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Mid Year Face-to-Face Special Education Coordinator Meeting January 14, 2013

Mid Year Face-to-Face Special Education Coordinator Meeting January 14, 2013

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Mid Year Face-to-Face Special Education Coordinator Meeting January 14, 2013. Agenda. Welcome District Update Immediate Procedural Changes Planning for 2013-2014 Referrals OEC Onsite Monitoring When Parents Call Complaint Resolution Role of the Special Education Coordinator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Mid Year Face-to-Face Special Education Coordinator Meeting January 14, 2013

Mid Year Face-to-Face Special Education Coordinator Meeting

January 14, 2013

1AgendaWelcomeDistrict UpdateImmediate Procedural ChangesPlanning for 2013-2014ReferralsOEC Onsite MonitoringWhen Parents CallComplaint ResolutionRole of the Special Education Coordinator Compliance Hot TopicsIEP Review ChecklistSpring/Summer 2013 PlanningClosing

Welcome and Introductions

Introductions New Special Education Coordinators:Margie Lee, Columbia ImagineLucia Moraru, Fox Creek High SchoolLeslye Tobin-Cobb, Cape Romain Environmental Education Charter School Margie Player, Youth Leadership

District Update

District UpdateCurrently have 18 schools who are operational.For 2013-2014, we have 10 schools who are planning on opening.1 virtual1 blended8 brick-and-mortar

As of today, we have had a total of 41 schools who have put in letters of intent to open in the 2014-2015 school year.

District Update

District UpdateSince weve last met:Board and Superintendent have an increased emphasis on the District being a charter school authorizer:greateraccountabilityin exchangefor greaterautonomy.

SCDE and Legislators want to see more accountability.

The District is strengthening its compliance model and process.

District UpdateSix schools received notification in November that they were placed on probation.Special education concerns were the trigger for probation for two of the schools.A total of three schools were cited for special education deficiencies. District UpdateDistrict Population: 11,500Top 25 Districts in the State

December 1 Count: 1,150 student10%

District Update 4 State Complaints filed2 parents withdrew their complaint1 outside scope of IDEA1 investigated and resolution issuedWill be discussed later

1 OCR complaint filedCurrently being investigated

1 District-Level 504 Grievance Filed Outside the scope of Section 504 District UpdateWere up to 80 referrals for initials or additional disability suspected.

We have a total of 2.6 FTE providing IDEA oversight.

Just a reminder:Were at 18 schoolsUp to 28 schools in 2013-2014Up to 69 schools in 2014-2015

We will not be able to keep up with this growth with our current structure.

Immediate Procedural Changes

Immediate Change: Regional CoordinatorIn order to keep up with the growth and demands of the District, we are piloting a new a service delivery model.

Initial point of contact for the Upstate Region:Calhoun Falls, Youth Leadership, Spartanburg Charter, & York PrepProvides onsite supportTailored & School Specific She begins 1/16/2013 when shes introduced to the above school leaders

Mariann Carter (part time): [email protected]: will be provided later this weekImmediate Change: Referral ProcessALL referral packets (including reevaluations) will be sent to Catherine Oxner ([email protected]).Part Time (1 day a week)

Audrey Whitley will attend evaluation planning and eligibility determination meetings for all school except SCS; that will be Evelyn Williams.Part time (5 days a week)

No meeting will be scheduled until a completed referral packet is submitted.

Audrey and Evelyn will not attend a meeting unless provided a letter of notification.

Neither will not stay for IEP development.High profile or Unusual situationsFor situations that are unusual, one of us will attend the meeting. Beckie will be involved in unusual referrals and reevaluations.

Immediate Change: IEP meetingsWhen there is a representative from the District at the IEP meeting serving in the role as representative from the District, we are serving as the LEA. This needs to be noted on the letter of notification.

Before attending, we need to receive a copy of the letter of notification. 2013-2014 Planning

2013-2014: Regional ModelEvery school will be assigned a Regional Coordinator.

Each position is part time.

This person will be the schools point of contact.

Over the next few months well draft the regions and provide more information about this model.

2013-2014: Formal Compliance ModelAs we previously mentioned, the District, at the request of the Board and Superintendent, are moving towards a traditional authorizer model.

