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Getting Ready for College with the Michigan eLibrary Michigan College Access Network Conference 2011. No Cost Resources for Teachers, Parents and Students. MeL Homepage. MeL Resources for Educators. MeL Kids Gateway. MeL Teens Gateway. MeL Teens Gateway: College Prep. Resourecs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Getting Ready for College with theMichigan eLibrary Michigan College Access Network Conference 2011No Cost Resources for Teachers, Parents and Students

  • MeL Homepage**

  • **MeL OverviewOn Michigan eLibrary Homepage:Research DatabasesStatewide Library CatalogMeL MichiganaMichigan Online Resources for Educators (MORE)Featured Resources

  • MeL Resources for Educators

  • MeL Kids Gateway

  • MeL Teens Gateway

  • MeL Teens Gateway: College Prep. Resourecs**

  • Test Prep. in MeL

  • MeL Databases Authentication**

  • LearningExpress Library

  • LearningExpress Library: Elementary School Learning Center**

  • LearningExpress Library: Middle School Learning Center**

  • LearningExpress Library: High School Learning Center**

  • LearningExpress LibraryCollege Prep. Learning Center**

  • LearningExpress LibraryACT Preparation**

  • LearningExpress LibraryACT Preparation**

  • LearningExpress Library: Login to Tests/Tutorials**

  • LearningExpress Library: ACT Practice**

  • LearningExpress Library: ACT Practice**

  • LearningExpress Library: AP Practice**

  • LearningExpress Library: AP Biology Practice Test**

  • LearningExpress Library: More Support for College**

  • LearningExpress Library: Computer Skills Courses**

  • Searchable eBooks in LEX

  • Michigan College Access Portal

  • Michigan College Access Portal

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  • Contact InformationDeb Biggs Thomas, Michigan eLibrary & Library Outreach Coordinator Library of Michigan, Michigan Dept. of

    Welcome to the Michigan eLibrary and the Michigan Online Resources for Educators (MORE)!MeL is Michigans 24/7 online library and is available in all Michigan libraries and from anywhere w/Internet access. MeL is a program of the Library of Michigan made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. On you will find reliable and relevant resources at your fingertips. In the middle of the page are MeLs main components: Databases, MeLCat (Catalog), Michigan Online Resources for Educators (MORE), Featured Resources, and MeL Michigana. On the left side of the screen, you will see 2 buttons under the MeL logo, clicking on the top button will let you search for full text periodical titles in the MeL databases. The 2nd button goes directly to MeLs LearningExpress Library database for practice tests and tutorials. We give prime real estate to this resources because it has such timely impact here in Michigan for those working their way through the educational system or those retooling into new jobs/careers. Under these 2 buttons, you will see the MeL Gateways: 7 areas of interest that weve identified of particular interest to Michigan residents. On the grey bar underneath the MeL banner, you will also notice links to, the Michigan Dept. of Education, the Library of Michigan, Contacts, MeL Promotions (for more information and promotional materials/resources on the Michigan eLibrary), MyMeL for use with MeLCat, About MeL which includes history, statistics, etc., and Help with using the Michigan eLibrary.

    The Michigan eLibrary (MeL) is comprised of 5 main components. This presentation focuses on MeL resources specifically for educators which include teachers and parents and for students. Particular attention and time will be given to the Michigan Online Resources for Educators, in MeL.On the left side of the MeL homepage you will find the MeL Gateways which contain specific topic oriented resources. Teachers, parents and students should definitely check out the Kids and Teens Gateways.

    Students and parents can find suggested and recommended resources which will start students down the path to college readiness.This is a screenshot for MeLs Teen Gateway; it includes recommended databasesmore than what the Kids Gateway recommends--plus weve built out the suggested best Web sites on the left side of the page to include: Homework Help, College Prep, and Life Skills.

    College preparation resources in MeLs Teens Gateway. These Web sites have been selected by subject specialists and meet the accuracy, authority, coverage, and objectivity standards required for inclusion in the Michigan eLibrary.LearningExpress Library (LEX), MeLs test and tutorial database is so valuable, that we give it prime real estate on MeLs homepage! Click on the button to go directly to the resource.

    In order to access LearningExpress Library and any of the MeL databases, remote usersi.e. those accessing databases via MeL.orgare taken through an authentication process which indentifies them as Michigan residents. They may login using their Michigan Drivers License, State ID number or with their participating MeLCat library card number. Those who access the MeL databases from any Michigan library are taken via dedicated IP address directly to the resource of their choice. In the new database contract, we are requesting that authentication also be made available via Geo-IP. Vendors will use software that will essentially read the IP address of those connecting to MeL databases which will determine whether or not that IP is from Michigan. If it is not, the authentication screen seen in this slide will appear.

    LearningExpress Library (LEL) contains tests and tutorials starting from the 4th grade in math and reading improvement on up through college preparation with practice tests for the ACT, SAT, CLEP and Advanced Placement (AP). Click on any of the Learning Centers on the right side of the LearningExpress Library page for content. Civics, government and political science teachers, can have their classes take the U.S. Citizenship test as a pre/post test in your classes. Its not a multiple guess test any longer! Let your schools guidance counselors know about this terrific resource as well in terms of the college Prep. Practice tests and other vocational tests found in the Jobs & Careers Learning Center. Teachers going back to college for an advanced degree can find all the graduate school entrance practice exams in the College Students Learning Center. And youve probably noticed that theres a Learning Center for those students who want to finish their high school work and test for the GED.

    LearningExpress Library has tests and tutorials for skills building in the core subject areas starting in the 4th grade. Click on the + to drill down to the actual test or tutorial. This slide shows the math practice tests. LearningExpress Library includes tests that are used nation-wide.The Middle School Learning Center has even more choices; this slide details the reading and comprehension skills improvement choices.LearningExpress Librarys High School Learning Center is loaded with tests and tutorials that will help students achieve in high school and also get them ready for college or career.This slide details the college entrance exams available in LearningExpress Library.This is the drill down for the ACT prep. The ACT is administered to all Michigan high school juniors. You can also find the SAT and PSAT in LEL. The PSAT is an optional test that sophomores take in Michigan high schools.This slide shows the ACT English practice tests in LEL.In order to take the actual tests, a user creates a personal account which is free of charge within LEL. Once created users can store the tests they are working on and retake them again should they choose to do so.Weve logged in and are now ready to take the ACT English Practice Test 1.This slide details the beginning of the ACT English Practice Test 1. Tests are timed, scored, and evaluated. If theres not enough time in a class session to take the test, they can be finished later.The College Preparation Learning Center also has the Advanced Placement practice exams.This is a detail of the AP Biology Practice Exam.LEL has additional support for college readiness in the College Admissions Preparation section.Looking to improve computer skills? LEL has courses for all the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe and more!LearningExpress Library also has a host of searchable ebooks in PDF format on these and more topics. You can find the link to these ebooks on the right side of the LearningExpress homepage near the bottom in the What Do I Do Know? section.

    You can also find a link to MeL resources particularly LearningExpress Library in the Michigan College Access Portal. Once logged in, click on Resources and then MeL.MeL in MiCAP.*Thanks!Feel free to contact Deb if you have additional questions or comments, and please join the Michigan eLibrary on Facebook!