery Ward & Co h125 Pearl
Bangs Daniel P stu r209 W Green Bangs Frank A plumbing and heating 526
W Buffalo h do
BANGS FUNERAL HOME John F Bangs licensed mgr 209 W Green tel AR 3-1161 see front edge
BANGS JOHN F (Rita M) licensed manager Bangs Funeral Home and alderman 3rd Ward h209 W Green see front edge
Bangs John F Jr stu r209 W Green Bangs M Isabelle (Mrs 0 Ernest) reg
nurse CU h73l Cayuga Hgts rd
Barneis Henry E rabbi Temple Beth-EI 132 E Court (cor N Tioga) res inq do
Barnes Albert I plmbr CD res Box 193 Groton
Barnes Barbara V Mrs keypunch op r CU res RD2 Freeville
Barnes Carl (Marjorie) maint Pleasant Grove Apts h120 Pleasant Grove r d (2A)
Barnes Christine h520 W Green Barnes Christopher R (Katharine E) asst
librarian CD h222 Esty Barnes Donald emp Canandaiga rl006
Mitchell Barnes Frances D lab tech CD h4l6 Wood
BARNED ALICE (Mrs Charles) elk Tompkins County Clerk's Office res Dryden
BARNES GERTRUDE M (Mrs Perry F) (Woody's Paint & Wall­ paper Store) h132 E Spencer
Barnes Hall Sage av Campbell Barnes Katherine E instr CD rl006 Mit­
chell Barnes Kenneth J assoc CU hl04 Harvard
pI Barnes Kyle stu r140 N Sunset dr Cay Hts Barnes LeRoy L (Lucy C) prof CD h712
Hanshaw rd Cay Hts Barnes M Anne stu CU r140 N Sunset dr Barnes Marjorie (Mrs Carl) emp CU h120
Pleasant Grove rd (2A) Barnes Mary V Mrs teach asst librarian
CU h607 N Tioga
BARBER GLADYS (Mrs Charles W) emp T C United Fund h206 Linn
Barber Helen M asst librarian CD h522 Dryden r-d (FlJ)
Barber Jessie wid Fred r9l0 W Court Barber Josephine E (Mrs Kenneth V) emp
Elmshade Tourist Home hlOS Wood Barber Kenneth R student rl05 Wood Barber Kenneth V (Josephine E) mgr Ides
Bowling Lanes hlOS Wood Barber Mary Lou Mrs steno CU r2l2 Uti­
ca Barbura Iris prop Studio for Dancing h420
Eddy Bard John H lab h420 Cascadilla Bard Raymond (Mary) jan St Paul's
Methodist Church h224 Cliff Barden Dennis (Maria C) instr CD h114
Orchard pl Barden Philip F garage fore CU res
Brooktondale Bardwell Edward K music tchr 214 Lake
av h do Bardwell Robert asst prof IC r128 E Court Barge Canal Terminal Taughannock blvd Barger Ethel M wid Allen nurse h430 Ti-
tus av Bargher Catherine (Mrs John) emp Joe's
Restaurant h406 W Seneca Bargher John (Catherine) emp Victory
Mkt h406 W Seneca Bar-ina Helen K (Mrs S Joseph) library
asst CU h4l3 Auburn Barina Sylvester J (Helen K) retired M13
Auburn Barish Evelyn instructor CU hl07 Oak
Hill pI Cay Hts
Bangs Robert D student r125 Pearl Bankhead Wm B (Celinda J) stu CD hl06
Lake Banks Hall III Os mun pI Banks Harlan P (Rosamond L) prof CU
hl005 Highland rd Cay Hts Banks Robt T library searcher CD res
Brooktondale Banks Ruby Mrs cook WSH CU h52l W
Green sec floor Banks Susan stu rl005 Highland rd Cay Hts Banner L William (Shirley A) asst supt for
business I Pub Schs h307 Comstock rd Cay Hts
Bannister Edward J (Hazel) farmer h1440 Mecklenburg r-d
Bannon George retired r435 N Geneva Bansal Ram D grad asst CU r327 Eddy Baptized Church of Jesus Christ Rev
Birdie Campbell pastor 412 First Barber Bonita M (Mrs Donald L) sr typist
x-ray dept TCHosp h225 Haller blvd Barber Charles W (Gladys L) prop Barber
Texaco 202 Fall h206 Linn Barber Donald L (Bonita M) repr Met
Life Ins Co h225 Haller blvd
Bangs 0 Ernest (Mary I) assoc prof CD Barkdoll Carey A (Alice M) parts mgr h73l Cayuga Hgts rd Jack Townsend Chev Inc h1202 Dry-
BANGS RITA M den rd (Mrs Jom F) registered nurse Bangs Barkdoll Glen (Flora) h7l3 Elmira r-d Ambulance Service h209 W Green Barker Frances C wid John J hl08 Linn
Barker Geraldine food serv mgr TCHosp res 86 Halseyville r-d
Barker Jean emp CU hl023 EState Barker Randolph asst prof CD res Slater­
ville Barker Trevor H research aSSOC CD res
Brooktondale Barlow John P asst prof CU res Slater­
ville Barnaba Anthony J (Erna M) USA h409 N
Meadow Barnaba Erna M (Mrs Anthony J) emp
TV Shop h409 N Meadow Barnard David R (Eleanor C) mgr-pres
Palace Laundry h112 Cook Barnard Elsie (Mrs Robert C) prop Kut
'N Kurl Beauty Shop h64l Hudson Barnard Louis B (Mildred B) gen mgr Lou
Barnard's Bowl-O-Drome h6l4 N Tioga
Barnard Mildred B (Mrs Louis B) claims clk NYS Emp Ser h6l4 N Tioga
