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Mums Juggling Act 20 Juggling Tips To Help You Unjuggle Your Juggling Act So You Can Thrive + Strive

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Text of Mums Juggling Act 20 Juggling Tips To Help You Unjuggle Your Juggling Act So You Can Thrive + Strive

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  • Mums Juggling Act 20 Juggling Tips To Help You Unjuggle Your Juggling Act So You Can Thrive + Strive
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  • Juggling Tip #01: Water Forget cups of water, think jugs instead. Hydrated brains run better, focus better and concentrate better too! Buy a 1.5 litre water bottle. Carry it around and fill it up twice a day! I recommend 3 litres a day!
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  • Juggling Tip #02: Channel Change At the end of the day have a channel change. Put on your joggers and go for a quick run or walk with the kids. Clear out the anxieties of the day and get ready for happy hour 5-7pm with this daily 10 minute practice.
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  • Juggling Tip #03: Maintenance Chunks Maintenance Chunks; Carve out 2 times a day where you put on your Ms Efficiency hat and get cracking on your home duties. Bust all the dishes, washing, dusting, sweeping, wiping and shining jobs into one session. Get it over and DONE with.
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  • Juggling Tip #04: One-Minute Rule Practice the ONE-Minute Rule! A combo of touch-it-once and do-it- now mentality. If a task takes under ONE-Minute then touch it once, do it now and finish the cycle!
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  • Juggling Tip #05: Raise Your Rate Increase your heart-rate Increase your productivity! Taking too long to get stuff done? Cant concentrate? Run on the spot, star jumps, squats are your answer to getting more done in less time.
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  • Juggling Tip #06: Start the Day Right Start the day right. Get ready every, single morning, as if you are going to work. Start the day right to set the tone for the rest of the day. PJs all day are reserved for Sundays only.
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  • Juggling Tip #07: A Shiny Sink Shiny Sink Syndrome. Every single morning and every single night. Shine your sink. Clear it off, wipe it dry. A clean and shiny sink sets the tone for the rest of the house. If your house is a mess, do just this one thing to get the ball rolling.
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  • Juggling Tip #08: Vision Board Make a vision board. Without goals, aspirations and challenging ourselves, life can get boring, mundane and directionless. Make it fun, bright and exciting.
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  • Juggling Tip #09: Green Smoothies Have a Green Smoothie every morning. Before you say ewww yuck, give my Green Smoothie recipe a try Youll be hooked, full of energy and setting yourself up for a healthy day full of good food choices.
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  • Juggling Tip #10: Sticker Charts A sticker chart for you! Yes YOU! Set daily habits; write 500 words, 3 litres water, yoga, meditate, exercise, organise Make a sticker chart & sticker for everyday you do a daily habit. Feels good, feels fun and actually works.
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  • Juggling Tip #11: 30 in 30 30 Grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking. It will help you lose weight, sustain energy and feel fuller. This is tip is from The Four Hour Body and the Dr Oz show! It works.
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  • Juggling Tip #12: Life List Make an endless list of all the things you want to do, be, have Crazy, simple, small, large Whatever it is list it out into your Life List. Its a bucket list full of ideas like write a book for your kids, make a pavlova, bungy jump
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  • Juggling Tip #13: Clean Kitchen B4 Bed Yes this is a simple one. But going to bed with a clean kitchen will surprise and delight you in the morning. This is a number one rule to keep. Theres nothing worse than starting a day off on the back foot.
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  • Juggling Tip #14: Eat The Frog This means get to work on your most hated, worst job of the day (eating a frog) first thing. Get it out of the way, over and done with and complete. Youll feel amazing for the rest of the day having tackled the hardest job already.
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  • Juggling Tip #15: Do the Guest Clean I heard a saying once I clean more in the 10 minutes before someone comes over than I do in a whole week Flip this around and clean like this for yourself! Whizz around the house for 10 minutes. Its amazing what you can do in 10!
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  • Juggling Tip #16: Morning Ritual Have a morning ritual. Write down 5 things you would love to do every morning to start the day right. Now list them out and get up 30 minutes earlier than the house to do it.
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  • Juggling Tip #17: Frazzled List Make your own How to be Frazzled List. Write out 10 things that you do that will make you frazzled. I.e. get up late, leave the dishes, not saying NO enough, not exercising, browser blackout and Facebook. Identify your unbalancing acts.
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  • Juggling Tip #18: Schedule Family Fun Schedule Sunday activities and family fun. Pre-Plan 2 family activities every weekend. Farmers markets, playgrounds, cafes, beach, walks, picnics, drives. Whatever it is schedule Family Fun into your life.
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  • Juggling Tip #19: Family Calendar Everytime a bill or note comes in, write its due date up on the calendar the moment you open it. Open your mail next to your family calendar and enter in activities due immediately after opening. Never miss a date again.
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  • Juggling Tip #20: Pre-game Song Have your own pre-game song. Listen to an uplifting song at the start of each day, to lift your mood and go into the day (game) with excitement, fun and energy.
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  • About Jana Kingsford About the Author Im a Mum of 3, university grad, under 30 entrepreneur. Dreamer and doer, do-it-now-er, green smoothie loving, productivity junkie and wakeboarder. Im also founder of A place for mums with BIG dreams to hang out, be inspired, motivated and get To find more time, create more balance and transform their lives. I offer personalised one on one consulting sessions to help mums unjuggle their juggling act so they can thrive while they on one consulting Im ridiculously passionate about helping mums achieve their BIG dreams, just like I did when I graduated university with 2 kids and businesses in tow. I learnt so much when I was studying and mothering that I felt compelled to help mums achieve their big dreams too. I just LOVE the way mums come alive when theyre going after their BIG dreams. Happy BIG DREAMING & DOING! And UNJUGGLING your JUGGLING ACT Love Jana xx
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