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Researching Genre

Researching Music Genres

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Page 1: Researching Music Genres

Researching Genre

Page 2: Researching Music Genres

Exercise 1Create a group prezi.

Each group member choose a genre or sub-genre that you’re interested in from the PDF. Research the forms and conventions of the genre and find associated music videos

Each group member should put their name next to their research and then embed the prezi in their blog.

Page 3: Researching Music Genres

Exercise 2Using the link http://www.musicgenreslist.com/ vote for your favourite musical genre. Once everyone in the class has voted click ‘show results’, screen shot the results and put the jpeg in your blog, under the prezi with some description of what it is.

Page 4: Researching Music Genres

Exercise 3Create a new blogpost titled ‘chosen genre’.

State what your groups chosen genre is and outline the forms and conventions that you will incorporate into your own work to ensure it is readable as the selected genre.

Page 5: Researching Music Genres


Create a blogpost titled ‘inspirational genre videos’.Select 2 videos and suggest how it uses the forms and conventions of the genre.Then suggest how you could incorporate some of your findings into your own work.