Over the next few months, we are going to begin designing this process.Resources: National Association of Charter School AuthorizersColorado Charter School Institute 2013-2014: Formal Compliance ModelSome things you can expect:The rollout of the Regional ModelYearly Self-AssessmentYearly Onsite Visit Yearly Comprehensive File AuditMore defined roles and expectations

Currently, the District is working on strengthening the Charter Compliance.2013-2014: Psychological ServicesBeginning July 1, 2013, schools will be 100% responsible for all aspects of the child find process.

The district will not provide a school psychologist for evaluation planning or eligibility determination meetings.

We will still maintain a list of contract psychologist and share this list with the schools.2013-2014: Psychological ServicesOver the next few months, there will be more information to come regarding this process.

Schools are STONGLY encouraged to secure a permanently assigned school psychologist.Referrals

Referrals: Interventions RtI/Intervention TeamsIncludes targeted interventions, responses to those interventions, and progress monitoring dataMore than just accommodationsIncludes specific data (CBMs, frequency counts, )Should include ruling out things like vision or hearing problemsIf theres a behavior issue, must include Clear description of behavior (what it looks, sounds, smells, tastes, feels like)How often it occursHow long it lastsWhat triggers itWhat happens as a result of it

Referrals: New ProceduresC. OxnerSend all referrals to Catherine unless youve cleared it with Beckie firstShe will process and log the referral informationIf the packet is incomplete, shell send it back to you and notify BeckieOnce the packet is complete, shell review it and pass it on to Audrey or EvelynIf there is a question about proceeding with the evaluation, the decision will be made after consultation with District staff; District staff will notify parent with PWN if the decision is made to refuse to evaluateReferrals: Roles and ResponsibilitySpecial Education CoordinatorEnsure the proper RtI process and documentation has occurredEnsure the referral packet is completeReview of forms to ensure all are completed Follow-up on info mentioned in referral packet (requested previous evaluations, obtained consent to talk with other professionals, followed up on any vision or hearing problemsOnce notified by Catherine, schedule evaluation/ reevaluation planning meetings with Audrey or Evelyn in a timely fashion ResponsibilitiesEnsure all information requested by the team is gathered in a timely fashionDevelop a process for monitoring this check in with OT, SLT, parentEnsure all information gathered by others is in a useable format (Word document)Observations must be written up in a narrative fashionSend all information gathered to Audrey or Evelyn in the appropriate formatResponsibilitiesEnsure that Sections I-IV of the Report are completed appropriately and professionallySend the Report to Audrey or Evelyn within 5 days of the planning meetingSchedule the eligibility meeting within 15 school days of the completion of the evaluationEnsure that appropriate team members attend or that the proper excusal process is usedDo not go into a meeting without all appropriate team members

OEC Onsite OEC Onsite: Continued Monitoring On September 20, 2012, the OEC finished a two-day onsite visit. They indicated that they were going to go onsite to two or three of our schools sometime in the next 30 days.This never happened.They issued a letter in late October stating that they would go onsite to two or three of our schools by January 2013.OEC Onsite: Continued Monitoring On December 19, 2013 they called, indicating that they do not have time to go onsite, so they were going to come to the District to review some additional files. They have asked for:The COMPLETE special education file for every child who was on the original list.From the point of entry to today.An updated caseload roster

OEC Onsite: Continued Monitoring File Collection:

Updated Caseloads:Distribute Will be sent electronically by 9am Tuesday.These are due by noon on Friday (1/18/2013)Emailed to Mr. V.

OEC Onsite: Continued Monitoring The OEC will be at the District Office on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 to finish the process they started back in September.Within 30 days (February 23, 2013), the OEC will issue their findings and corrective action plan. Their findings will address: District Policies,School Policies, &Individual Files

When Parents Call

When Parents CallWe assess the call based on:Did the parent not know who to contact at the school, orIs this a perceived compliance issue.

