Longman ESL Literacy - ESL Literacy Third Edition Yvonne Wong Nishio Literacy Updated and easy to use, Longman ESL Literacy offers a

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  • Longman ESL LiteracyThird Edition

    Yvonne Wong Nishio

    Literacy www.pearsonlongman.com/longman_esl_literacy

    Updated and easy to use, Longman ESL Literacy offers abasic introduction to English for students who are not readyfor a Level 1 course. Its thorough integration of the four basiclanguage skills helps students acquire communication andliteracy skills necessary to function in real-life situations.

    Features: Scope and Sequence that presents vocabulary, competencies,

    literacy skills, phonics, and grammar at a glance.

    Easy-to-use classroom procedures for key exercises.

    New illustrations that provide a clear context for modelconversations.

    Correlations to CASAS Competencies, LAUSD CourseOutline, and Florida Standardized Syllabi.

    Icons to facilitate use of the Audio CD and Flashcards.

    Components:Teachers Resource Book with Audio CD End-of-unit tests.

    Step-by-step teaching notes.

    Audio CD that provides authentic conversation models and opportunities for listening and speaking practice.

    More than 200 reproducible flashcards.

    Transparencies Over 150 transparencies for use with vocabulary,

    conversation, TPR and phonics pages, review activities, and tests.

    Longman ESL Literacy

    Student Book 978-0-13-195102-00-13-195102-5

    Teachers Resource Book w/Audio CD 978-0-13-195103-70-13-195103-3

    Transparencies 978-0-13-243552-90-13-243552-7

    End-of-unit tests assess students progress.


  • Complete Courses 29


    Student Book 978-0-13-173144-80-13-173144-0

    Teachers Guide with Tests and 978-0-13-714570-6CD-ROM with Multilevel Activity Book 0-13-714570-5

    Multilevel Activity Book 978-0-13-135437-10-13-135437-X

    Activity Workbook with 978-0-13-227555-2with Audio CDs (2) 0-13-227555-4

    Vocabulary Photo Cards 978-0-13-223838-00-13-223838-1

    Transparencies 978-0-13-228459-20-13-228459-6


    Student Book Audio CDs (3) 978-0-13-188668-10-13-188668-1

    Student Book Audiocassettes 978-0-13-175585-70-13-175585-4

    FoundationsSecond EditionSteven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss

    Pre-Beginning Low-Beginning www.pearsonlongman.com/foundations

    Foundations is an all-skills, standards-based program forbeginning-literacy and low-beginning learners of English. Itsclear and easy-to-use format offers students an introduction to basic English for essential lifeskill situations and builds alanguage foundation for students future success at the Book 1level of instruction.Features: Standards-based lessons integrate lifeskill competencies

    contained in CASAS, EFF, SCANS, and other curriculumframeworks.

    Photo dictionary pages in each unit introduce key vocabulary. Easy-to-use two-page lessons are designed for students

    with limited prior experience using a textbook. Numbers lessons build students numeracy and math skills. Community tasks introduce basic civics topics. Unit achievement tests prepare students for success on

    standardized assessments.

    Components:Teachers Guide with Tests and CD-ROM with MultilevelActivity Book offers teaching strategies, multilevel expansionactivities, tests, and an activity bank of worksheets.Multilevel Activity Book provides reproducible masters forevidence-based reading activities and worksheets for preliteracy,literacy, handwriting, number, and vocabulary practice.Activity Workbook provides supplementary practice, withextensive listening activities on included Audio CDs.Vocabulary Photo Cards and Transparencies are motivatingpicture resources for review, conversation practice, activities,and games.

    This literacy-level textprepares students for

    Foundations. See page 156.

    Literacy/Entry-level 29TO CONTACT YOU R E LL SPEC IALIST, CALL 1 .800 .375 .2375FOR PRODUCT PRICING, SEE PAGES 140-168

  • Picture Stories

    Student Book 978-8013-0366-10-8013-0366-4

    Literacy PlusLanguage, Lifeskills, Civics

    Joan SaslowEdwina Hoffman, Series Advisor

    Pre-Literacy www.pearsonlongman.com/literacyplus

    Written for adult beginning learners, this standards-basedcourse offers instruction in survival English, basic literacy, and civics concepts at the same time. Literacy Plus A is forstudents who are pre-literate in their own language andknow no English. Literacy Plus B is designed to followLiteracy Plus A, or for students who are literate in their own language but not in English.

    Literacy Plus teaches students to learn in logical and sequentialsteps, to practice conversation in a variety of everyday contexts,and to learn the expected social behavior of their new culture.

    Components: Teachers Edition includes daily lesson plans, tapescripts,

    and photocopiable two-sided Flash Cards. The CD-ROMincludes photocopiable worksheets and performance-based tests.