Barnard Ralph R (Eleanor A) patent attorney CD h2l5 Highgate rd
Barnard Robert C (Elsie) emp Sigma Phi h64l Hudson
Barnard's Lou Bowl-O- Drome Louis B Barnard gen mgr 401 Third
180 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
BARNES PERRY F (Gertrude M) (Woody's Paint & Wall­ paper Store) h132 E Spencer
BARNES RICHARD H (Marjorie 1) dean Grad School Nutri­ tion and prof CU h140 N Sunset dr Cay Hts
Barnes Robert A emp Bd of Educ res Brooktondale
Barnes Samuel (Gertrude) retired h712 W Clinton
Barnes Stephen W (Ella M) farmer hlDD6 Mitchell
Barnes Willard D (Violet E) asst CU h136 Muriel
BARNETT EDWARD J (Eudora D) (Barnetts' Blue Sunoco Service) h107 E King rd
Barnett Roberta prof speech IC hlDD W Buffalo (4D)
BARNETT ROLAND C (Barnetts' Blue Sunoco Service) r107 EKing rd
Barnette Stuart M (Sella F) prof CU h6 Lodge Way
BARNETTS' BLUE SUNOCO SERVICE (Edward J Barnett and Roland C Bar­ nett) 519 W State tel AR 2-9881 see p 44
Barnhard DeWitt M (Helen E) slsm hlD9 Catherine
Barnhart A Mildred nurse 329 Mitchell r do
Barnhart Chas W lab CU res Brooktondale Barnhart Maude M wid William H 329
Mitchell Barnoski Barbara (Mrs Michael) tchr
Cortland HS h53D EState (1) Barnoski Michael (Barbara) grad stu CU
h53D EState (1)
Barns Amos A (Grace W) prop The Tarry Shoppe hl022 E Shore dr
Barnstone Leonard (Leah) stu CU h144 Grandview ct
Barnum Gwen (Mrs Robt) nurses aide Reconstruction Home Inc 3lB S Albany res Ludlowville
Barnum PhylliS prac nurse GCHosp res Dryden
Barnum Phyll is A (Mrs Robt F) nurse TCHosp hl12 Utica
Barnum Robt F (Phyllis A) emp NYSE&G Corp h1l2 Utica
Barol Samuel R (Barbara E) physician 1301 1301 Trumansburg rd h Ll l Oxford pl
Baron Alfred (Gladys) v pres-sec Ithaca Engraving Co h405 N Tioga
BARON EDWARD W (Josephine) pres-treas-sec R A Heggie & Bro Co h311 Richard pl
Baron Josephine M (Mrs Edward) v pres R A Heggie & Bro Co h3l1 Richard pl
Baron Robert J (Margaret E) tchr asst CU h2D N Triphammer rd Lansing apts unit F-4
Barr Allen D S (Eileen) assoc prof CU h5lB Highland rd Cay Hts
BARR DAVID T (Joy B) v-pres-sec J S Barr & Co Inc h1009 Triphammer rd
BARR J S & CO INC members New York Stock Exchange investments Savings Bank Bldg (501) 5th floor 114-118 N Tioga tel AR 3­ 6565 pres-treas Joseph S Barr v-pres­ sec David T Barr see bottom lines and p 73
BARR JOSEPH A (Marion T) pres-treas J S Barr & Co Inc h203 Wyckoff av
Barr Joy B (Mrs David T) instr CU hlDD9 Triphammer rd
Barr Louise laboratory tech CU h RDI 791 N Triphammer rd
Barr Richard G (Cherry R) stu CU h12D Pleasant Grove rd (9A)
Barra Lena wid Nicholas h5lD Madison Barraclough Solon (Frances) prof CU h
RD5 Barren Stephen E ernp NCRCo h705 Cliff
BARRETT DONALD B accounting and data processing ma­ chine sales res Dryden
Barrett James (Sandra) ernp MCCo h512 W State
Barrett James H lecturer CU r434 Statler Barrett John E (Mary J) radio -logical
safety inspector CU h312 N Geneva
BARRETTWMC (Brenda D) lawyer Treman & Clynes h700 Stewart av (37)
Barrett's Perfume Shoppe John A Shipe prop 156 EState
Barrios Vi~tor teach asst r123 Highland pl Barron Joseph P (Marjorie) examiner
Federal Civil Service Board h143 Linn Barron Marian M wid John H nurse 145
Cascadilla pk h do Barron Marjorie (Mrs Joseph P) sr acct
clk T County Welfare Dept h143 Linn Barron Richard S r143 Linn Barron Robert M emp Dansville r145
Cascadilla pk Barron Vincent J emp Dansville r145
Cascadilla pk Barrows John F (Carol J) asst prof CU
h2l4 N Triphammer rd Barrus Barbara deputy registrar Tompkins
County Health Dept r12B5 Trumans­ burg rd
Barrus Maria 0 wid Mortimer F hlOB McIntyre pl
Barry Ethel (Mrs James A) emp NCRCo h6ll Hudson
Barry James A (Ethel) ernp NCRCo h6ll Hudson
Barry James E (Jane T) book mgr Cornell Campus Store Inc hlOO Park
Barry Jane T (Mrs James E) acet elk Laux Adv Inc hlDO Park
Barry Lillian r602 Hudson
Barry Lillian wid James H h3l7t E Buffalo Bascom Dorothy V (Mrs Harold) mort- Barsis Edwin H (Joanne) student CU h612 E gage clk Ithaca Savings Bank h524
Buffalo Linn Barsis Joanne (Mrs Edwin H) stu CU h612 Bascom H Douglas (Sandra R) stu h306
E Buffalo Fairmont av Bart Robert emp Wallace Steel r414 N Bascom Harold 0 (Dorothy V) lab mech
