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Nazi Totalitarianism. Weimar Republic In 1919 German leaders drafted to constitution in city of Weimar. This created the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic

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Text of Nazi Totalitarianism. Weimar Republic In 1919 German leaders drafted to constitution in city of...

  • Nazi Totalitarianism

  • Weimar RepublicIn 1919 German leaders drafted to constitution in city of Weimar.This created the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic was a democratic government.It was led by a chancellor or prime minister.It gave women the right to vote and had a bill of rights.

  • Political Struggle

  • Ruhr ValleyFrance had control of the Ruhr Valley which was rich with coal.The German Workers refused to work and the government backed them by not paying them.Inflation spread very quickly and the German mark became extremely worthless.Most middle class families suffered.

  • RecoveryHelp from the Western Powers brought inflation under control.In 1924 the U.S. got Britain and France to approve a plan to lower reparation payments.France withdrew troops from Ruhr Valley and the U.S. loaned money to Germany for economic recovery.The Great Depression soon hit and the miseries of 1923 came back.

  • Rise of Nazies Germany quickly turned to the energetic Adolf Hitler, who promised to solve economic crisis and restore Gernamys former glory.Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. When he was 18 he went to the Capital of Hapsburg Empire.The German-Austrians felt superior over Jews, Serbs, Poles , and many others.Hitler formed an anti-semitism group of prejudice against Jewish people, this would be a big part in his rise to power.While Hitler was in Jail he wrote the book Mien Kampf which means My Struggles. it was the book of the nazi goals.This book showed Hitlers deep hatred towards Jewish people.

  • Rise of Nazis (cont.)The rise of Nationalism in the 1800s caused people to identify the Jews as ethnic outsiders.Hitler thought the Jews were not a seperate religion but a seperate race.He blamed Germanys defeat in WW1 on a conspiracy of Marxists, Jews, and politicians/business leaders.His idea for recovery was that Germans everywhere needed to unite into one great nation, Germany must expand to gain living space for its peopleTo achive its greatness Germany needed a strong leader or Fuhrer.Hitler wanted to be that leader.Hitler was released from prison.In 1933 Hitler was apointed chancellor through legal meansWithin a year Hitler was dictator of Germany.

  • Nazi YouthThe Nazi ideology was taught to the youthYouth pledged absolute loyalty to Germany in camps, and were trained and prepared for battle there. School courses and textbook were rewritten to fit the Nazis beliefs Pure-blood aryan women were rewarded for having more children to increase the population

  • Purgingsought to purify german culture.denounced modern art saying it was corrupted by jewscondemned jazz for it African rootsglorified old German myths

  • KristallnachtAlso known as the "Night of broken glass"On Nov. 7. 1938 a Jew shot and wounded a German diplomat in ParisHitler used that to stage an attack on all JewsNov 9-10 a Nazi led mob attacked Jewish communities in GermanyBefore long Hitler was making the final solution which is the execution of all Jews

  • Nuremberg Lawsin 1935 Nazis passed the nuremberg lawsit took German citizenship away from Jewsprohibited them from marrying non-Jews, attending or teaching at German schools, or holding a Government job

  • GestapoNazis secret policerooted out opposition of Hitler

  • Third ReichHitler created the Third Reich when he took powerwanted Germany to dominate all of Europe for thousands of years