Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

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Legal and Ethical Responsibilities. Introduction Criminal law Civil law Tort Malpractice Negligence. Legal Responsibilities. ( continues ). Assault and battery Invasion of privacy False imprisonment Abuse Defamation. Legal Responsibilities ( continued ). ( continues ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

  • Legal ResponsibilitiesIntroductionCriminal lawCivil lawTortMalpracticeNegligence(continues)

  • Legal Responsibilities(continued)Assault and batteryInvasion of privacyFalse imprisonmentAbuseDefamation(continues)

  • Legal Responsibilities(continued)Contract; an agreement between two or more partiesComponents of contractOfferAcceptanceConsiderationImplied or expressed(continues)

  • Legal Responsibilities(continued)Legal disabilityBreach of contractNon-English speaking partyAgent(continues)

  • Legal Responsibilities(continued)Privileged communications; confidential information from a patient Health care recordsPrivacy Act: HIPAAAuthorization to release health information

  • SummaryStates have set rules and regulations Most health care agencies have specific rules, regulations, and standardsStandards vary from state to state and agency to agencyHealth care worker must know all legalities of what is expected of them

  • EthicsSet principles dealing with what is morally right or wrongProvide a standard of conduct or code of behaviorHelp health care worker analyze information and make decisions

  • Ethical DilemmasFrequently created by modern medicineEuthanasiaConfidentiality of AIDS diagnosisAborted fetuses and researchContinuing life supportExpensive treatments and payment(continues)

  • Ethical Dilemmas(continued)Transplant decisionsLegal issues and marijuanaAnimals and researchGenetic researchCloningStem cell research

  • Basic Rules of EthicsSave lives and promote healthPatient comfortRespect the patients right to die peacefully and with dignityTreat all patients equallyProvide the best care possible(continues)

  • Basic Rules of Ethics(continued)Maintain competent skills and knowledgeRespect rules of confidentialityRefrain from immoral, unethical, and illegal practicesShow loyalty to patients, co-workers, and employersBe sincere, honest, and caring

  • SummaryStudy the code of ethics for the occupation you enterAbide by the codeBecome a competent and ethical health care workerEarns you the respect and confidence of patients, co-workers, and employers

  • Patients RightsAgencies must have written policies for patients rightsAll personnel must respect and honor these rightsAmerican Hospital Association has affirmed a Patients Bill of RightsLong-term care facilities post Residents Bill of Rights

  • Advance Directives for Health CareAlso known as legal directivesPurposeLegal documentTwo main directivesLiving willsDurable Power of Attorney (POA)(continues)

  • Advance Directives for Health Care(continued)Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA)Health care workers must be aware of the act and honor itHealth care workers should give serious consideration to preparing their own advance directives

  • SummaryBy observing patient rights, health care workers assure patients safety, privacy, and well-being, and provide quality careAdvance directives must be recognized and respected by health care workers

  • Professional StandardsPerform only those procedures for which you have been trained and are legally permitted to doUse approved, correct methods while performing any procedureObtain correct authorization before performing any procedure(continues)

  • Professional Standards(continued)Identify the patientObtain patients consent Observe safety precautionsKeep all information confidentialThink before you speak and watch everything you sayTreat all patients equally(continues)

  • Professional Standards(continued)Accept no tips or bribes for care you provideIf an error or a mistake occurs, report it immediately to your supervisorBehave professionally in dress, language, manners, and actionsAlways carry liability insurance

  • SummaryKnow the legal and ethical implications for your particular health care career Ask questions Request written policiesContact your state board of health or education to obtain all the current regulations and guidelines(continues)

  • Summary(continued)Follow basic standards listedProtect yourself, your employer, and your patient for whom you provide all the necessary health care



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