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  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual



    (Excerpted from Pre-Psilonic Galactic Civilizations Vol. II, by EctronVictor, retired Master Adjudicator, Psilon Central History Institute.)

    As a story is told and retold over the course of generations, no matter theattention paid to detail and no matter the importance of the tale, the truthis gradually nibbled away by little mistakes and innocent exaggerations.Carried off on these well-intentioned, tiny feet, the facts deterioratesoftly and painlessly into a condition generally referred to as shroudedby time.

    The legends concerning the Orions and Antarans are shrouded by time.

    What is certain is that at one time both races coexisted in the galaxy. Thescope of their power and technical advancement has surely been

    enhanced by hyperbole, but that they were far superior to anything nowknown is indisputable. Perhaps it was inevitable that two such behemothsmeet in violence. The legends paint the Antarans as ruthless, xenophobickillers, but we all know that history is written by the victors.

    The Orion-Antaran war was a protracted holocaust of galacticproportions. While we can never know if they truly flung entire starsystems across deep space as weapons (as the storytellers claim), ourastrophysicists have uncovered evidence of directed energy bursts thepower of which staggers the imagination. That both races had the abilityto raze planets no one contests. The Orions eventually defeated the

    Antarans. Rather than exterminating the race, as the stories claim theAntarans would certainly have done, the Orions chose to imprison theirenemies in a pocket dimensiona volume the size of a single starsystem, formed and carved somehow out of the fabric of space-time.Physicists to this day puzzle over the theory and the technique, but theresult was obvious; the Antarans were banished one and all fromthis dimension.

    At this point, even the storytellers admit that the legends become vague.Some time after the war, the Orion race inexplicably disappeared. Theyleft only two legacies for the galaxys future inhabitants. One was thetales of their power and legends of the Antaran war; the other is the Orion

    system itself. One planet circles this star, and it is reputed to be theoriginal home world of the Orion race. Despite the incredible potential thisabandoned world must hold, no one has yet plundered or colonized it. Thereason for this is that the system is only uninhabited, not undefended.The Orions left a single Guardian to protect their home. Perhaps theyintend to return some day.

    Perhaps the Antarans intend to return, too.


  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual






    Youve got the box open, the CD-ROM in your sweaty palm, and a manicgleam in your eyes. What do you do now?


    For Master of Orion IIto work, there are a few things your computermusthave.

    The processor has to be a 80486 or better. Basically, any computerwith 486, or Pentium in its name should do just fine. The systemspeed should be at least 100 MHz (megahertz). We recommend a 90MHz Pentium or faster computer.

    You must have a double-speed CD-ROM drive.

    Your computer must have at least 16 MB (megabytes) of RAM (random

    access memory) installed. (This is the working memory; do not confuseit with the MB ofstorage space on your hard drive.)

    You must have Windows 95 or Windows 98 installed and running onyour computer.

    Since the installation program will copy parts ofMaster of Orion IIontoyour hard drive, you must have sufficient storage space on your harddrive. To find out whether you have enough space in Windows, double-click on the My Computericon. Change theView setting to Details, andthe amount of empty space on your hard drive (usually drive C) islisted under Free Space.

    Important Note: With the advent of larger hard drives, a peculiar problemhas arisen. Different sizes of hard drives have different sized clusters(the smallest unit of file space that the drive can read and write).Without getting into too much technical detail, the result is this: Thelarger your hard drive, the more space each file takes up. To preventmisunderstandings, weve prepared the following chart of necessaryfree space (in megabytes) vs. hard drive size for Master of Orion II:

    Disk Size 0128 MB 256512 MB 512 Mb1 GB 12 GB 24 GBSpace Required 74.5 74.5 75 76.5 79

  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


    The graphics must be Super VGA quality (640 x 480 x 256 colors)or better.

    A Sound Blaster or compatible sound card is supported.

    If you think you have all of these, but still have a problem running thegame, please contact MicroProse Customer Support for assistance.

    Master of Orion II requires the following for multiplayer:

    Null-modem serial cable (2 players); or

    Windows-compatible 9600 baud modem or faster; or

    Local area network (LAN) supporting IPX protocol


    Before you can play Master of Orion II, the installation program must copysome files onto your hard drive. To have it do so, follow these instructions:

    Turn on your computer and let Windows start.

    Open your CD-ROM drive, place the Master of Orion IIdisc in there, andclose the drive.

    Master of Orion IIis a Windows AutoPlay CD-ROM. That means that ifyou are running Windows, just putting the CD-ROM in the drive for thefirst time starts up the installation program.

    After youve watched the introduction, youre left looking at theMain menu.

    Click on Install to continue.

    The only decision you need to make during the installation process isto what directory you want to install the game. When youre prompted,you can accept the default (c:\mps\orion2), type in a directory path,or use the Browse button to seek out a directory. Click OKwhenyoure done.


  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


    ONCE YOUVE MADE ALL THE NECESSARY DECISIONS: Master of Orion IIwill now copy some files to your hard drive from

    the CD-ROM.

    After the game itself has been copied over, Master of Orion IIinstalls afew necessary utility programs. These include Microsofts DirectX

    drivers. The space these take up is included in the total noted above. When the installation program is done, you are returned to the Main

    menu (in Windows 95) or the command prompt (in DOS).

    TO START PLAYING THE GAME IMMEDIATELY: Leave the Master of Orion IIdisc in the CD-ROM drive.

    Click on Play Game.


    Make sure that the Master of Orion IICD-ROM is in its drive. Open the Start menu, then open the SimTexsub-menu, then click the

    Master of Orion IIoption.

    Have fun!



  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual



    Whenever you start Master of Orion II, the Universal Menu arcs into viewon the right. (Youll also notice the game credits scrolling up the screen tothe left.) To select one of the options from this menu, move the mousepointer to that optionyoull know youre in the right place when theoption is highlightedand click. These options are pretty straightforward:

    Continue restarts the last game you were playing, but not necessarilyexactly where you left off. Master of Orion IIs autosave featureperiodically saves the game for you. When you choose to continue agame, you begin at the point when the game was last autosaved. Thiscould be as many as 4 turns earlier than the point at which youstopped playing.

    Load Game allows you to return to a game you saved previously.Youre presented with a list of all the games youve saved. Just click toselect the game you want to load.

    New Game generates a fresh galaxy for you to explore. Once you clickthis option, the Game Setup screen appears. The next section,Beginning a New Game, steps you through the setup process.

    Multiplayertakes you to the Multiplayer Setup screen. This is where

    you get ready to play against human opponents. For the lowdown, readMultiplayer Galaxies.

    Hall of Fame presents the best scores of previous emperors.

    Quit Game leaves Master of Orion IIand returns you to your operatingsystem. You get one chance to change your mind.

    Now lets take a look at setting up your first new game.

  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


    Before you can actually start building your empire and rampaging aroundthe galaxy, there are a few decisions you need to make. The overall tenetsof the galaxy must meet with your approval, and you need to choose whichof the several races you want to rule.


    When you start a new game, youre taken to the Game Setup screen. Here,you must make the Eight Serious Decisions. Five of these are representedby icons, three by buttons. You can click on any of the icons to cyclethrough the possible choices for that galactic setting. The buttons aresimple toggles; when each is turned on, its highlighted. (Thus, if its dark,then its turned off.)

    When youre happy with the settings, click theAccept button to go on toselect the race you wish to rule. If you decide youd rather quit thisprocess and return to the Universal Menu, click the Cancel button.










  • 8/2/2019 Moo 2 Manual


    Difficulty Master of Orion IIhas five different difficulty settings. Click on the