January February March - Corvette Club Santa 2018-04-06¢  the 2016 NCM Bash on the Internet but was

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  • 3rd General Meeting [Goleta]

    14th Griffith Observatory [Los Angeles]


    Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm

    High Sierra Grill, 521 Firestone Rd Goleta Ca.

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    7th General Meeting [Goleta]

    18th Runch Run—Jalama Beach [Lompoc]


    Peter Mackins




    Editor/Publisher: Ed Clerkin-Publicity | Our Board/Contact Us

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I wish for all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year. I also hope those who were able to attend the Christmas had an enjoyable evening. Although we had a few last minute cancellations, we still had a great turnout. I think moving the date to the second Saturday in December was a good idea allowing some we have missed in the past to attend. I apologize for any confusion around the January meeting. I do realize I did suggest cancelling the January meeting at the Christmas party. After giving it some more con-

    sideration and conferring with the members of the Board, it was felt that to get the year off to a good start the January meeting was necessary. We do not have a speaker for this meeting but I have very good news about the February meeting. Thanks to Ray Seider’s connections, local Bonneville racers Seth and Tanis Hammond will be making a presentation at the February meeting [see details in the Membership column]. Seth and his family have established a number of records at the salt flats. Tanis became the first women officially over 300 mph. It should be extremely interesting presentation so clear your calendar and circle February 7th. We currently have three events scheduled for the first quarter of 2017: January 14th is the Griffith Observatory run, February 18th is the Jalama Beach runch run and March 4th is the Estrella Warbird Museum. Please go to the website to sign-up for these events. Recently I was watching an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where they had a visit to the Columbia Memorial Museum in Downey and Edwards Air Force base. Downey also has a Bob’s Big Boy which remains one of the largest drive-in’s in existence. It also has the original McDonalds so lunch would be easy for our group. Both looked interesting so I have asked Tony to look into the Columbia Museum for a possible future run. Edwards Air Force base is another story. Visitation is very restricted so if any one has any connections or strings they can pull, please give them a tug. Jay Leno was able to make a pass in his jet car on one of their runways—now that would be an experience—but I think Jay and a film crew would be able to get special privileges. In the rumor department, GM Authority indicates by way of internal GM documents that a dual-overhead-cam engine may be headed for the Corvette in 2018 or possibly a 2019 mid-engine Vette. They keep pushing back the introduction date on the mid-engine Corvette but don’t deny that it isn’t coming. Click this link for more information: 2018 DOHC V8. Awhile back, I saw a program on the Velocity Channel that featured Brad Paisley and Rick Hendricks. Paisley is a big fan of Corvettes. A couple of his music videos have featured Vettes and his tour bus pays homage in a big way to the Cove Vette.

    See you at the meeting Tuesday, January 3rd at 6:30 at the High Sierra Grill.

    4th Estrella Museum [Paso Robles]

    7th General Meeting [Goleta]

    http://www.corvetteclubsantabarbara.com http://www.corvetteclubsantabarbara.com/home/about/ http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/news/a32059/leaked-documents-say-the-corvette-gets-a-dohc-v8-in-2018/ http://www.corvetteforum.com/how-tos/slideshows/5-features-of-brad-paisleys-corvette-inspired-tour-bus-444268#1-the-corvette-cove

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    Frank LoMonaco

    Rumors had been circulating that the new Sterling Blue Metallic, which debuted at the Michelin National Corvette Museum Bash April, 2016 for the 2017 Model Year, would be phased out in early 2017. That rumor was confirmed to be true by Chevrolet Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles. The last date to order the shade is February 16, 2017, and the anticipated last build week is March 20, 2017. At this time, we do not know what the replacement color will be or even if there

    will be a replacement for the Sterling Blue Metallic color. If there is, it will be announced at the yearly Michelin NCM Bash slated for April 27-29, 2017. The Bash is held annually the last weekend of April at the National Corvette Museum and features the roll-out of the next model year Corvettes with presentations by Chevrolet Engineers and Designers, reviewing the current model year’s stats, and information on what to expect for the next model.

