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Moscow Cafes, bars, summer terraces

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  • Cafes, bars, summer terraces

    Bon apptit! 2In the vicinity of the Kremlin 6Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Bolotny Island 12Old and New Arbat 18Best summer terraces of Moscow 24


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    day, but the lucky ones had to stand in line for hours. That was a record for McDonalds: the Moscow restaurant was the biggest outlet of the com-pany with unprecedented traffic. Since then practically all the large in-ternational caterers KFC, Subway, Starbucks and many others have come to Moscow. Popular Burger King, Dunkins Donuts, Wendys and Country Chicken made their appearance in 2010. The Subway fast food chain surpassed McDonalds by the number of outlets in late 2011 and became Russias biggest.Domestic fast food restaurants Kroshka-Kartoshka, Yelki-Palki, Grabli, Mu-Mu, Teremok and others are also very popular with Russians and foreign tourists. Russian fast food outlets are based on national cuisine: potato with various stuffing (Kroshka-Kartoshka), pancakes with salmon, salmon caviar, meat and other original stuffing: salad, cooked ham, cheese and so on, nutritious buckwheat porridge with various additions (meat, cheese or mushroom), and sweet porridge Guriev for dessert (Teremok). Mu-Mu and Grabli present traditional Russian cuisine: sauerkraut soup, borsch, fish soup, solyanka, dumplings, pies, fish and meat main courses, salads, and hot and cold starters.

    Moscow is a rapidly developing megalopolis and an international tourist center.A boom on the Moscow public catering market started in the early 2000s, and the turnover has enlarged by ten times since then. The devel-opment has been particularly intensive in the economy-class caf and bar

    Bon apptit!

    segment. It grows with new cafes and bars and with outlets of interna-tional catering groups.McDonalds opened its first fast food restaurant in Moscow on Pushkin-skaya Square on January 31, 1990, and made a real sensation for the Russian public. The restaurant had 30,000 visitors within one

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    city opens numerous summer verandas and terraces: the ones on pontoons on the Moscow River and canals, on the roofs with spectacular views of the city skyline, and in green and shady backyards of downtown mansions are particularly attractive.One can hardly stay hungry in Moscow there is a public catering outlet with democratic lunch prices of 500 to 1,500 rubles on the every corner, in every shopping mall. The number of public catering outlets grows year to year. Some 50 cafes more will open on Moscow streets before the end of 2012.

    Sushi bars, pizza restaurants, coffee houses, beer bars and pubs are democratic segment darlings of Muscovites and Moscow guests. Japanese cuisine won the hearts of Muscovites in the early 2000s and still remains popular. Many catering networks (Yakitoria, Planeta Sushi, Dve Palochki, Wabi Sabi and so on) and separate small cafes stick to

    this genre. Besides, practically every restaurant has sushi and rolls on its menu. Coffee houses are also very popular in Moscow: Shokoladnitsa, Coffee House and Coffein can be found on practically every corner to have a cup of coffee, eat dessert or have a substantial lunch.Although the world tags vodka the Russian national drink, Russians are big fans of the alcoholic foamy drink, beer. Pubs where jolly and noisy crowds gather to drink beer and watch sport on TV are invariably popular in the Russian capital city.When summertime starts, the

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    Tverskaya Street. Such zero-risk dishes as beef medallions in porcini sauce, fettuccini with salmon and salmon caviar are the house specialties. A unique Soviet-epoch spot, the Spetsbufet 7 caf 8 , is opened in the legendary House on the Embankment, on the other side of the Kremlin walls. It serves Soviet-era de cit dishes boiled beef tongue with horseradish Politagitator, sturgeon Kremlin style from the VCIK special buffet, and pork chop Bei Burzhuyev.

    FINE RESTAURANTSAVERAGE CHECK UP TO 3,000 RUBLESMore re ned dining options are not far from the Kremlin either. GUMs Bosco 9 is the only caf with a veranda overlooking the Kremlin towers. It serves ne Italian and Russian dishes, among them beef carpaccio with arugula, mushrooms and parmesan, llet of beef with

    DEMOCRATICAVERAGE CHECK UP TO 1,000 RUBLESCanteen 57 1 on the third oor of the GUM department store is one of the most democratic places offering tasty and inexpensive meals in a break between excursions. The caf is stylized as a Soviet-era canteen with walls depicting peoples friendship scenes. It serves Soviet cuisine classics: borsch Moskovsky, chicken Kiev and dressed herring.There is a budget caf, Drova 2 , just two steps away from Red Square, on Nikolskaya Street, offering hearty meals of sushi and rolls and European dishes.A cluster of fast food restaurants and budget cafes Sbarro 3 and Il Patio 4 serving European dishes with a focus on Italian cuisine, a broad range of pizzas included, and Planeta Sushi 5 with a long Japanese menu is located on the ground oor of the Okhotny Ryad shopping mall on Manezhnaya Square near Alexander Gardens. The opposite side of Manezhnaya Square houses an international cuisine outlet Eat&Talk 6 with free Wi-Fi, 24/7 service and culinary hits chicken Hong Bao, breaded shrimps and banana, and Young Chow fried rice. The To da Se 7 budget caf serves traditional Russian and European dishes and popular sushi and rolls at the beginning of

    The Kremlin and Red Square the heart of Moscow, the historic fortress, the cradle of Russian statehood and the offi cial residence of the President of the Russian Federation are a must for every tourist route, either individual or group. There are plenty of places to dine or share a cup of coffee or tea with friends, both democratic and fi ne, within a walking distance from the main sightseeing spot of the city.