Aurora CU h524 Linn Bartell Sus ann rlOO W Seneca Bascom Sandra R (Mrs H Douglas) Bartholf Earl R (Clara E) prop Bartholf librarian CU h306 Fairmont av
Service Station h967 Taughannock blvd Bashaw E Patricia (Mrs John L) tchr Bartholf Glenn C (Mary P) prop Glenn's Interlaken h509 Lake (F-I)
Sinclair Service Station and pres Auto Bashaw John 0 (E Patricia) res assoc CU Salvage Inc h971 Taughhannock blvd h509 Lake (F-l)
Bartholf Mary F (Mrs Glenn C) bowling Basil Frances Mrs emp CU res Dryden instr h971 Taughannock blvd Basilio Iris N wid Ermanno A Sr h412 S
Bartholf Robert (Lois) mgr Glenn's Sin- Albany (7) clair Service Sta and sec Auto Salvage BASS ROBERT 0 Inc hl007 Taughannock blvd (Isabelle C) pres-gen mgr Morse
Bartholf Rose wid Robert h969 Taughan- Chain Co and v-pres Tompkins Co nock blvd Hospital h224 Highgate rd
Bartholf Service Station Earl R Bartholf Bass Susan r224 Highgate rd prop 609 Dryden rd cor Maple av Bassanelli Angelo E (Mary 1) retired h122
Bartholomew Bertha M h319 N Tioga Lake av Bartholomew Joan E bkkpr FNB&TCo Bassanelli Ethelyn J (Mrs Sante D) opr
r406 E Marshall NYTelCo h8l4 N Cayuga Bartholomew Marguerite W (wid Earl L) Bassanelli Sante 0 (Ethelyn J) carrier PO
emp Wilcox Press h406 E Marshall h8l4 N Cayuga Bartholomew Richard C asst prof Vet Bassett Roger H (Sheila K) emp Lakeview
College C W r do Dairy h205 Elm Bartholomew Richard P (Phoebe A) emp Batchelor Ila R wid Warren T hl06
NYSE&GCorp h207 E Yates Second Bartlett Harry retired h224 Cleveland av Bateman Dorothy H phys dir CU h2l0 Bartlett Harry B retired r256 Floral av Stewart av (IC) Bartlett Juanita emp CU h302 Park pl Bateman Durward F asst prof CU r44 Bartlett Paul L (Hazel M) plumber A J Dart rd
Eckert h256 Floral av Bates Block 118-124 N Tioga and 118-124 Bartlett Roger emp Jamesway h705 W N Aurora
Green Bates David M (Jayne S) asst prof CU Bartnik Albert H (Betty) truck driver CU h1107 EState
h257 Coddington rd Bates Ethel C sec CU r429 N Aurora Barto Ida Mae wid Frederick L hll9 Bates Frederick E USA r983 Taughannock
Irving pl blvd Bartola Angelinia Mrs h602 W Green Bates Juanita E nurse r983 Taughannock Bartolucci Frank (Grace) prntr IJ h313 blvd
Utica Bates Loretta Mrs laboratory tech CU res Interlaken
Barton Frances (Mrs Robert) emp C Lauri- Bates Margaret A wid William L r123 S dry h7l0t N Cayuga Hill ter
Barton Hall (CU) Air Science and Tactics; CU Naval Science Dept; CU Science Bates Mary 0 prof CU hlOO Fairview sq
(2N) and Tactics Dept Garden av Campus Batik Geo (Jean) emp CU h209 Auburn
Barton John W (Judith A) both grad stu CU Batik Jean (Mrs Geo) sub tchr h209 Auburn h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd Battaglia Marcia J Mrs asst lib CU r206 (30-A) NQuarry
Barton Lol (Patricia) research chemist Battersby Beverly A (Mrs James L) emp CU h3l5 Dryden rd U S Forest Service h4l3 Hector
Barton Robert (Frances) emp I Window Battersby James L (Beverly A) teach asst Cleaning Co h 7l0t N Cayuga CU h413 Hector
Bartter Scharlie wid Lynn M tchr Cayuga Batterson Charlotte Mrs bkkpr Boy Scouts Hts Sch h1404 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts h9l2 N Cayuga
WHCU·DiaI870 Music - News - Sports - Drama and Substance
Chri stmas
...hane AR 3-1431
Four Savings Plans CI ub, Home Loans, Student Loans Mortgage Life Insurance
182 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
emp NYTelCo hl14 Baxter Paulette (Mrs Charles) tchr hl085 Taughannock blvd
Baxter Phoebe (Mrs Richard) sec CU hIlO Lake
Baxter Richard (Phoebe) stu CU hIlO Lake Bay Charles L (Suzanne M) asst prof of
music IC hl03 Judd Falls rd Bay Clyde E soil scientist CU res Skanea­
teles Bayer George H (Helen M) tech service
Agway Inc and asst CU hl21 Elm Bayer Helen T M (Mrs George H) as soc
prof CU hl21 Elm Baylor Evelyn J bkpr CU res West Danby Bazzel Elmer W (Edna E) meat cutter New
Central Mkt hl007 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Beach Carol A r603 N Aurora Beach Dora wid Roy C h5l3 N Tioga Beach Dorothy M Mrs wid emp CU rIl2
Esty Beach John W (Coral G) retired h308 Esty Beach Julia L (Mrs Maynard) dom hl08
