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Osnovna kola Bartola KaiaVinkovciErasmus+Young citizens of Europe our future


March 2015 Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. In combination with healthy eating, it can prevent obesity and obesity-related health problems. Pupils in Croatian schools do only 2 hours of Physical Education a week, which is not enough, so pupils in Osnovna kola Bartola Kaia can do lots of sports in their free time. They take part in numerous tournaments and competitions, from the local to the national level. They have won lots of medals. Doing sports, especially team sports, is also a great way of imporving social skills.

Pupils are coached by ime Brkljaa, Josip Elez, Josip Bebek and Aleksandar Moro.

Football and handball tournament in our gym.

Our girls are reliable timekeepers and scorekeepers.

Our cheerleading team always gets the audience and team excited before, during and after games.

The best teams were given medals, the winners were the boys from class 7b. They proudly keep the cup in their classroom.

Runners up from class 6c will try to win the cup next year.

Eight teams competed in girls football tournament and our girls won the second place.

Football:Our pupils competed with four other primary school teams and won the first place.

On the 4th of February our table tennis team went to a competition. The team consisted of 10 pupils.


Martial arts


Every year second graders go to swimming school and get diplomas in the end.

Ice skating in Osijek, 40 kilometres from Vinkovci

In-line skatingWalking in the countryside is healthy and fun