    Guide for Native-Language Tutors enables a native-language tutor or classroom aide to enrich the civics strand by featuring it in the students native language.


    Students Book 978-0-13-099610-7 978-0-13-048416-10-13-099610-6 0-13-048416-4

    Teachers Edition includes 978-0-13-140079-5 978-0-13-140080-1CD-ROM w/Worksheets and Tests 0-13-140079-7 0-13-140080-0

    Guide for Native-Language 978-0-13-099621-3 978-0-13-048419-2Tutors 0-13-099621-1 0-13-048419-9

    Sample Package A 978-0-13-183226-80-13-183226-3


    Classroom Audiocassettes (2) 978-0-13-099624-4 978-0-13-048418-50-13-099624-6 0-13-048418-0

    Teacher Training Video 978-0-13-184928-0(National) Levels A & B 0-13-184928-X

    Teacher Training Video 978-0-13-114673-0(Florida) Levels A & B 0-13-114673-4

    More Picture Stories

    Student Book 978-0-8013-0839-00-8013-0839-9

    Picture StoriesLanguage and Literacy Activities for Beginners

    Fred Ligon and Elizabeth Tannenbaum

    More Picture StoriesLanguage and Problem-Posing Activities for Beginners

    Fred Ligon, Elizabeth Tannenbaum, Carol Richardson Rodgers

    In Association with The Experiment in International Living

    Literacy Low-Intermediate

    By using stories about immigrant families experiences whenthey first arrived in the U.S., the authors present picturesstudents at the literacy level are certain to understand.

    Literacy skills as well as more complex tasks in listening,speaking, reading, and writing are learned, practiced, andreinforced using these different picture stories as the focus foreach unit.

    Features: Lifeskills topics include on-the-job responsibilities, health

    care, and workplace safety.

    Exercises range from developing literacy skills to morecomplex tasks.

    Detailed teachers notes with expansion activities andanswers to student exercises.


  • Fast Track PhonicsFor Young Adults and Adults

    Kaye Wiley

    Low-Beginning Beginning

    Fast Track Phonics is a highly visualactivities program designed for studentswho are learning to read English.

    Each unit contains carefully controlledhigh-frequency words embedded in thecontext of simple, decodable sentences,with clear, colorful illustrations to bolsternew readers comprehension andconfidence.

    Features: Activities highlighting vowels, blends,

    digraphs, and dipthongs.

    More than 400 high-frequency wordsillustrated in sentences.

    Grammar topics, including prepositionsand verbs.

    Themes relevant to everyday lifeinclude sports, health, food, andshopping.

    Ten engaging photo stories and photoplays for students to read and act outtogether.

    Fast Track Phonics

    Student Book 978-0-13-091583-20-13-091583-1

    Teachers Guide 978-0-13-091586-30-13-091586-6

    Picture Cards 978-0-13-091585-60-13-091585-8


    Classroom 978-0-13-098741-9Audio CDs (2) 0-13-098741-7

    Classroom 978-0-13-091584-9Audiocassettes (2) 0-13-091584-X

    English Extra

    Student Book 978-0-13-228164-50-13-228164-3

    Activity Book 978-0-13-872029-20-13-872029-0

    Teachers Manual 978-0-13-870114-70-13-870114-8

    Text & Activity Bk 978-0-13-936148-7Value Pack 0-13-936148-0

    Text, Activity Bk, 978-0-13-936170-8Audio Value Pack 0-13-936170-7


    Classroom Audio 978-0-13-870411-7Program (3) 0-13-870411-2

    English ExtraGrace Tanaka andKay Ferrell

    Low-Beginning High-Beginning

    English Extra incorporates acommunicative, multiskills approach toEnglish language learning. Organizedaround universal themes that provideopportunities for language use instudents own lives, English Extrabegins with the self and home, andmoves out into the broader context of school, town or city, and workplace.

    Beginning students are prepared forlevel one of any basal course whilemeeting the criteria for SCANS andother state guidelines.

    Features: Units are designed to accommodate

    continuous enrollment and open-entryprograms.

    Lessons move from teacher-directedlearning to self-directed andindependent language acquisition.

    Clear and concise language andlifeskills objectives are incorporated.

    Unit summaries provide instant recapof lessons.

    Survival EnglishEnglish Through ConversationsSecond EditionBooks 1, 2, 3

    Lee Mosteller, Bobbi Paul, andMichelle Haight

    Beginning Intermediate

    This 3-volume series teaches the languageand coping skills necessary in everydayliving. It is suitable for students whohave some degree of literacy, a smallspeaking vocabulary, and knowledge ofthe alphabet.