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Main hoon Don!

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  • 1. Introducing VivekThe one & only DON of IIMB

2. Silly OLD man! Claims to have graduated from NIT Trichy while in reality it was REC Trichy Dons BatchmatesRegular Saturday customer of Smart Guys Saloon to dye his hair 3. The man of manybrands!! 4. Don before IIMBI wear my ID but I useDons for all myexpenditureI dont remember the lasttime I paid my own billDon after IIMB 5. Dons idea ofValentines day!!1. Boards a flight to Mumbai2. Has a date with the CEO of a top bank3. Comes back to attend class that evening!! 6. Cannot drive a carCannot ride a bikeCannot even ride a cycleBut is still famous for being anexcellent rider, a Free Riderthat is!!! 7. Eternally swimming in the fountain of youth!!!Don in 1980Don in 1990 Don in 2000 8. How he desperately attempts to keep himself abreast with todays youth!!! 9. DONs Kozhandai (Child)Don : She is my sleepingBeautyDon : How cute she is !!! Waita min .. She is like my child da(and blushes) 10. DON - Expectation Hypothesis Dons Parents expect him toDons IIM B Friends expect Dons Outside Friendsbe doing in IIM Bhim to be in IIM B expect him to do in IIM B Profs Expectation about IIM-B Dons GFs Expectation Dons Project Mates expectattendance if all become like donabout his IIM-B Lifehim to do during night outs 11. Reality Hard Worker (For ?)Sponsoring treat for anyone andWorking For Vinoth as FII everyones birthdayInfra VolunteerDon : Ippidi kadisilaMannu allavechutangale ..Enna vazhka daidhu !!!! 12. Dons Pearls of Wisdom!!!If you love two people at the same time,choose the second one.Because if you truly loved the first one, you wouldnt loveanother"Temple Run....Sometimes I like to play Temple Run just toremind myself that it is not so far off fromreality.. gotta keep running and jumping tocollect coins which you can use to power upand collect more coins which you will neverspend..No time to dive on the sides for a swimor climb that darn tree you slam into so manytimes...First dates are awkward.First kisses are heavenly.First love is irreplaceable.First heartbreaks are unforgettable. 13. Dons IIMB interview experienceInterviewer : Tell me aboutyourself!!Dons reply : 14. Dons mobiletracking speciality!PGP-2 girls only!!

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