Wood Beach Julia M Mrs wid Clarence N hskpr
CU h603 N Aurora Beach Laurence H (Ruth L) asst chief IFD
h32 Woodcrest av Beach Maynard (Julia L) retired hl08
Wood Beach Rita M student r 603 N Aurora Beach Robert B (Patricia F) emp sub
carrier PO hl05 Madison Beach Rosanne M emp NYSE&GCorp
r603 N Aurora Beach Ruth wid Franklin emp Charjans
h202 E Court Beachley Norman H (Marion I) grad stu
CU h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd(47G)
Beachley Orville T asst prof CU r 312 Thurston av
Beald Amelia S wid Archibald G hl5 Hillcrest dr
Beald Edla L emp CU hl5 Hillcrest dr Beale Rayburn I (Janet) both stu IC h433
N Cayuga Beals Harlo P (Margaret L) retired h222
Ridgedale rd Beam Clarence A (Zita B) carp h624 W
Clinton Beam Edward B (Carolyn) reg'd repr J S
Barr & Co hIl6 The Parkway Cay Hts Beard Alice L elk CU rl20 Oak av Beard Ernest ernp RBros r510 N Meadow Beardslee Kenneth R cust CU res Inter­
laken RD2 Beardsley Charles H (Harriet L) emp
NCRCo h413 S Geneva Beardsley Richard S (Ruth) emp Therm Inc
h631 Elmira rd
Batterson Richard B Washington
Battistella Roger M (Nancy S) asst prop CU h220 TriphammerrdUnit 5-1A
Battisti Angelo (Artemesia) retired h614 Cascadilla
Battisti Frank J (Laura M) bldg supt I Savings Bldg h4l3 Spencer rd
Battisti Frank L (Charlotte F) music tchr IHS h12l Christopher cir
Battisti Louis (Vincenza) emp MCCo h126 Washington
Battisti Louis N (Anna N) retired h438 Titus av
Batty Geraldine Mrs office mach opr CU r Taggin-Wagon Tr Pk (tr 3)
Bauer Fred student r132 Comstock rd Cay Hts
Bauer L Deborah student r3l2 Comstock rd Cay Hts
Bauer Simon H (Miriam R) prof CU h312 Comstock rd Cay Hts
Bauer William M (Elizabeth) grad stu CU h20 N Triphammer rd Unit A3-2
Baughman Saml G fore CU res Groton Baum Adam (Mira) poultryman h507 Wil­
lowav Baum Sharon (Mrs Stuart J) tchr NE Pub
Sch hIlO Lake Baum Stuart J (Sharon K) grad stu CU
hllO Lake Baumann Anita H (Mrs Ken C) sten elk
h208 Muriel Baumann Fred S student r208 Muriel Baumann Ken C (Anita H) a s st lib CU h208
Muriel Baumgartner Charlotte W (Mrs H Walter)
prof CU hl442 Hanshaw rd Cay Ht s Baumgartner H Walter (Charlotte W) tchr
Suce Oneonta h1442 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Bausman Richard 0 Rev (Mar-Ita D) Baptist Chaplin CU RW h502 E Seneca
Bautista Elena M stu CU rl09 Summit av Bautista Elisa M Mrs hl09 Summit av Bava Vito A (Frances A) foreman Lansing
Development Corp h20 N Triphammer rd Unit B3-2
Bavisotto Charles P (Gloria M) emp GE h625 Highland rd Cay Hts
Bawlf Laura G wid Nicholas h5l0 Univer­ sity av
Bawlf Nicholas Jr emp Therm Elec r5l0 University av
Baxter Charles (Paulette J) tchr Columbia Annex hl085 Taughannock blvd
Baxter Hubert E (Phebe P) prof emeritus CU hll9 E Upland rd Cay Hts
Baxter Orten retired h152 EState
Member of New York Stock Exchange STOCKS MUTUAL FUNDS BONDS
Beardsley Richard S stu r631 Elmira rd Beasley Bertha E Mrs h930 E Shore dr Beasley Edith J r930 E Shore dr Beathan Mark h344 W King rd Beattie Eleanor M Mrs sten CD r310 E
Buffalo Beatty Edna (Mrs Jas) recept Dr Brown
h1110 Aurora Beatty Jas (Edna) emp NYE&GCorp h 1110
N Aurora Beauchamp Eric G (Emmy E) grad stu CD
h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (S2E)
Beaujon Chas dairyman CD res RD1 Ovid Beaulieu Bernard S (Helen M) mgr Wool-
worth hS09 Lake (F3) Beaulieu Robert J stu rS09 Lake (F3) Beaulieu Stephen S stu rS09 Lake (F3) Beauty Arts Center Nancy Weatherbee
prop beauticians S22 W Buffalo Beauty Box Dino K Marinos prop 218 E
State Beavers Hoyt L (Eleanor E) mgr The
Rumrell Company Inc r1142 Ellis Hollow rd
BEBBINGTON JOHN (Jean H) v-pres and Ithaca plant mgr Morse Chain Co h117 Randolph rd
Bechhofer Robt E (Joan) prof CD h36 Cornell
Beck Albert M asst prop CD res 4 Forest la RD 2
Beck Myrtle M Mrs h214 S Geneva Beck Robert A dean and prof Hotel Admin
School CD res Slaterville Beck William L shop foreman Residential
Halls Furn Repair Shop res IS Mill St Ext Freeville
Beck Wm L III lab supvr CD res Newfield Becker Alfred (Bertha) mgr Cornell
Theatre Corp h131 Blair Becker Allen S r6S6 Five Mile dr Becker Bertha (Mrs Alfred) emp Home
