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    FROM THE EDITORAs promised last time, this issue leads off with researcher/

    author Budd Hopkins' reflections on abduction cases. We also havea survey of the orthodox scientific periodical literature regarding thesubject of UFOs, and how it is treated, by James McCampbell. Inaddition, there are two in-depth reports of landed UFO sightings andtwo recent UFO movie reviews, along with most of our regulardepartments. We hope you enjoy the timely Halley's Comet coverand accompanying article by Walter Webb.

    Finally, we look forward to bringing you the next issue of theJournal and hope you look forward as much to reading it!

    In this issueABDUCTION REFLECTIONS by Budd Hopkins .". 3UFOS: A PERIODICAL REVIEW by James McCampbell 5CANADIAN LANDING CASE by Graham Comvay .7TOUCH-DOWN IN NORTH CAROLINA? by George Fawcett 10COMET HALLEY by Walter Webb 13UFOS IN REEL LIFE by Joe Kirk Thomas & Dennis Stacy 14NEWS 'N' VIEWS - 16THE NIGHT SKY by Walter Webb 18DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20COVER by Michael Bonecutter

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    The UFO sighting I made onesunny afternoon on Cape Codoccurred twenty-two years ago. Nottoo many months later I discovered,and joined, NICAP. I.suscribed to theirnewsletter as well as to their skepticalposition with regard to humanoidreports and abduction accounts. DavidJacobs made the witty observation thatin those days no one believed that aUFO had an inside (let alone, Godforbid, passengers).

    Despite NICAP's solid investiga-tions of- many early sightings, and itsvery real effect on the public's

    .awareness of the UFO phenomenon, itis safe to say that we have come a long

    . way since those early NICAP days. Realprogress has been made. Layers ofmystery have been stripped away. Thisshort paper deals with a fewcharacteristics of the UFO abductionphenomenon which I have onlyrecognized in the past few years.


    First of all, UFO abudctions mustbe vastly more common than we haveever, imagined. This is not the place todetail the complex statistical evidencefor such as assertion, but my nextobservation may offer some support tothis disturbing idea. The deeper I havedelved into the recollections of anysingle abductee the more thoroughthe investigation the more separateabduction or contact experiences thatindividual seems to have undergone.

    As an example, I received a phonecall recently from a rather distraughlman who wished to tell me about a verydisturbing experience he had had onDec. 26, 1985.' It so happens that thisman is a writer of reputation whom Ihad heard interviewed a few monthsago on National Public Radio; I knew oihis work.

    The writer told me about hisconscious recollections, which wererather extensive: small figures in his

    bedroom, physical paralysis* anexamination, an apparent implant, andso forth. The next morning there wasicorroborating physical evidence,including a small, fresh incision, an areaof numbness near his ear and aninternal rectal injury. We met and Ilistened to his account. At several timeshe was unable to restrain his tearsbecause the experience had been soterrifying.


    I asked if any other odd,"unresolved" memories came to this one and he said that therewas something else that had happenedearlier that fall (October 5, as we laterdetermined). A bluish light had filled thehouse, there was the sound of a muffledexplosion, he vaguely rememberedbeing outside in his pajamas, and soforth. This experience, however,involved his wife and young son as wellas two houseguests. . I have sinceinterviewed each of them separately.Each saw the blue light filling the house,each heard the explosion, and onehouseguest recalled that she heardquick, light skittering sounds after theboom. Each remembered falling asleepimmediately afterwards, and inretrospect each regards his or herbehavior as highly unnatural. Theseven-year-old boy reported that thatnight he dreamed he was being lifted upfrom his bed and floated out the door,through the living room and out ontothe front porch. There, .he said, hefloated up into the sky. "Severalpeople" told him not to worry, thateverything was all right.


    The writer had called me initiallyabout one incident only hisfrightening recollections of Dec. 26 and my questions had led to theOctober event. When I asked about

    any odd memories from his earlychildhood, he suddenly recalled what Irecognized as a classic missing timeexperience from his eighth year. Ourinterview turned into a kind ofuncorking of masses of previouslyrepressed memories.. The anomoloiisevents included the sighting, uponseveral occasions, of a small whitefigure in the writer's New York Cityapartment. The witnesses include thewriter himself, his son and a college-agebaby sitter. During this same timeframe his wife was awakened one nightby a jab in her stomach, though sheapparently did not open her eyes. Laterthat night her son was similarly jabbed,and he awoke to see the little figurestanding alongside his bed.

    When I asked about the writer'sparents and siblings I learned about hisyounger brother's UFO'Sighting duringa hunting trip, an'experience which alsoincluded a period of missing time. Weare just at the very beginning of thisinvestigation, but the number ofsupporting witnesses as well as theobvious integrity of the central figuremake it an impressive case. It will bepublished in due time as theinvestigation unfolds.

    But my point is that this case is notat all unusual. One abduction reportusually reveals many others. TheDecember 26 even can already be seenas the proverbial tip of yet anothercomplex iceberg. Who knows what willemerge as this case is systematicallyexplored through hypnosis and otherstandard techniques of investigation?What kinds of experiences have his wifeand young son undergone?


    Over the years, my exposure tothe subject has led me to the tentativeconclusion that very few abducteeshave had only one such experience and

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  • REFLECTIONS, Continued

    that some individuals seerri to have' been dealt with very frequently. When

    one considers the high percentage ofcases in which members of the samefamily are abducted in differentlocations, at different times, and atdifferent stages of their lives, one is ledto the assumption that each reportedabduction may indicate dozens of as yetunremembered experiences for -thatindividual, as well as for other membersof his family. I believe that we UFOinvestigators are aware of only, aminiscule percentage of the thousandsof . abduction/contact incidents thathave occurred over the years- withapparently total ease of execution.

    A popular version of UFO historyputs forth the idea that the modernwave of UFO activity begins in 1947.The classic Hill abduction occurred,in1961, and has since come to be thoughtof as the "first" abduction case.Certainly it was the first such inc