    In the vicinity of the Kremlin














    MOSCOW CAFES, BARS, SUMMER TERRACES 10:0022:00Cuisine: ItalianCapacity: 250 seatsAverage check: 1,000 rublesParking: noAccessibility for people with disabilities: noWi-Fi: yes

    PLANETA SUSHIMetro Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolutsii, Alexandrovsky Sad1 Manezhnaya Square , building 2Okhotny Ryad shopping mall+7 (495) 7302251www.sushiplanet.ruOpen: 24/7Cuisine: JapaneseCapacity: 320 seatsAverage check: 1,100 rublesParking: noAccessibility for people with disabilities: yesWi-Fi: yes

    EAT&TALKMetro Biblioteka im. Lenina First oor, 7 Mokhovaya Street Mokhovaya Business Center+7 (495) 9612193www.eattalk.ruOpen: 24/7Cuisine: Russian, Chinese, Thai Capacity: 200 seatsAverage check: 1,000 rublesParking: noAccessibility for people with disabilities: yesWi-Fi: yes

    (cargo and passenger elevator)Wi-Fi: no

    DROVAMetro Ploshchad Revolutsii5 Nikolskaya Street+7 (495) 6982696www.drova.ruOpen: 24/7Cuisine: European, JapaneseCapacity: 250 seatsAverage check: 700 rublesParking: yesAccessibility for people with disabilities: yesWi-Fi: yes

    SBARROMetro Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolutsii, Alexandrovsky Sad1 Manezhnaya Square, building 2, Okhotny Ryad shopping mall+7 (495) 7853875www.sbarro.ruOpen: 10:0024:00Cuisine: ItalianCapacity: 240 seatsAverage check: 400 rublesSummer terrace: yesParking: noAccessibility for people with disabilities: yesWi-Fi: no

    IL PATIOMetro Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolutsii, Alexandrovsky Sad1 Manezhnaya Square, building 2, Okhotny Ryad shopping mall+7 (495) 2257488

    is on the other side of the Kremlin. In spite of its name, this is not a coffee house but a place offering square meals of European and Japanese cuisine, such as chicken llet in orange sauce or shrimp and saffron spaghetti. The caf is opened 24/7.

    CANTEEN NO57Metro Ploshchad Revolutsii3rd oor, 3rd line, GUM, 3, Red Square+7 (495) 6203129www.gum.ruOpen: 10:0022:00Cuisine: Russian, European Capacity: 168 seatsAverage check: 350 rublesParking: yesAccessibility for people with disabilities: yes

    arugula salad and sauce balsamic and Bosco raspberry cake.A short walk away from the Kremlin, down Nikolskaya Street, brings you to an atmosphere caf, Cup&Cake 10 . The cozy outlet serves ne coffee and pastry, as well as European and pan-Asian dishes. The house specialties include Tom Yum Goong soup with shrimps and turkey, chicken Italian, and smoked eel and cuttle sh ink risotto.A bit farther, on Teatralnaya Square, one may dine at the Burgomeister 11 caf with a vast predominantly German and American menu and some Russian dishes. The interior resembles a good old German beer restaurant or a British pub. Broad tables can accommodate a big jolly crowd gobbling lavish servings of smoked pig ears or rack of lamb. There is an open-air wooden terrace, too.A homely restaurant Chocolate 12

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    +7 (495) 6212125www.ginzaproject.ruOpen: 11:0024:00Cuisine: European, Japanese, original Capacity: 70 seatsAverage check: 800 rublesParking: noAccessibility for people with disabilities: yes (access ramp)Wi-Fi: yes

    BURGOMEISTERMetro Teatralnaya5 Teatralnaya Square, Building 2, +7 (495) 9830092www.burgermeister.ruBeer bar, pubOpen: 11:0024:00Cuisine: European Average check: 1,000 rublesParking: noAccessibility for people with disabilities: yes (access ramp)Wi-Fi: no

    BOSCOMetro Teatralnaya, Ploshchad RevolutsiiGUM, 3, Red Square +7 (495) 6203182 09:0024:00Cuisine: Italian, Russian Capacity: 180 seatsAverage check: 4,0005,000 rublesParking: yesAccessibility for people with disabi