Dairy h131 Blair Becker Betty J{Mrs Robert L) secy CD
h380 Snyder Hill rd Becker Carrie wid Tracy hllS Glenside rd Becker Clarence 0 (Edith M) plumber h6S6
Five Mile dr Becker Raymond G mgr dining ser CD res
Dryden Becker Sherwood B Rev (Jessie J) minister
Bethel Grove Bible Church and chap­ lain CD hl7S9 Slaterville rd
Beckhorn Harlan J (Coletta R) plumber h20S Prospect
Beckhorn Mamie L wid John W h311 E Tompkins
Beckley Anne C (Mrs Harry B) s r typist TCHosp h201 Grand View av
Beckley Carol sec-bkpr Edw E Hart MD r201 Grand View av
Beckley David L farmer CD res RD2 Locke Beckley Harry B (Anne C) mech MCCo and
prop Auto Lock & Speedometer Serv­ ice h201 Grand View av
Beckwith Barbara steno CD hS46 Warren rd
Beckwith Ruth Mrs res asst CD res Box 1001 Elmira
Bedard Joseph R (Helen) electronics tech GE Syracuse h601 Winston ct (6)
Beddoe Arthur G (Emma K) mach 608 Seneca h10St Catherine
Beddoe Edward A (Elizabeth G) dentist IDS Catherine h do
Beddoe Emma K (Mrs Arthur G) emp Flower Fashions h10St Catherine
Bedell Nell wid J Raymond hS02 W Seneca Bedworth Albert E (Agnes S) tchr IRS
h1703 Slaterville rd Bedworth Ann Mrs r222 S Geneva
BEEBE CLELAND W (Ruth L) mgr Agway Home & Garden Center h202 W Yates
Beebe Janice C Mrs steno CD res Slater­ ville Springs
Beeler Joan (Mrs Walter) brass tchr IC hl207 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Beeler Walter R (Joan R) asst prof music IC hl207 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Beeman Carl E (Willie R) asst and grad stu CD h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (49J)
Beeman Willie R (Mrs Carl E) sten CD h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (49J)
Beers Aileen (Mrs Robert) off mgr B & L Motors res 38 Washington Trumans­ burg
Beeson Kenneth C (Eleanor) prof CD and dir D S Nutrition Lab h214 N Tripham­ mer rd RD1
Beeson Priscilla student r214 N Tripham­ mer rd
Beetle Jean E (Mrs Thos M) secy to prof CD h609 Winston ct
Beetle Thomas M (Jean E) res assoc CD h609 Winston ct
Begent Elizabeth S (Mrs Gordon) prop Fall Creek House res 302 Lake
Begent Frances Mrs emp CD h433 N Geneva
Begent Sherwood (Viena M) emp NCRCo h818 N Aurora
Begent Viena M (Mrs Sherwood) sr acct elk Finger Lakes State Parks Comm h818 N Aurora
Beggs Carmella (Mrs Vance) emp NYS Employment Office h313 S Aurora
Beggs Marjorie V (Mrs Robert W) case wkr T County Welfare Dept h123 Christopher cir
Beggs Robert W Jr student r123 Christo­ pher cir
Beggs Robert W Rev (Marjorie V) minister George Junior Republic h 123 Christopher cir
Beggs Vance M (Carmella) stu CD h313 S Aurora
Begley John C (Nancy) grad stu CD hS22 Dryden rd (F3A)
Carr~ with Carey 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
Begley Nancy (Mrs John C) receptionist CU h522 Dryden rd (F-3A)
Behn Vaughn C (Vida M) as soc prof CU h603 Mitchell
Behrendt Marie wid Paul h573 Spencer rd Behun Matthew F (Katherine L) research
tech CU h130 Muriel Beischer Jo Ann H (Mrs William A) sec
TCTCo h1206 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts Beischer William A (Jo Ann H) v prin
Ithaca H Sch h1206 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Belasco James A (Sharlene F) res spec CU h5 Highland pk la
Belcher Donald A custodian CU res Sayre Pa
Belcher Donald J dir CU Aerial Photo­ graphic Studies Center pres-treas Donald Belcher & Assoc res RDI Cayuga Hts pI
Belcher Donald J & Associates Inc dir Donald J Belcher CU Aerial Photo­ graphic Studies Center 119 E Buffalo
Belcher Lucille (Mrs Willie L) emp CU h3l9 Floral av
Belcher Willie L (Lucille V) const wkr h3l9 Floral av
Belkin Barry (Barbara) grad stu CU h147 N Chestnut (E 11)
BELKNAP BEVERLY A emp NY Tel Co and (Flamingo Ceramic Studio) r490 Floral av
Belknap Cecil L wid Almos H bkpr Glen­ side Monument Co h490 Floral av
Belknap Editl) F (Mrs Gordon) sch say rep Ithaca Say Bank res Trumansburg
BELKNAP GORDON K (Edith F) prop Glenside Monument Co and (Flamingo Ceramic Studio) res Trumansburg
Bell Alice M wid Anson H h321 W Buffalo Bell Alice S Mrs key punch opr CU res
1207 Warren rd Bell Barbara H (Mrs David L) reporter IJ
res Watkins Glen