We always try to redirect the call back to the school to either the special education coordinator or to the school leader. When Parents CallIf the call is about a potential compliance issue:Assess the situation using Excent, by talking with the special education coordinator or school leader, and asking for additional information from the school.Outcomes:Informing the parents that the school is within its rights the schools IEP team isnt letting my child opt-out of PASS.Informally advising a school of the required corrective actionmy child has been at school since October and we have not had an IEP meeting yet.Failure to comply by the school to the informal advice results in a notification being made to the Districts Director of School Compliance. Complaint Resolution

Complaint ResolutionIssue 1: Did the District fail to consistently implement the accommodations in the Students IEP?

Issue 2: Did the District fail to provide the Student a FAPE as a result of the to implement the accommodations in his IEP?

Complaint ResolutionWhite glove test:Fail to provide special education, related, and supplementary services?Fail to include PLAAFPS in the Students IEP?Fail to include annual measurable goals?Fail to amend the IEP to incorporate changes from a previous meeting?Fail to issue progress reports

What are these?

Special Education Coordinator Special Education Coordinator With the Districts focus on authorization and verification of compliance, more responsibility will fall on the school for ensuring compliance

Communicate with staff to identify needs and secure resources to meet those needs

Oversight of school-level compliance and implementationSpecial Education Coordinator CommunicationInformation shared with you regarding the implementation of IDEA needs to be shared with your staff. How do you share information with your staff?How do you verify the implementation of the newly shared information?

Some information needs to be shared with your school administrator:Parent concerns that weve brought to your attentionUpcoming File auditsData reportsDont let your administrator be caught off-guard. Compliance Hot Topics

Hot Topics: Letter of NotificationIEP meeting notifications must include the purpose, time, and location of the meeting and who will be in attendance. This is why an email asking the parent to attend a meeting doesnt suffice (even if they attend).

Hot Topics: Letter of NotificationSo there has to be documentation that a formal invite that included all of the above was provided.

What shows that proper notification was provided:EmailEmail with invitation attached?

Does this make sense? One notification method that says phone.

Even if the parent attends, the meeting could be determined null and void if proper notification wasnt provided.

Hot Topics: TransfersHere are the order of events for a transfer into the district with a current IEP (done prior to the first day of classes or no more than 3 days):After verifying the child is transferring in with a current IEP (no more than 4 months expired), contact the parent about holding the comparable services IEP meeting.Option A: typical face-to-face IEP meeting to discuss comparable servicesRequires letter of inviteComparable services consultation meeting form (will be added on Thursday)MinutesPWNOption B: if LEA and parents agree, meet without meetingRequires comparable services consultation without a meeting form

48Hot Topics: TransfersAfter holding this meeting, go into Excent, and officially add as a transfer.

Within 30 calendar days from the 1st day of enrollment, an IEP team will need to meet again to either accept the IEP, amend the transfer IEP, or conduct an annual review.

Think of it like this . . . One IEP meeting to design comparable services and then one IEP meeting to amend or create a new IEP.Hot Topics: Comparable ServicesMost Common Complaints:Children transferring to new school dont receive comparable services consistent with their incoming IEPs. School personnel claiming that there are insufficient resources to meet the provisions of the incoming IEP. School personnel saying they didnt know the child had an IEP at the previous schoolParent checked no on the enrollment formNo told me the child had enrolled

What the Regulations Say:

Hot Topics: Comparable ServicesThe new public agency (in consultation with the parents) must, pursuant to 34 CFR 300.323(e), provide FAPE to the child (including services comparable to those described in the childs IEP from the previous public agency), until the new public agency either (1) adopts the childs IEP from the previous public agency; or (2) develops, adopts, and implements a new IEP that meets the applicable requirements in 34 CFR 300.320 through 300.324.Comparable services have the meaning of similar or equivalent to the services that were described in the child's IEP from the previous Local Education Agency, as determined by the child's newly designated IEP team in the South Carolina Public Charter School District.Hot Topics: Comparable ServicesPractices (during the comparable services IEP meeting) that will not be supported:Dropping from 1,000 minutes of special education to 300 minutes of special education.Dropping the one-on-one assistant.Dropping a related service.

If the above actions take place, they can ONLY take place during the 2nd IEP meeting (the IEP meeting after the comparable services IEP meeting) where the school has individual and if there are specific data to support that decision. Hot Topics: Significant Changes of Placement See previous slide . . . .

Schools cannot lesson the provision of a FAPE just to make it work.

