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<p>Evaluation</p> <p>EvaluationBy Naima Siddika KamalInduction TaskIn the induction task we were told to produce a plan for a 2 minute film which includes a character arriving at a door being opened, the character crossing a room sitting down in a chair opposite another character and exchanging at least a couple of lines of dialogue.Plan for induction assignmentFor the induction task we were put into a group of four in terms of the dialogue we chose to produce. My group had chosen to do a dialogue between a mother and son. In the group we deliberated and chose one dialogue.Dialogue Son: Hey mumMother: What are you doing here?!Son: That doesnt matter right now, I need your help.Mother: NO! Get the hell out! NOW! I dont want you here. I dont want any trouble from you.Camera shotsWe used a variety of camera shots for instance we used a panning shot to show the character walking towards the door.Another camera shot we used was a point of view shot which was used to show the mothers perspective.Close up was used to show the characters face.The different camera shots were used to emphasise a characters actions or to set a certain mood.</p> <p>Final Cut </p> <p>Need to save the project before starting.To import files you need to click on import and click on files to open up the work needed.</p> <p>The browser which shows the clips on the project.</p> <p>The final cut windows Timeline</p> <p>Toolbar</p> <p>The cursor is used for most of the editing process.Pen tool will allow the audio to fade in or out by changing the places of the dots on the pink line.Effects</p> <p>Effects window</p> <p>Locks the video The padlock buttonThe mute button will allow the audio to be muted. Used if there are several soundtracks</p> <p>The Toggle buttonTwo pink lines appear which will allow the sound to be faded in or out.</p> <p>The effects used on the film. </p>