BELL CHARLES W (Patricia A) asst treas Tompkins County Trust Co h61-63 Woodcrest av
Bell Charlotte wid Charles F h405 Casca­ dilla
Bell David L (Phyllis N) painter Cayuga Motors h1l7 E Spencer
Bell Elizabeth K (Mrs Henry) elk RBros h412 Center
Bell Gertrude H wid John R ernp The Knoll h1l5 S Conn
Bell Helen Mrs sec Bd of Educ h107 W Clinton
Bell Henry A (Elizabeth K) ernp NCRCo h412 Center
Bell J T Robb (Katherine S) both stu CU h1l4 Summit av (25)
Bell John H (Phila A) accounting elk CU h58 Woodcrest av
Bell Lawrence A (Virginia) office mgr Carl M Loeb Rhodes & Co h318 S Geneva
Bell Leona A (Mrs Thomas F) tchr Fall Creek Sch h8 Renwick dr Ren Hts
Bell Leonard R asst mgr housing CU res Dryden
Bell Lloyd R (Ruth L) res supvr Res Halls CU h253 Cornell Quarters
Bell M Edith h125 Cleveland av Bell Melvin emp MCCo r125 Cleveland av Bell Michelina D (wid Barney) h412 WState Bell Patricia A (Mrs Charles W) sec Ivy
Broadcasting h61 Woodcrest av Bell Pauline H wid George W h120 EState Bell Robert U retired h128 Cleveland av Bell Thomas F (Leona A) retired h8 Ren-
wick dr Ren Hts Bell Thomas G mgr Ski Shop and (Fall
View Ski Shop) r702 SPlain Belle Sherman School 503 Mitchell Bel.Ieayr e Annex Apts 614 University av Belleayre Apartments Pasquale Piancentini
supt 700-702 Stewart av Bellis Leslie C (Jane) retired h135 E
Spencer Bellisario Andrew (Lucy) retired h515 W
Seneca Bellisario Carol A (Mrs Theodore) emp
Bool's Flower Shop h129 Pearsall pI Bellisario Nickolas S (Olga B) printer
Artcraft Co h213 Center Bellisario Peter (Mary) truck driver
RBros h515 W Seneca Bellisario Theodore A (Carol A) painter
CU h129 Pearsall pl Belous Billy J (June 0) sgt IPD h178
Kendall av Belous Mary wid Frank h240 Pennsylvania
av Bemben Stanley M (Brenda J) tchr asst
CU h605 Winston ct (5) Bement Wm N tech supvr CU res Elmira
Hts Bemont Isabel L wid Leslie H personnel
coordinator IC h821 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts
Benda Stephan V (Marie) prof Hampton Va r109 Ridgedale rd
Ben-David Shaul (Sincha) grad stu CU h Hasbrouck Apts Pleasant Grove rd (51E)
Bendel Barry A (Carole M) stu CU h222 Dryden rd (lA)
Bender John teach asst CU res 614 E Buffalo
Benedict Francis E (Donna M) treasurer office TCTCo h508 W Buffalo
Benedict Francis L elk CU res Trumans­ burg
Benedict Joseph Jr (Barbara) emp CU h523 W Buffalo
Benedict Joseph E (Magdalene) retired h507 W Buffalo
Benedict Valentine W (Dorothy J) elk T G Miller's Sons Paper Co h320 Wash­ ington
BENNETT THOMAS H (Edith E) pres First National Bank & Trust Co of Ithaca and pres First National Safe Deposit Co and v-pres YMCA hl02 Highgate pl
Bennett's Bob Auto Repairs Robert H Bennett prop 901 W Buffalo
Benninger Agnes V wid Jacob F h265 Coddington
Benninger Kenneth (Marguerite) h213 Frost
Benny's Barber Shop Beneditto Campag­ nolo prop 302 EState
Bensadoun Andre (Paula) research nutritionist CD h1l39 Dryden rd
Bensadoun Paula D (Mrs Andre) scientific illustrator CD hl139 Dryden rd
Benson Charles F (Mary E) asst foreman NCRCo h426 S Geneva
Benson Hazel RN lC Hosp r1285 Trumans­ burg rd
Benson Horace H (Louisa V) slsm Albany h111 Homestead rd
Benson LeGrace G Mrs lecturer CD h601 Winston ct (2)
Benson Louisa V (Mrs Horace H) tchr Newfield h l l I Homestead rd
Benson Mary E (Mrs Charles F) sec City Chamberlain h426 S Geneva
Benson Warren F (Patricia L) prof music lC h3l7 Hook pl
Bent Frederick Jasso prof CD res Oak­ crest rd RD1
Bente Harry emp NCRCo r222 S Albany Bentinck-Smith John (Marjorie) prof CD
h313 The Parkway Bentkowski John A (Catherine J) res tech
CD h108 Treva av Bentley Maria S wid John shopping and
sales service h604 Highland rd Cay Hts
Bentley Raymond E chem analyst CD res Dryden
Benton Allen W (Lois B) grad stu CD h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (55D)
Benton Duane A (Pauline N) as soc prof CD h402 Salem dr
Benton Lena wid Isaac r Taggin Wagon Tr Pk
Benton Lois B (Mrs Allen W) elk CD h Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd (550)
Bentz Donald M (Patricia 1) elk Co-op hl17 Park pl
BENNETT E office mgr W D McElwee & Sons res RDl Newfield
Bennett Edward F (Leona) retired h989 Danby rd
