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e-Zsigma Lean Six Sigma Certification Programs

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  • 1.focus onexcellence Canadas orriigiinall sourrce fforr Prrocess Excellllence Canada s o g na sou ce o P ocess Exce ence 2012Open EnrollmentCertification Programs1 e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc. One Dundas St W, suite 2500, Torontowww.e-zsigma.com

2. "The Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Program through EZ-Sigma far exceeded my expectations. The first two on-line sessions allowed for complete flexibility at home and the final two in-class sessions and practical application project rounded out the whole program perfectly. I strongly recommend this program for anyone ready to take their leadership in process continuous improvement to a whole new level within 6 months. EZ-Sigma certainly made the learning easy to apply and their affiliation with Toronto universities acts as further evidence of their quality content and credibility." John Marton, P.Eng, M.B.A., LSSBBIn comparison to past generations, businesses today are competing in a very uncertain economy. This hasled to a resurgence of companies focusing on the cost of production and not simply the amount ofproduction.The only way for organizations to stay ahead of the competition is to improve the customer experience bybecoming more efficient, productive and effective while delivering a higher quality product or service at alower cost. This is why organizations all across North America are turning to e-Zsigma.We have helped service and I/T companies, governments, healthcare institutions and financial organizationsturn their focus to internal efficiencies while at the same time becoming more in tune with the Voice of theirCustomers.Business professionals are also feeling the impact of increased competition and pressure to continuallydeliver results in less time with less resources. E-Zsigma will give you the skills to become better changeagents, coaches and process improvement leaders. Skills which will give you the edge to elevate your career.e-Zsigma and its team of senior advisors and trainers have been assisting and coaching business leaders andprofessionals through the world of strategy and continuous improvement for over a decade.Become a leader in Continuous Improvement by enrolling this fall with Canadas original source for Lean &Six Sigma Certification programs. 2 e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc. One Dundas St W, suite 2500, Torontowww.e-zsigma.com 3. e-Zsigma makes things simple...E-ZSIGMA HAS THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOU.We will help you to choose the path which best suites your objectives whether that is Lean, Six Sigmaor a combination of Lean & Six Sigma. All programs are also customized for your industry so you can rest assured that you will be receiving the most relevant and applicable information for your organization and your professional development.You will also benefit from seasoned facilitators who bring real-life examples to the classroom becausethey practice what they preach.LEAN Certification What a sense ofaccomplishment now thatall the requirements have been fulfilled. Its been a long journey and at timechallenging to stay thecourse but I must say thatLean Six Sigma has Lean Champion SIX SIGMA Certificationchanged the way I look atthe world of health care.It is encouraging to knowthat Lean in particular is Lean WhiteBeltLEAN SIX SIGMA Certificationbecoming more of aSix Sigmahousehold term here inGreen BeltAlberta health care,especially in the area of system improvement. Lean Yellow Six SigmaBelt Black Belt Adele Royer, Alberta Lean Six SigmaLean Six Sigma Health, Certified Lean SixSigma Black Belt Six Sigma Green BeltBlack Belt Lean GreenBlack BeltBelt Upgrade 3e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc.One Dundas St W, suite 2500, Toronto www.e-zsigma.com 4. the blended experience All blended programs include Personalized Training Plans (PTP) specific for your elearning component which is delivered through the e-Zsigma Quality Campus, In-class training, Webinars, Software license for Process MA and Certification.IN-CLASS TRAININGPERSONALIZED TRAINING PLANYou will have in-class training which will be heldYour PTP will include modules selected from the e-at the Toronto Board of Trade in Toronto ON.Zsigma Quality Campus Lean and/or Six Sigma This training will occur at specific intervals incurriculum outlining the DMAIC and/or Leanyour program to discuss and expand uponmethodology. Your plan will also include required topics in the Measure, Analyze, Improve andreadings and articles as well as assignments to Control phases and well as topics from yourreinforce the application of key tools andLean training.Your final day of in-classconcepts. training will focus on project closure, sustainingyour results and innovation.WEBINARSThere will be webinars included in your trainingprogram; a welcome & introduction webinar CERTIFICATIONand the remaining webinars will discuss tools Your certification includes two (2) componentsfrom your training program. These webinarsafter the completion of your