Its imperative that schools have a mechanism in place that allows for IEPs to be obtained prior to the child taking the first class.

There cannot be a delay in enrollment or attendance because of a records request.Hot Topics: Significant Changes of Placement Knowing that you cannot significantly change the services level as part of the comparable services, schools need to deal with appropriateness early.

How do you do this? Before the child sits for the class . . . You have the file (IEP and Psych Report) and youve thoroughly reviewed it.Is it clear cut (in your opinion)? If so, notify Robbie for a file review.Is it not clear cut, call for a face-to-face comparable services meeting and:Agree to comparable servicesSet clear expectationsGather data and in 30 days come back together for anther IEP meeting.

Its more detrimental to the individual child and to the school to lesson a FAPE than it is to stand behind the decision of the previous IEP team.Lesson from CREECS

Hot Topics: Related ServicesThe purpose of related services are to allow the child to access his/her special education services which allows him/her to progress on his/her annual goals. The child has been determined to need related services in order to benefit from his/her special education services.Difference between medically-necessary and educationally-necessary services

There are concerns when we see statements in IEPs about the child needs speech and the parents take them to a private therapist or there is a related service of counseling and when asked, the school says, I dont know; I think the parents take them. Hot Topics: Related ServicesWhat procedures does your school have to document the provision of the related services?

What procedures do you have for when the parent doesnt take the child to the related services appointment?

How do you communicate with related service providers?Hot Topics: Related Service ProvidersWere noticing a trend that some related service providers are operating outside the scope of the procedures set by the District and State (outside the scope of IDEA).

For example,Evaluating the child prior to annual reviewsCalling improperly notified meetings to make changes Conducting meetings without proper membershipExiting children from services outside of a reevaluation

Hot Topics: Related Service ProvidersContract Related Service Providers . . . Schools are still responsible for them and the information they share with parents and with IEP teams.

Just because the related services provider says the child needs 3 30-minute sessions a week, does that have to be provided?

No . . . . Its up to the IEP team.

Related service providers should not be providing information about their portion of the assessment outside of or prior to the eligibility/continuation meeting

When they provide information for IEPs or add information into Excent themselves, someone needs to check behind them for what they are stating. PLOPS and Findings include an enormous amounts of information that does not belong in the IEPHot Topics: IEPs & Present LevelsRemember . . . the present levels are what drive EVERY decision of the IEP. There is not one thing on the IEP that cant be answered with, Because of the present levels . . . . .

For every finding, there needs to be a statement in academic and functional needs section that says something like this: . . . . which is impacting the child from accessing and (or) progressing through the general curriculum.

The impact statement isnt about the childs disability, but about each individual area of finding.

Hot Topics: IEPs & Present LevelsDates of the Findings: Must be accurate representation of the date of the assessment Weve noticed several IEPs that the method of assessment was the WIAT (that Beckie did), but the date listed under date of assessment isnt the date the WIAT was conducted.

If your method of assessment uses multiple methods, then the date listed is the date of the most current method of the assessment.

Hot Topics: IEPs & Present LevelsPresent levels ARE NOT meant to be a history of the childs educational experience. Its literally, a snapshot of where the child is CURRENTLY functioning. Present levels answer the question, Where is the child currently functioning? Note the word currentlySo for the 1st IEP after a transfer, you could see a comment about the child just recently transferred from ABC HS where he . . ..At the 1st annual review (one year later), this statement wouldnt be included.

Hot Topics: IEPs & Present LevelsEVERY finding in the IEP needs to have a corresponding annual goal and service or (in a very rare case) an accommodation and indirect service. Hot Topics: LRE PageExplain the extent, if any, which the student WILL NOT participate with non-exceptional students in the regular classroom.Does the child participate in a resource/support class with other students with disabilities? If so, then electives is checked and the words resource or academic support are added.

The only child who wouldnt have anything marked in this section would be a 100% consultative child. Hot Topics: Progress Monitoring Progress toward annual goals


Required for ALL goals (related services included)Hot Topics: Progress ReportsTheres been a debate and discussion about how often does progress towards the annual goals need to be reported.

Prior to the 2004 reauthorization, IDEA read progress reported no less than the general education reports . . ..

