Manifest Destiny & Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny Manifest

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Text of Manifest Destiny & Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny Manifest

  • 2/24/2014


    Manifest Destiny &

    Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny

    � Manifest � Clear or obvious

    � Destiny � Events sure to happen

    � America desired to expand because it was good & meant to happen

    � Support for the idea grew in the 1840’s � Merging of political & economic goals

    � Many people supported expansion through any means necessary





    Stephen F. Austin

    • “Father of


    • brought the

    1st Anglo

    settlers to

    Texas in 1821

  • 2/24/2014


    Sam Houston

    • Texas General - defeated Santa

    Anna at the

    Battle of San


    • 1st President of the Republic

    of Texas

    Revolution and

    Independence from Mexico

    • Alamo – Feb/March 1836, San Antonio, Mexicans defeated

    outnumbered Texans

    • San Jacinto – April 21, 1836- Texans defeated the Mexican

    army and captured

    Santa Anna

    TexasTexasTexasTexas as a nation (10 years)(10 years)(10 years)(10 years)

    • Refused admission as a state to the

    United States because of

    1. Slavery

    2. Possible war with Mexico

    3. Texas debt

  • 2/24/2014


    Election of 1844

    James K. Polk’s

    campaign slogan –

    “Fifty-four forty or


    Take over all of

    Oregon as we

    spreads west

    Annex Texas

    Opening The West

    � Why people moved:

    � To farm & ranch where land was plentiful

    � Land speculators bought huge plots

    � Broke it down and sold it in small parts to make a large profit

    � Find jobs or escape debt or legal problems

    � Find gold and become rich

    Mountain men were from many different


    They explored, found

    new trails, shared their

    knowledge of the land

    Jim Beckwourth

    Jedediah Smith

    � Oregon

    � In 1846, a formal agreement to divide between U.S. &


    � 49th parallel became

    boundary between U.S. & Canada

    � Oregon Trail � Used to settle the area

    Mormon Trail � Mormons went west seeking religious freedom

    � Blaze their own trail from Independence, MO to the Great Salt Lake

  • 2/24/2014


    Santa Fe Trail � Used to connect Missouri with the New Mexico Territory

    � New Mexico seen as a place where traders could get rich

    � Founder of the trail came back to MO with bags of gold & silver