training;will be hosted by a Master Black Belt.One requirement for Certification is thecompletion of one (1) Lean Six SigmaContinuous Improvement project or one (1)Lean Event. Please refer to the e-ZsigmaCertification Outline Guide for specific detailsAWARDING OF CERTIFICATION regarding the qualifications of Projects vsHaving successfully completed the Events.preceding four (4) components of yourlearning plan, you will be awarded your The second requirement is the writing ofCertification. A framed certificate will be Certification Exam. The pass mark for thiscouriered to your address of choice examination is 70%. The exam is "open book"and you can access all the materials and toolswithin two weeks of you receivingthat you would normally have access to whenconfirmation that you have successfully leading Lean and/or Six Sigma projects.achieved certification. 4e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc.One Dundas St W, suite 2500, Toronto www.e-zsigma.com 5. choosing the right program for youe-Zsigma puts your needs first. We are happy to assist you in selecting theprogram that will best suit both your needs and the needs of your organization. LEAN CHAMPION CERTIFICATION Understands the Lean philosophy and how to routinely apply this to their job and area of responsibilityExplain and promote Lean principles and concepts of value Identify the eight sources of process waste Recognize the importance of mapping Value Streams Select and prioritize Lean improvement projects and events Sponsor and support successful project teams LEAN WHITE BELT CERTIFICATION Understand and apply Lean principles and concepts of value lean Identify the eight sources of process waste in their work area Recognize their role in contributing to a Lean Value Stream Better organize their workspace using 5S and other Lean techniques Write effective problem statements Be a productive participant in Lean (Kaizen) events LEAN YELLOW BELT CERTIFICATION Understands the Lean philosophy and can identify process improvement opportunities. In addition to all of the elements described in the White program, a Lean Yellow can also; Assist Champions in identifying Lean improvement opportunities Facilitate small rapid improvement events (ex. Kaizen, 5S) Employ basic quality tools including process flow maps, cause & effect diagrams and Pareto charts Use Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) as part of assessing and reducing process risk Apply a broader set of Lean tools and techniques to improve process effectiveness LEAN GREEN BELT CERTIFICATION Understands and can apply Lean principles, tools and techniques to identify and remove any non valueadded activities in your everyday operational and service processes. In addition to the Lean White Belt and Yellow Belt body of knowledge, a Lean Green Belt can; Assist Champions and managers in the development and execution of departmental quality improvementstrategies Use the Hoshin model and X-Matrix for planning and managing quality strategies Employ a broad set of basic quality and Lean tools and techniques to banish process waste & improve process flow Plan and lead/facilitate a broad range of Lean improvement events and projects Design and implement process control and management systems Be capable of assuming a Lean subject-matter expert (SME) and quality leadership role 5 e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc. One Dundas St W, suite 2500, Torontowww.e-zsigma.com 6. SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT CERTIFICATIONIs a partially trained SS individual who applies their knowledge to projects in their job function with Black Belts as Mentors. Explain the Six Sigma approach and how process variation impacts process excellence Understand the importance of capturing and aligning with the voice of the customer (VOC) Describe the DMAIC as well as other key concepts and terms that are part of the Six Sigma methodology Understands and can construct basic Six Sigma chartsSIX SIGMA BLACK BELT CERTIFICATIONIs a fully trained Six Sigma expert who leads improvement teams, works projects, and mentors trainees. In addition to thefunctions of a Green Belt a Six Sigma Black Belt also; Accept and validate and coordinate project mandate Can applying the Six Sigma DMAIC project methodology Train project team members six sigmaProvide analytical summaries and interpretations to project teamAssist Champions in identification of projects and preparation of appropriate project mandatesEnsure project completion and projects are successfully transferred to process ownersCoach and mentor Yellow Belts, Green Belts & Lean MastersProvide feedback to senior management on project progress and resultsSIX SIGMA BLACK BELT UPGRADE CERTIFICATIONA Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade candidate is an individual who has already completed their Green Belt training and wishesto upgrade their skills to that of a Black Belt. LEAN SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT CERTIFICATION Is a partially trained LSS individual who applies their knowledge to projects in their job function with Black Belts as Mentors Assists their Champion in screening potential Lean Six Sigma project