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Music magazine genres

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I have researched into the different genres of music magazine to help give me inspiration to

choose what genre I would like to use for my own music magazine. I have looked into their target

audiences and colours schemes used throughout the genres, this will help me when I come to

design my own.

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Most of the R&B magazines are either very bright or very dark and scary. The master head stands out from the

background but the main image covers most of it on most of the R&B magazines. They used a large main image that

covers the whole page front page. The main target audience for R&B magazines would be teenagers, judging

from the type of language used in these magazines and also the image used on the front is always of the latest new R&B

singers, which the younger generation like to listen to.


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Pop magazines are generally very bright and cheerful, which attracts the readers. The colours used throughout

pop magazines are mostly pinks and purples which implies that the target audience is teenage girls. Also the main image is normally a recent pop singer who teenage girls like to listen to. The language used Is simple and easy to

read for the young girls and gets straight to the point and the main stories.


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Hip-Hop is a subculture that originated from the fusion of African American and Latino American communities during the 1970s, in New York City, specifically within the Bronx.

While the term is often used to refer to hip-hop music, in its broader sense hip-hop culture is characterized by the four elements of rapping, DJ’ing, breaking and graffiti. Hip-hop

magazines user quite dark colours and reds which connotes power and authority. Their target audience is teenagers aged form 16-20, because this is the type of music that teenagers like to listen to in this generation. Hip-hop

magazines usually uses a large main image of a Hip-hop artist that slightly covers the masthead and stands out to

the readers.


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Classical music magazines are mainly aimed at the older generation as the music is very slow and relaxing. The

colour schemes are very subtle such as reds and white and black, they are not loud colours and go well with the genre. Classical magazines use a main large image which can be

set underneath the mast head or slightly overlayed over the mast head.


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Rock magazines use dark and gloomy colours as it relates to the hard heavy rock music. For Rock magazines there is

quite a large range of target audiences as it isn’t just aimed at teenagers but also middle aged people as well and

mainly males. Most rock magazines are very busy on the front covers with coverlines and images and large titles.