    The team also brings a number of new models down for display giving event attendees the opportunity to see them and get an up-close look at the new options, features and colors. There is also an opportunity for Corvette lovers to share their feedback and suggestions with those responsible for creating the Corvette, as well as the ability to ask questions to those in charge.



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    Tony Megowan

    Welcome to the new year! For the month of December, we had the Christmas Party (See Peter’s Article under “Presidents Message”). For January 2017, we have the Griffith Park Observatory on Saturday the 14th. We will plan to have a drivers meeting at 9:00AM for a 9:15 AM departure. It should take about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there and

    admission is free. There is a charge for the shows so if you want to see one or both shows (or all 3 if you want to stay that late) tick- ets can only be purchased at the Observatory. And finally for February, we have Jalama Beach Runch Run on Saturday the 18th. More details will follow as it gets closer but we are planning on having lunch at the Jalama Beach Grill. For the month of March, we will have a run to the Estrella Warbird Museum in Paso Robles. This will be a 2-day run and I will have further information including hotel info within the next week or two. We may also be adding a wine event in March (Wino’s Gone Wild). I will let you know. A Note About Tower Tours: I have changed my retirement date to 31 Mar so I will be able to conduct the tours in Jan, Feb, and Mar for those that are interested. We also had a run in December that no one knew about [Sly, ehh?]. We went to see Manheim Steamroller at the Arling- ton Theatre. Along with Paula and I were current members Jim and Judy Purcell, Hib and Sandy Halverson, Fred and Sharon Smith and Steve and Linda Peterson along with former members Bob and Inga Stallings who also showed up for this unknown run. It just goes to show you don’t need to plan a run to have a run—we just all show up. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and hope to see you on our runs in 2017.


    YouTube Video Link

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evxxpqcQKF0 http://www.corvetteclubsantabarbara.com

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    There are currently 90 members with 66 Corvettes. Best Wishes to our January Birthday People:

    Member Highlight: Ray Seider—GUEST SPEAKERS: SETH AND TANIS HAMMOND I have arranged for Seth and Tanis Hammond to speak and present a slide show at our February 7th Meeting. Seth, Tanis and all of their kids have taken their race car OVER 300 MPH at Bonneville and hold numerous records. Seth actually crashed at over 300

    mph a few years ago. Don’t miss out on this meeting, you will love the presentation! Member Highlight: Ed Clerkin—GM HISTORY: FISHER BODY CRAFTSMAN GUILD Member Highlight: Ed Clerkin—2017 BLACK ROSE GRAND SPORT ORDER ARRIVED! On 10/10/16, I placed a custom order for a 2017 Grand Sport, 3LT with a new color—Black Rose. I first saw this color at the 2016 NCM Bash on the Internet but was hesitant (Pat calls it Eggplant?). On 12/19/16, I drove up to Sacramento to take delivery of this beast and I have to say I am very pleased with the color and quite impressed with the changes in the C7.

    The V8/V4 switcheroo thangy netted me 29.4 MPG after I passed Salinas down 101 but prior to that it was 23-26 MPG (engine break-in?). Above are pictures of the pre- delivery inspection and to the right is an image from the Internet of the color in full sun. Now, I just need to find someone competent to install clear bra across the front end, hood, fenders, mirrors, rear quarter protrusions and rockers or just park it in the garage and not drive it.


    Pat Bloom

    1/1 Ron Murphy

    1/5 Deb Hanks

    1/12 Pat Dovas

    1/27 Fred Smith

    1/31 George Dovas

    QUOTE OF THE MONTH: If things get better with age then I'm approaching magnificent!

    See Page 5


    http://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-0910-300-mph-lakester/ http://www.corvetteclubsantabarbara.com

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    The Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild was a contest pro- moted by General Motors Design genius Harley Earl as a way to seek out young talented car designers. It began in