2004 state: (3)A description of--(i)How the child's progress toward meeting the annual goals described in paragraph (2) of this section will be measured; and (ii)When periodic reports on the progress the child is making toward meeting the annual goals (such as through the use of quarterly or other periodic reports, concurrent with the issuance of report cards) will be provided;

Hot Topics: Progress ReportsThey clearly took out the specific language of no less than progress reported to the general education.

How do we interpret this . . . . There must be a description of how the child's progress toward meeting the annual goals described in paragraph The District will be amending its policies to state no less than every 9 weeks.It has to be an individualized decision.

Hot Topics: PWNBEFORE the newly developed IEP can be implemented, the parents must be provided written notice via Prior Written Notice. So its PRIOR to implementing the changes, here is your WRITTEN NOTIFICATION.

If the parent attended the meeting, the IEP can be initiate the next day. If the parent did not attend the IEP meeting, and you are going toEmail the PWN to the parent, then the IEP can be initiated the day after you emailed the PWN.Mail (US Mail) the PWN, then the IEP cannot initiate until 3 days after you mailed the PWN.

Wheres the IEP initiation date?Cover page of the IEPHot Topics: The IEP FileWhat is the legal IEP? The IEP that the parent walks away from the IEP meeting with (the one on which there are hand-written comments)ORThe one given to the parent two days later after you have gone back into Excent, updated, replaced the signature page with?Hot Topics: The IEP FileAfter meetings, if youre making handwritten comments, that is the IEP that needs to either be uploaded and/or added to the childs physical IEP file.

One suggestion would be to have a computer in the room and instead of making hand-written notes, you update during the IEP in Excent as the team makes the changes. Hot Topics: Testing/AccommodationsInstructional Accommodations:Why does the child need INSERT ANY ACCOMMODATION HERE as an instructional accommodation? Because according to the present levels it states that its needed.

Instructional accommodations need to be specific. There is a different between oral admin and oral administration of assignments and tests for science and social studies.

Whats your procedures for documenting accommodations?AccommodationsThese are necessary to level the playing field, not I think John would benefit fromOral admin is for students with significant reading problemsRetaking tests failed is not an accommodationFailing a test because the appropriate accommodations and special education instruction havent been provided is one thingFailing a test because the student hasnt studied/ prepared for the test, is entirely differentHot Topics: Testing/AccommodationsState Wide TestingWhy does the child get INSERT accommodation on statewide testing? Because thats what he receives as part of daily instruction.These accommodations must be provided.

As we gear up for HSAP, PASS, and EOCs, special education coordinators need to communicate with testing coordinators about which child receives what accommodations. I think, The teachers have been told or Ive been told are not sufficient methods of verification. Have case managers show you the IEP so there is no misunderstanding.Hot Topics: DisciplineMust have a system for communication with teachers and administrators regarding discipline issuesDont let the 10 days sneak up on youOnce a student has 10 days out of school, he/she cannot be suspended again until a manifestation determination meeting has been heldWatch for patterns


It doesnt matter what you call this

IEP Review Checklist

IEP Review Checklist Table IIESYCOSFTable 5I 11

IDEA Budget AmendmentsSpring/Summer Planning

Spring & Summer Planning: DataTable II (personnel): Distributed by 1/31/13Due by 2/7/13

ESY Reports due 6/4/13

Table 5 (discipline) due 6/13/13

COSF (preschool outcomes) due 6/13/13

Table 4 (exits) June/July

Indicator 11 (60-day timeline) June/JulyNotice the reports due in the summer!Spring & Summer PlanningDates to Remember:March 19th: ALL IEPs for students taking PASS marked completeApril 16th: ALL IEPs for students taking HSAP marked completeMay 7th: ALL IEPs for students taking PASS marked complete

Spring & Summer PlanningMeetings/Training:February 11, 2013, 10:00am: Medicaid (will be given to Principals on Wednesday)February 12, 2013, 2:30pm: Next web-based coordinator meetingMarch19, 2013, 2:30pm 3:30pm: Writing IEPs (all teachers). Teachers of students aged 12 and up will need to stay an additional 30 minutes 3:30pm 4:00pm) for transition components.