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  • 1. Mise en sceneCostumeWe found a bow an arrow from Amazon for 4.14. Its suitable as it fits within our budget.The character is going to be in hospital so to make it look more realistic we thought these hospital pipes would be suitable. They are priced 2.65 from eBay.As we want his eye color to change, we need contact lenses. From specsavers they are priced from 9.15.

2. When the child picks up the arrow he will get a permanent scar from it. This is why fake blood and a fake scar will be necessary. We found both of them from eBay, fake blood costs 1.19 and fake scar from 2.39.The villain who takes the little boy will be a women. We felt that long red nails will portray her as feminine but also evil. We found some red nails from eBay priced 1.99. 3. Total price