Manifest Destiny: Louisiana Purchase. Manifest Destiny

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Text of Manifest Destiny: Louisiana Purchase. Manifest Destiny

  • Manifest Destiny:Louisiana Purchase

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Louisiana Purchase 1803United States purchased Louisiana from France in 1803President Jefferson wanted to explore the west.

  • Map of the Louisiana Purchase

  • Map of Louisiana Purchase1803-1809

  • A Journal of the Voyages and Travelsof a Corps of Discovery...Philadelphia: Matthew Carey, 1812.

  • Robert R. LivingstonIn 1801, he was selected by President Thomas Jefferson to Minister to the Court of NapoleonHe negotiated the Louisiana Purchase.

  • According to Robert R. Livingston "Let France cede to the United States so much of Louisiana as lies above the mouth of the River Arkansas. By this, a barrier will be placed between the Colony of France and Canada, from which she may otherwise be attacked with the greatest facility, and driven out before she can derive any aid from Europe. Let her retain the country lying on the west of the Mississippi and below the Arkansas River - a country capable of supporting fifteen millions of inhabitants. By this, she will place a barrier between the United States and Mexico, if (which I hope will never be the case) they should have the wild idea of carrying their arms into that country, and at the same time be at hand to protect the Spanish establishments against the ambitious views of any European Power. Ler her possess East Florida as far as the River Perdido, with all ports on the Gulf, cede West Florida, New Orleans, and the territory on the east bank of Mississippi, to the United States ...." Livingston argued that it would be good policy for France to cede the territories gratuitously to the United States, yet the latter would be willing to purchase them "at a price suited to their value." 3

  • President Jefferson requested the purchase of Louisiana First they were to offer anything up to fifty million francs for New Orleans and the Floridas, which would give the US the whole east bank of the Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast to the eastward. If France refused, three quarters of the sum should be offered for the Island of New Orleans alone; or space on the east bank should be purchased for an American port. Failing here, they must press for a perpetual guarantee of their rights of navigation and deposit.' 4

  • Lewis & Clark1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored the WestLewis and Clark convey the message that US owned the territory to the IndiansThey taught the Indians how to protect themselves from smallpox

  • Lewis & ClarkSacagawea, who was a slave, helped Lewis and Clark travel around Indian country.It took Lewis and Clark 2 yrs and 8,000 miles to explore the new countryLewis and Clark penetrated the continent.

  • Lewis and Clark JournalsAccording to their journals, what did Lewis and Clark discover?

  • Excerpt from Lewis and Clark Journal: Volume 1 page 33Some account of the Pawnee Indians--Council held with the Otto and Missouri Indians--Council held with another party of the Ottoes--Death of sergeant Floyd--The party encamp near the mouth of Whitestone river--The character of the Missouri, with the rivers that enters it--The surrounding country--The various islands, bays, creeks, &c. given in the course of the expedition.

  • Excerpt from Lewis and Clark Journal: Volume 1 page 33Our camp is by observation in latitude 41 3' 11'. Immediately behind it is a plain about five miles wide, one half covered with wood, the other dry and elevated. The low grounds on the south near the junction of the two rivers, are rich, but subject to be overflowed. Farther up, the banks are higher, and opposite our camp the first hills approach the river, and are covered with timber, such as oak, walnut, and elm. The intermediate country is watered by the Papillon, or Butterfly creek, of about eighteen yards wide, and three miles from the Platte; on the north are high open plains and prairies, and at nine miles from the Platte, the Musquitoe creek, and two or three small willow islands.

  • Excerpt from Lewis and Clark Journal: Volume 1 page 33We stayed here several days, during which we dried our provisions, made new oars, and prepared our despatches and maps of the country we had passed, for the president of the United States, to whom we intend to send them by a periogue from this place. The hunters have found game scarce in this neighbourhood; they have seen deer, turkies, and grouse; we have also an abundance of ripe grapes; and one of our men caught a white catfish, the eyes of which were small, and its tail resembling that of a dolphin.

  • Excerpt from Lewis and Clark Journal: Volume 1 page 33The present season is that in which the Indians go out into the prairies to hunt the buffaloe; but as we discovered some hunter's tracks, and observed the plains on fire in the direction of their villages, we hoped that they might have returned togather the green indian corn, and therefore despatched two men to he Ottoes or Pawnee villages with a present of tobacco, and an invitation to the chiefs to visit us.

  • Manifest Destiny:Oregon Trail

  • Oregon Trail (1840-1848)At the 49 Parallel, England and US divided the land between themselves in 1846.Americans traveled from Independence, Missouri to Portland, Oregon to settle in the new territories.The Indian tribes like Chinooks, Makahs, & Klickitats were pushed off their land.Many Indians died from the diseases brought by the settlers.