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  •  Outside  Drawing  Assignment   Foreshortening  Project  

     •  13”  x  17”  drawing  with  a   ½  “  border  (actual  drawn   part  12”  x  16”)  

    •  Done  in  graphite  with  an   emphasis  on  value  

    •  Minimum  of  12  hours   required  

  • Due  Dates   Midpoint  Due  Date/  Progress  Check:    

     Tuesday,  October  2.    Worth  25  pts.     Final  Due  Date:    

     Tuesday,  October  16.  

  • •  Must  be  drawn  directly   from  observaSon,  not   from  a  photograph.      

    •  Pick  an  object  with   interesSng  texture  that   is  no  larger  than  your   elbow  to  fingerSps   (shoes,  used  toothpaste   tubes,  tubes  of   ointment,  dirty  socks,   etc…..)  

    Oops!    Batmobile  is  too  big  but  sSll  a     good  example  of  foreshortening.  

  • •  Set  up  a  light  source  on  that  object  (make  sure   you  can  see  the  highlight  and  shadow  from  your   vantage  point)  and  draw  that  object  using  the   concept  of  foreshortening.  

    •  Range  of  at  least  8  values.  (1=  white  of  paper,  8=   heaviest  dark)    You  may  sign  out  drawing  pencils   ranging  from  HB  to  6B.    Heavy  graphite  sScks  are   also  available.      

    •  Good  composiSon  is  a  must.  Object  must  fill  the   page.  It  is  advisable  to  do  a  few  thumbnail   sketches  from  different  angles  views  before  you   commit  to  one  sketch    

  • Foreshortening…  huh?  

    Visual  effect  or  opScal   illusion  that  causes  an   object  to  appear   shorter  than  it  actually   is  because  it  is  angled   toward  the  viewer  

  • •  Process  of  applying   linear  perspecSve  to   the  figure  or  an  object.    

    •  It  is  a  way  to  create   great  depth  and  drama   to  a  drawing.  

  • Closest  to  you  is  giant.         Farthest  away  is  icy   bicy  

  • •  Foreshortening  is  a   distorted  view  of  seeing   objects  in  space..Related   to  perspecSve,  objects   appear  dramaScally  and   can  be  a  main  focus  in   figuraSve  work.  

    •  The  old  Masters  used  to   use  it  a  lot  to  show  how   awesome  they  were.      

  • Andrea  Mandegna’s   “Dead  Christ”      

    •  PerspecSve  distorts   proporSons  while   adding  a  great  sense   of  realism  and  depth   to  a  drawing    

    •  Your  drawings  should   focus  primarily  on  one   object,  and  your   foreshortened  view  of   it.    

  • Helpful  Sps:   Sit  sSll  and  straight!  A   gradual  slouch  of  only  an   inch  can  drasScally  affect   (screw  up)  the  drawing  of  a   foreshortened  object.     Make  a  mental  note  of  the   relaSonship  of  a  near  and   distant  staSc  object  to   reference  your  head   posiSon.    

  • •  Draw  what  you  see,   not  what  you  think  it   should  look  like.  Yes  it   looks  odd  at  first,  but   properly  finished  off  it   should  all  make  sense.    

    •  Observe  how  farther   elements  seem  to   disappear  in  behind   closer  elements.  Allow   your  lines  and  detail   to  reflect  this.    

  • •  Note  that  elements   closer  to  you  will  seem   proporSonately  larger   than  further  away.    

    •  Using  line  weight  -­‐   something  drawn  boldly   and  contrast  will  make   things  'jump'  from  the   page.    

  • •  Concentrate  on   detail.  

    •  You  can  start  with  a   light  contour   drawing,  then  move   to    value  work…    

    •  Requirement  is   12-­‐14  hours…    

  • Salvador  Dali                      A  guy  kicking!            

  • Due  Dates   Midpoint  Due  Date/  Progress  Check:    

     Tuesday,  October  2.    Worth  25  pts.     Final  Due  Date:    

     Tuesday,  October  16.