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Uppingham Community College Newsletter: February 2011 TERM UPDATE BY ARRANGEMENT WITH MUSICSCOPE AND STAGE MUSICALS LIMITED OF NEW YORK Thursday 10th March Friday 11th March Saturday 12th March 7.30pm in the Drama Studio *£6 adults / £4 concessions* Tickets available from the School Shop NOW! *£1 discount if bought before 4th March*

Newsletter Feb2011

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College Newsletter - February 2011

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  • Uppingham Community College

    Newsletter: February 2011



    ATE By arrangement with

    musicscope and stage musicals limited of new york

    Thursday 10th MarchFriday 11th March

    Saturday 12th March7.30pm in the Drama Studio

    *6 adults / 4 concessions*

    Tickets available from the School Shop NOW!

    *1 discount if bought before 4th March*

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    Important Dates

    Yr 8 Girls (2nd) HPV VaccinationYr 11 (Resit) GCSE Maths Module 1 (pm)Yr 11 (Resit) GCSE Maths Module 3 (am)Yr 11 Music Composition 2Yr 9 Choices EveningTriangular Cross-Country (CBEC) (pm)Yr 10 Science Module (am)Yr 11 Mock GCSEs (begin)German Work Experience Student to UCCSchool Musical Production WeekYr 10 Maths Module 1 (am)Yr 10 CSI DayYr 10 Maths Unit 2 (pm)Musical PerformanceGCSE Music Recording DayYr 11 History Controlled AssessmentAssociated Board Instrumental ExamsYr 10 GCSE Drama Frantic Assembly WorkshopGCSE Music Composing TaskYr 11 GCSE Art ExamYr 11 Child Development (C/F/T)Spotlight on Dance

    Family Activity DayYr 11 GCSE PE ExamYr 10 GCSE Citizenship Trip to ParliamentSuccess Assembly







    Uniform prices are due to increase on 1st March 2011. We have stock available in the school shop if you want to replace items before the increase.

    2nD VaccInatIon for hpV

    Year 8 Girls

    Tuesday 1st March

    Monday 6th June

    by Miss Shelley

    for more informationplease call steve on 01572 823631

    free to a gooD hometeleVIsIon VIDeo combIs

    panasonIc / phIlIps / saVIlle

    20 Inch screen

    obVIoUs wear anD tear from In school Use

    engraVeD school InItIals can be remoVeD

    all applIance testeD

    are yoU a yoUth groUp or nUrsery?

    messages or DelIVerIesfor stUDents

    DUrIng the school Day

    The number of items and messages being brought in for students has increased. Whilst we are always willing to help, the interruption of lessons is causing disruption not only to the student involved but is also affecting the learning of others.

    Students need to be more responsible and organise themselves for school, making sure they bring everything required at the start of the day.

    With this in mind, we are only able to deliver items or messages to students during the course of the day if it is an emergency. If a student is aware that items will be brought in, they will then be able to collect them personally from Students Services at break or lunchtime.

    Thank you for your co-operation.


    Please remember to telephone us first thing in the morning if your child will not be in school for any reason.

    Alternatively you can e-mail [email protected]

    This e-mail address can also be used to advise of absences in advance or to clear outstanding absences.

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    F am i l y A c t i v i t y D a y

    More than 30 people took part in our latest Family Activity Day on Saturday 5th February.

    Groups enjoyed sewing with Sue Berridge, pottery with Jenny Brogan, cooking with Chef Paul Bennett and activities linked to the Chinese New Year making Chinese Lanterns and dragons with Tessa Angell.

    Lunch was a wonderful Chinese banquet where we tried out chop sticks and opened our fortune cookies!

    These family days provide a fantastic opportunity for adults and children to try something new; have fun together and they are completely FREE!

    The next day in this series is already being planned for Saturday 2nd April. Places must be booked in advance by contacting Joanne Wade on

    go golD

    Ana Weber and Nathan Quinn-Jarvis received grants of 300 each from the Go Gold Talented Athlete Awards Scheme to aid them in their continuing training and participation in Tennis and Golf respectively.

    The grant was presented to them by the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council at a awards ceremony held at County Hall, Glenfield.

    These photos are available to download from the Leicestershire County Council website. www.leics.gov.uk/civic

    In our Citizenship lessons, we are running a campaign for a school allotment. To start off we sent out questionnaires to students and staff. The majority of people wanted an allotment because it would mean less food miles, which is better for the environment. Also a lot of people said the fruit and vegetables would taste better because they wouldnt have any of the chemicals.

    We would like to grow our own organic food so it is healthier and we know what is added to the food. The kitchen staff think it is a good idea and are willing to cook food from the allotment and cook fresh vegetables, they would like us to grow potatoes and other veg. It could be in the corner of the field.

    Thanks to Mrs Turner for her very positive response to our campaign.

    by Lily Curley, Scott Eldridge, Lianne Dalby

    Year of the Rabbit

    Chinese New Year

    [email protected]

    or telephone 01572 823631

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    E U



    sportIng profIle

    name: Brad Mowat

    tUtor groUp: 11LR

    Date of bIrth: 16/10/1994

    sportIng Interests

    My favourite sport has to be Judo. I do Judo at Oakham and represent the East Midlands. I enjoy doing Judo because of the fighting and the satisfaction you get when you win a hard fight. Other sports I have an interest in are Football and Motocross.

    InVolVement In school sport

    I used to play for the school Football team in Year 9. I also represented the school in the British Schools Championships.

    greatest sportIng achIeVement

    Finishing 5th in both the Heart of England Championships, held at the NIA Arena and in the British Nationals. Because of this, I also got selected for the British Judo Squad, placing 2nd in the Welsh Open. I have also been selected to fight in the Midland Area Squad.

    sportIng ambItIon

    I would love to be in the English Judo Squad and fight for my country internationally. I would also like to become a coach at my current Judo club in Oakham and help the youngsters to have as much success as me.watch thIs space for more sportIng profIles

    before & after school clUbevery day of the week

    startIng monDay 28th febrUary

    Before school 8am-9am

    after school 3.30pm-6pm

    Booking is essential

    any QUestIons please rIng

    01572 821210

    sportIng profIle

    name: Callum OBerg

    tUtor groUp: 11WW

    Date of bIrth: 12/07/1995

    sportIng Interests

    I am interested in all sports, either watching them on TV, but mostly taking part in sports as an individual or as part of a team. My favourite sports are Football, Rugby and Cricket.

    InVolVement In school sport

    I play for the school Rugby, Football and Cricket teams and also take part in all of the Athletics and Cross Country events. I have represented all of these teams since starting UCC in Year 7.

    greatest sportIng achIeVement

    I believe I have a few great sporting achievements. One of these is being scouted and playing for Leicester City FC at the age of 12. Another achievement is playing Cricket as an opening batsman for Uppingham Town Mens 1st Team. I have also made it several times to Saffron Lane to compete in the county 1500m and Cross Country.

    sportIng ambItIon

    I have no current sporting ambitions, except for the future keeping fit and healthy; and take part in a fairly good standard of Mens Football, Rugby and Cricket.

    Upp-starts Nursery & Pre-school, UCC, London Road, Uppingham, Rutland, LE15 9TJ

    u p p - s t a r t snursery & pre-school

    planned activities

    homework corner

    arts & crafts




    breakfast & tea proVIDeD

    Celebrating 10 Years Of Quality Childcare