Management of School Sports Competitions

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<p>MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOL SPORTS COMPETITIONS</p> <p>MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOL SPORTS COMPETITIONSOrganization and Management of sportsManagement- is the process by which key personnel provide leadership so an organization can function efficiently and effectively in achieving the goals for which the organization exists.Functions in managementPlanning devising a program of action to be materialized.Organizing a way of following a systematic plan of actionStaffing assigning people to work for the organized plan of action. This involves the personnel of the organization.</p> <p>Functions in managementLeading the act of guiding or directing the personnel or staff to pursue the action towards the right direction.Motivating increasing the sense of need or desire of the personnel to pursue the planned action.Controlling governing or managing the activity of the personnel in running the plan of action.Factors in good managementProblem solving and decision making are also important facets of the management process.Factors in good managementThe contemporary manager also needs special qualifications as well as skills like good decision-making, harmonious relationship with the subordinates, resourcefulness and knowledge.Factors in good managementThe success or failure of any sports competition depends on how it is planned, implemented and evaluated.Factors in good managementLeadership is one of the most vital factors in the ultimate success of sports competitions. Effective sports management, coupled with an equally effective leadership.Factors in good managementTo ensure an orderly and successful school sports competitions, we should have an organizational system of management and quality meet officials.Sports committees and their functionsFinance and resources raises funds for the expenses of all the committees and prepare statements of accounts at the end of the meet.Sports committees and their functionsProgram and Invitation- in charge of preparing program of activities and invitations and sending them to all concerns in due time.Sports committees and their functionsPeace and Order provides and maintains round the clock general order and security in all the venues.Sports committees and their functionsPhysical facilities prepares the necessary facilities and venues needed in the sports event.Sports committees and their functionsEquipment makes sure that all equipment for the sports events are available and distributed before the competitions.Sports committees and their functionsPrizes and Awards Prepares medals, trophies, plaques, certificates. And awards the winner.Sports committees and their functionsTechnical committee investigate and decides all protest, appeals or violations regarding the conduct of the games.ACTIVITY!Answer the following questions in a crosswise sheet of paper.1. If you were assigned as sports manager, how will you ensure the success of this competitions2. Is it right to say that victory is the ultimate goal in any sports competitions? Why?</p>