Bennett Elmer E (Geraldine S) emp Bab­ cock Hatchery h512 W Seneca
Bennett Frank L (Margt) stu CD h235 Cornell Quarters
Bennett Fred A (Dorothy L) tchr Bd of Ed h22l Warren pI
Bennett Fredk W sub carrier PO r108 E Yates
Bennett Geraldine (Mrs Elmer E) emp Ithaca Diner h512 W Seneca
Bennett Harold K (Nora K) res mgr Aurora Heights Apts h151 Grand View ct
Bennett Howard R (Louise E) mech Bing­ hamton h329 Stone Quarry rd
Bennett Howard W retired h1478 Mecklen­ burg rd
Bennett J P retired h408 W Clinton Bennett Jersey R Mrs receptionist Dr E E
Hart h526 N Albany Bennett Leland G (Marie H) emp Marshall
Bros h509 Spencer rd Bennett Leslie asst prof SC r122 W Court Bennett Lorna asst lib CD res 1148 Forest
Bennett Margt A (Mrs Frank L) emp CD h235 Cornell Quarters
BENNETT MARGARET R wid Minor R pres Ithaca Delivery Inc hl09 Queen
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks 'Bennett Myron L Jr prop Meadow Court Ithaca Lodge No 636 135-139 W State Service Center res Enfield Fall rd
Benikovszky George I (Anna S) surveyor Bennett Percy A custodian CD res RD1 and draft CD h210 Washington Newfield
Benisi Charles S (Mary A) emp City Water Bennett Ralph (Jeanne) prop Ralph's Dept h108 N Meadow Garage res Trumansburg
Benjamin Carlton E (Elda H) prop Bennett Richard D (Elsie R) acct NCRCo Benjamin's Appliance Repair h403 S h104 Woolf la Cayuga Bennett Robert pres Stewart & Bennett res
Benjamin Charles S r Taggin-Wagon Tr pk Rochester Benjamin Helen bkpr aide T C Hosp res Bennett Robt H (Della) prop Bob Bennett's
Spencer Auto Repair res 56 Etna la Benjamin Rachel wid Arth G r Taggin- Bennett Sophie Mrs ernp Shulman Furni-
Waggin Tr Pk (tr 9) tur-e h124 Sears Bennett Albert W (C Gertrude) mason h108
E Yates Bennett AIice K steno CD res 13 Ferguson
rd Dryden Bennett Ardith asst Din Super CD r Clara
Dickson Hall Bennett Barbara L stu r221 Warren pl Bennett Bonnie L (Donald E) ernp Southern
Linen h407 Second Bennett Boyd R custodian CD res Free­
ville Bennett Carol L stu r102 Highgate pI Bennett Donald E (Bonnie L) ernp Cayuga
Motors h407 Second Bennett Donald J (Rena F) dr lFD No 1
h114 Auburn Bennett Donald L (Marjorie E) dep fore
CD h1136 Dryden rd Bennett Dorothy L (Mrs Fred A) sr libr
asst CD h221 Warren pl
ITHACA AGENCY INC. riU '1fPtmd- 0-1 1nd-WtaHa
Telephone: AR 3-5353
108 W. Stote St. ltha cc , N. Y.
Bernard Florence A (Mrs Jolm M) asst IC hiiO W Marshall
Bernard John M (Florence A) asst prof IC h110 W Marshall
Bernath Frances A asst lib CD h319 N Geneva
Bert Rogers Lyon House (IC) 608 E Buffalo
Berta Mary Mrs r9l3 N Cayuga Berth Donald F asst dean and lecturer
CD hl49 N Chestnut (F21) Berthelsen Barbara P lib CD h423 Oak av
Bertie Margaret M (wid Albert) h11B Cas­ cadilla av
Bertman Judith (Mrs Lee A) libr elk CD h610 E Seneca
Bertman Lee A (Judith) stu CD h610 E Seneca
Bertram Walter W (Corinne) hl2l Kelvin pl
Bernatsky Matthew prof CD h60 Colgrove rd
Bernkard Richard H asst prof CD h218 Dearborn pl (1A)
Berns Walter F Jr (Irene L) prof CD hl02 Iroquois pI
Bernstein Barbara emp CD hlOO W Seneca Bernstein Robert A stu CD h114 Eddy (2) Berresford Kathleen wid Arthur B
editorial asst CD hlOO W Buffalo (4E) Berry Edgar L mgr Home Dairy Co rl09
Brook dr Berry John D laboratory asst CD res RDI
Watkins Glen
Berry Kittie Mrs h324 W Seneca Berry Mary J Mrs inst CD hl04 Salem dr Berry Vlrgil constwkr h314 N Green (3) Berry Warner B student CD r30l Root ext Berstein Gitta asst programmer CD r509
Lake (G6) Berstein Hana r509 Lake (G6) Berstein Israel assoc prof CDII509 Lake
186 1965 - H. A. MANNING COMPANY'S
Bentz Patricia I (Mrs Donald M) sten CD Berki Sylvester E (Myrna) asst prof CD h117 Park pl h605 Winston ct (3)
Bentz Thoburn plumber Hull Heating & Berkley David (Marian) grad stu CD h129 Plumbing Inc res Elm St Ext Eddy
Benward Catherine (Mrs Edward) elk Berkley Marian (Mrs David) grad stu CD RBros h509 Willow h129 Eddy
Benward Edward (Catherine) custodian CD Berko Frances (Mrs Martin J) exec dir h509 Willow av Special Children's Center of Assn for
Benward Jean stu r509 Willow av Cerebral Palsified & Handicapped Benz John A emp NCR h328 Spencer rd Clinic h625 Highland rd Cay Hts Benz John A (Madeline T) emp Ripley Berko Martin J (Frances) emp CD h625
