Lets Take A Kick At Italy

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  • 1. Welcome to Italy

2. Map of Italy 3. Italy

  • Italy is a country located in Southern Europe
  • Italy is recognized for itsboot shape
  • Italy also includes the islands of Sardinia and Sicily

4. Capital City

  • Capital of Italy is Rome
  • Rome is the home to the famous Roman Empire
  • ***Find Rome on the map to the right

5. Southern Europe Why might Southern Europe be called Mediterranean Europe? 6. Are we surrounded?

  • Italy is located on apeninsula
  • Apeninsulais a piece of land surrounded by water onTHREE (3) sides
  • Italy is located on theItalian Peninsula
    • Think About It:What is this peninsula named after?

Notice how there is water only on 3 sides! 7. Completely Surrounded

  • Italy also includes theislandsof Sardinia and Sicily
  • Anislandis a piece of land surrounded completely by water

Notice how Sicily is completely surrounded by water!It may look like It is touching the Italian Peninsula, but it is not!!!