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Lets take a trip!. Hop on the plane, and well start our journey to Central America!. Pick a country to visit! (click on the star). Fly home. Bienvenidos a Guatemala!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Pick a country to visit!(click on the star)</p> <p>Fly homeThe Mayan civilization began around 300 A.D., lasted for about 600 years, and finally collapsed in 900 A.D.</p> <p>The Mayans created a very modern calendar, which they are famous for. They were one of the first to keep written records.</p> <p>The Mayans understood and applied math to their every day life.</p> <p>The Mayans built many incredible buildings and structures. The MayansBack</p> <p>Guatemala does not have a national dish, but people traditionally eat a lot of maize (corn), rice, and beans. </p> <p>Guacamole is another very common dish that can be found on a Guatemalan plate. Guacamole is served with tortillas made out of maize.</p> <p>Coffee is very common, and most people drink it black with sugar.</p> <p>Guatemala QuizWhat is the capital city of Guatemala?Guatemala CityWhat percentage of the population speaks Spanish?60%What are the three main staples in a Guatemalan diet?Maize, rice, and beans</p> <p>Bienvenidos a Belize!</p> <p>Belize is a small but beautiful country, about the size of Massachusetts. It is famous for many ruins that remain from the ancient Mayan civilizations. </p> <p>Belize used to be a part of Guatemala, and did not receive its independence until 1981. The capital city is Belmopan.</p> <p>There are only 307, 899 people that live in Belize. 46% of the people speak Spanish, 32% speak Creole, with the remaining speaking other languages like English or Mayan.</p> <p>Belizeans love spicy food! The hotter the better! That is why it is very common to find lots of hot peppers like jalapeos and habaeros in most dishes.</p> <p>You can find people selling delicious meat pies or tamales on the streets, all with a uniquely Belizean flavor.</p> <p>Rice and beans are the staple food though for all Belizeans. Some people eat this every day!</p> <p>Belize QuizWhat country did Belize used to be a part of?GuatemalaWhen did it gain its independence?1981What do Belizeans use to make their food spicy?Jalapeo and habaero peppers</p> <p>Bienvenidos a Nicaragua!</p> <p>Nicaragua is a country about the size of New York state and the capital is Managua. 5,891,199 people live in Nicaragua, and 97.5% of these people speak Spanish.</p> <p>Because of a recent civil war, hurricanes, and other issues, Nicaragua is the poorest nation in Central America. The average family makes $2,800 a yearthat is $7.61 a day! </p> <p>Its been a nice journey with you to Central America! Lets do it again sometime!El Salvador QuizWhat is the capital city of El Salvador?San SalvadorHow long did the civil war last?Twelve yearsWhat are the two staple dishes typically served together?Pupusas and curtido</p> <p>In Honduras, you will find most people eating beans , tomatoes, corn, and peppers. Rice is also commonly served with every meal.</p> <p>Because of Honduras long Carribbean coastline, there is a lot of seafood eaten. </p> <p>A very popular dish is called baleada, which is a wheat tortilla stuffed with cheese and beans. </p> <p>Honduras QuizWhat is the capital city of Honduras?TegucigalpaWhat natural disaster is common in Honduras?HurricanesWhat is a baleada?A wheat tortilla stuffed with cheese and beans</p> <p>In Nicaragua, rice and beans are a staple food. Besides that, many people enjoy what is called nacatamales. </p> <p>A nacatamal is a dough which is made with grinded corn and butter. This is then filled up with small slices of pork or chicken, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper. This mixture is packed in plantain tree leaves (which are not edible) and then tightened with a small thread. It is boiled for five hours. To eat it, Nicaraguans take it out of the leaves and enjoy!</p> <p>Nicaragua QuizWhat is the capital city of Nicaragua?ManaguaWhat is the yearly income for an average Nicaraguan family?$2,800What is a popular Nicaraguan food dish?Nacatamales</p> <p>Costa Rica has two seasons: the wet season, and the dry season. The dry season lasts from December until April, and the wet season lasts from May until November. </p> <p>There are many rainforests in Costa Rica because of so much rain in the wet season. There are many animals and plants.</p> <p>Food in Costa Rica mainly consists of different combinations of rice and beans.</p> <p>A staple food often served for breakfast is called Gallo Pinto. Gallo Pinto is a combination of rice, beans, onions, peppers, and a special Costa Rican sauce called Salsa Lizano.</p> <p>Costa Rica QuizWhat is the capital city of Costa Rica?San JoseHow many seasons does Costa Rica have? What are they?Two, the wet season and the dry season.What are the two staple foods for all Costa Ricans? Rice and beans</p> <p>Because of its location, there is a lot of seafood consumed in Panama. A popular dish is called ceviche, which is raw fish marinated in lime juice (which essentially cooks it). They typically use a fish called Corvina, or Sea Bass to make ceviche.</p> <p>Arroz con Guandu is considered the most popular dish. It is a rice dish cooked with beans and various spices.</p> <p>Panama QuizWhat is the capital of Panama?Panama CityWhat is the name of the famous man-made waterway that was created in 1904?The Panama CanalHow is ceviche cooked?In lime juice</p> <p>ResourcesCentral Intelligence Agency (2010) The world factbook. 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