Motors h205 S Titus av Highland rd Cay Hts Beqiraj Mehmet visiting prof CD h522 Berlinck Manoel (Regine) grad stu CD
Dryden rd (ElG) h232 Hallen blvd Berak James M (Ann) teach asst CD h
Hasbrouck apts Pleasant Grove rd Berman David (Alice) asst prof IC h2l2 (20C) Muriel
Berardi Dominic J student r3l3 N Meadow Bernabei Rose C wid Attilio F h305 Esty Berarducci Arthur A stu rl09 E York Bernabei Umber-to retired h215 Cleveland Berarducci Romeo (Ida) retired rl09 E av
York Berarducci Romeo Jr emp Ithace Water
Dept hl09 E York Berarducci Silvio (Jeanette T) emp Ithaca
Office Equipment hll08 N Cayuga Bereczky Emma wid Ernest h409 N
Cayuga Bergen Edward L (Gertrude H) bkpr State
and Aurora hl58 Pearsall pI Bergen Gertrude H (Mrs Edward L) trust
elk FNB&TCo h158 Pearsall pl Berger Chas grad stu CD hlOl Brandon pl Berger Jacob J (Tamara) tchg asst CD
h205 Wyckoff av Berger Tina Mrs emp Wyllie Dry Clnrs
h411 Hancock Berggrem Franklin H (Gail A) emp Therm
Electric h233 Hector Berggren Richard E (Betty J) custodian
Board of Education h985 Cliff Berggren Richard E (Betty J) slsm Lake
View Dairy hl19 Williams Glen rd Bergholtz Tract (Recreation Field) N
Cayuga ext Bergiel John retired rl07 W Clinton Bergman Emmett N (Mary M) assoc prof
CD h2l2 Enfield Falls rd Bergsten Edwin E (Helen L) foreman lJ
h408 Elm Bergsten Helen L (Mrs Edwin E) sec T
County Welfare Dept h408 Elm Berich Mildred emp I Laundry 102 Adams
and corners C C res inq do Berinstein Benjamin B v pres Cornell
Theaters The (Inc) res Syracuse Berinstein Harry L pres-treas Cornell
Theatres The res Syracuse Berk Donald J stu CD r 10 Hawthorne cir Berk Janet stu rIO Hawthorne Circle Berk Saul (Charlotte) prop Kay's Curtain
& Fabric Shop hlO Hawthorne cir Berkelmann Karl (Mary H) assoc prof CD
h97l EState Berkey Alice Mrs lib elk CD hl002 Dry­
den rd Berkey Edgar (Alice) stu CD hl002 Dry­
den rd
Besancon Philip H (Gertrude L) chief BE'IWEEN THE LAKES SANITARIUM radiologist TCHosp hl03l Hanshaw rd Phyllis A Denman prop Main Inter- Cay Hts laken tel 532-4425 see front cover
Besdin's Furniture Co Burl D Zion mgr and under name furniture 130-132 EState
Association Inc.
Tel. 532-4425
Betz Dorothy M (Mrs Paul F) tchr CU h 133 Blair
Betz Paul F (Dorothy M) tchr CU h133 Blair
Beutel Robert C (Marsha A) electrical eng GE h280 Coy Glen rd
Beyea Mildred emp CU h308 W Seneca (1) Beyeler Helen B cook Noyes Lodge h122
Beyer Carvel L stu r211 Bryant av Beyer Glenn H (Virginia 1) prof CU h22l
Bryant av Bhargava Prem S grad stu CU hl08 Cook Biasin Gian-Paolo asst prof CU r398
Triphammer rd Bibbie Corinne Mrs emp CU h2l2 Second Bibbins Hall 120 E Clinton Bice Garry R (Phyllis D) stu CU h903
Dauby rd
Bickal Ira M (Mildred G) emp GE h1494 Mecklenburg rd
Bickham Shirley Mrs emp Smith-Corona h335 Spencer rd
Bicknell Florence W emp NYSE&GCorp r947 Danby rd
Bicknell Harrison C (Harriet M) asst dir athletics IC h947 Danby rd
Bidlak Bruce emp MMCo r309 S Aurora Bieber Allen grad stu CU rlOl Brandon pl Bielman Robert G emp Agway h1758 S later-
ville rd (2) Biemiller Andrew (Frances N) asst child
develop CU h92l Mitchell Biemiller Frances N (Mrs Andrew) asst
child develop CU h92l Mitchell
BESEMER GEORGE W (Leah) warehouse manager and dis­ patcher Dean of Ithaca res Slatter­ ville rd RD2
Besemer Willis G mech CU res RD2 Han­ shaw rd ext
Bessant Carolyn A bkpr T C Trust Co r 1544 Slaterville rd
Bessant Jean (Mrs William A) deaconess Salvation Army Citadel h1544 Slater­ ville rd
Bessant William A (Jean) capt Salvation Army h1544 Slaterville rd
Bessel David Hemp CU rl089 Taughan­ nock blvd
Bessel David H (Susan M) instr CU h20 N Triphammer rd Unit 0-3-1
Best George R (Judith A) physician 121 Seneca h2l4 Fall View ter
Best James R (Gladys L) retired h2l4 Second
Best Jessie Mrs r602 Hudson Best Paul J (Hulda) mgr NY State Div of
Employment res Taughannock blvd Best Philip (Laurie) research as soc CU
h502 So Aurora
Bestelmeyer Elfrieda R Mrs ernp Am Red Cross hll0 Overlook rd Cay Hts
Beta Sigma Rho Lodge 126 Westbourne la Beta Theta Pi House 100 Ridgewood rd Cay
Hts B