Line Drawing Assignment This assignment is due February 6th

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Line Drawing Assignment

Line Drawing AssignmentThis assignment is due February 6thPaul KleePaul Klee (German: [pal kle]; 18 December 1879 29 June 1940) was a painter born in Mnchenbuchsee, Switzerland, and is considered to be a Swiss German.[a] His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. He was also a student of orientalism.[1] Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually deeply explored color theory, writing about it extensively; his lectures Writings on Form and Design Theory (Schriften zur Form und Gestaltungslehre), published in English as the Paul Klee Notebooks, are held to be as important for modern art as Leonardo da Vinci's A Treatise on Painting for the Renaissance.[2][3][4] He and his colleague, the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, both taught at the German Bauhaus school of art, design and architecture. His works reflect his dry humor and his sometimes childlike perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and also his musicality.

AssignmentDoodling- you begin by letting your pencil go in any direction it wants but taking care to end up where you started, so that the line encloses a shape.Noodling- next you decorate your original doodling in a deliberate and controlled manner.Noodling OperationsPatches- straight, parallel, evenly spaced lines laid down at different anglesConcentric- lines are parallel to the outer edge of the doodle, creating progressively smaller concentric shapes.Undulating semi parallel lines are drawn widely spaced initially in graceful curves: then they grow closer together as they turn sharply creating a 3-D effect.Pinwheel- Stripes radiate from a point on the edge of each shape alternate stripes are filled in.Stretched Checkerboard- Semi parallel lines vertical and horizontal curve in rows; alternate squares are filled in with black.Examples

RubricStudent used majority of paper in their compositionStudent made four preliminary sketches Student used entire time allowed to finish the compositionStudents work is neat with no smudges or rips on the paper