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Astronomy, Shakespeare, iPads and more! Browse our wide range of February 21, 2014 professional development workshops. Register at thinklangley.com

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  • ODYSSEY 2014

    Staff Development DayFriday, February 21

    Langley Secondary School


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    ODYSSEY 2014 Superintendents Message Langley School District is committed to life-long learning and I appreciate and applaud the efforts of all our staff that make the time and take the effort to continue to renew and update their knowledge, skills and expertise. Once again our Professional Services department has put together an outstanding program for SD35 staff featuring many of our colleagues and peers as presenters and facilitators. Administrators, Instructional Services staff, LTA members, CUPE staff and management staff are all represented in the long list of those willing to share their expertise with others as we all strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.

    As a district we have undertaken a new vision for the future, a vision to become an innovative, inspiring, and unified learning community. Our mission is to inspire all learners to reach their full potential and create a positive legacy for the future, and the Odyssey 2014 program is one step on the road toward our goals for Langley staff and students.

    Suzanne Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools

    Thank You

    Special thanks to all who made contributions to put this program and guide together:

    Odyssey Program: Ngaire Leaf & Nick Ubels Production & Design: Nick Ubels & Ngaire Leaf Data Entry & Registration: Denise Begg

    Many thanks to all those who made suggestions for workshops, and to those who involved themselves in planning. If you have any ideas for staff development workshops please contact Professional Services (604-530-4060) or via email at thinklangley@sd35.bc.ca.

    www.facebook.com/LangleySD35 Follow @thinklangley and use the hashtag #think35

    Welcome Message Another great day planned to learn and exchange ideas with colleagues! Providing educators with opportunities to reflect upon and improve professional practice is the key to raising student achievement. The Odyssey professional development sessions include numerous workshops to further enhance the skills of educators to improve student learning. This year, several sessions will also focus upon middle school philosophy and pedagogy to align with the opening of the new middle school in Willoughby for September 2014. Thank you to all of the staff members that have offered to share their expertise with colleagues on this day there is certainly a wealth of knowledge in the Langley school district. In addition, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Professional Services department for their commitment to consistently provide Langley with outstanding professional development offerings. We look forward to seeing you on February 21st.

    Gordon Stewart, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

  • New to Odyssey? Looking for a refresher on pre-registration? Our simple, step-by-step guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the most of your pro-d day. If you have any questions or concerns email thinklangley@sd35.bc.ca or call 604-530-4060.

    1. Browse our workshop offerings by using our convenient schedule at-a-glance spread on page 22 and looking at our more detailed descriptions throughout the booklet. Workshops are listed ac-cording to the schedule, not topic, so you may have to do a little digging to find the sessions right for you. Youll find information about the speakers too, including a biography as well as websites or Twitter handles if presenters have elected to include them. Hopefully this will help you find the best presenters for you.

    2. Note the sessions that interest you most. Use the schedule-at-a-glance to keep track.

    3. DeciDe on your first, second, and third choices for each time block. If a session is cancelled or the workshop you want to register for is already full, we will be able to move you to another workshop of your preference.

    4. register online at thinklangley.com or using the form on page 43 of this booklet (the inside back cover). Not only is online registration more convenient, it also ensures that your registration is processed instantly, ensuring you make it into your preferred workshops. Youll need the registration number listed on the far right.

    5. Tweet about the conference using the hash tag #odyssey2014 to connect with presenters and other attendees.

    Planning your learning journey

    KNow Your icoNs!Next to each session description, you will find icons intended to make it easier to decide which workshops are a good fit for you. They indicate workshops that require advance preparation, have a trades focus, or deviate from the usual speaker-directed format.

    - Bring your own device

    - Active workshopbring your gym strip

    - Roundtable discussion

    - Focus on trades

    Image: Ken Hoff/Langley School District

    Odyssey pre-registration in five easy steps

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    View the schedule-at-a-glance

  • Friday, February 21All-Day Session

    School Board Office 4875 222 Ave. Langley, BC

    Friday, February 21Rise and Shine Session: 6:45am 7:45amHari Om Yoga 20230 64 Ave Langley, BC

    All Day: 8:00am - 5:00pm 0616-14 First Aid -OFA Level 1 - School Board Office

    Valley First AidAudience: SD35 staff onlyLearning tasks:

    Priority action approach;

    Primary survey - conscious patient /unconscious patient;

    Cervical spine control;

    Airway and breathing interventions;

    Hemorrhage control;

    One person CPR;

    Minor injuries which require medical aid;

    Management of soft tissue injuries;

    Records and reports;

    You must bring two pieces of identification, at least one of which is photo I.D. to the class. Please wear comfortable

    clothes and bring your own lunch. Be prepared to spend a great deal of time on your knees, consider bringing something to kneel on (yoga

    mat, towel, knee pads).

    Manual included. Space is limited please register early if you require this training or recertification.

    SD35 employees $80. Available to SD35 staff only.

    6:45-7:45am 5000-14Rise and Shine YogaHari Om Yoga

    hariomyoga.com Audience: All InterestedStart your pro-d day at Hari Om with Rise and Shine Yoga! This sessions is for all levels, those who have never tried yoga before to those who practice in a yoga studio.

    Plus you will receive a 20% off discount card to come use for retail therapy for your favorite brands. New members can also sign up for one week of unlimited yoga for $10 +hst as a great way to try out a wide variety of yoga class styles to see what type of class best suit your own needs.

    If it is your first time at Hari Om, please try to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes early as you will need to fill out a waiver form. By arriving early, you will not be stressed out about being rushed.

    As a multi-styles yoga studio, Hari Om Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes ranging from the more physically intensive (hot flow, core yoga fusion and prana energy flow classes) through to the more relaxing / or with a particular focal point (restorative, relax deeply, hatha, luna yoga - all about hips and lower back classes) and in-between (yin/yang - half the class movement oriented with the second half deeper stretching lengthening out, flow into yin heart & soul, shakti flow, beginners hot yoga with alignment, form of the pose and yin yoga classes) and pre-registered series like their our popular beginner series as well as pre-natal yoga.

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  • Friday, February 21Session ABC: 8:30am 1:40pm

    Langley Secondary School 21405 56 Ave. Langley, BC

    Friday, February 21Session ABC: 8:30am-1:40pm

    D.W. Poppy Secondary 23752 52 Ave Langley, BC

    Session ABC: 8:30-1:40 5002-14Self-regulated Learning in 21st Century Classrooms

    Dr. Allyson Hadwin - University of Victoria@AllysonHadwin | allysonhadwin.wordpress.com

    Audience: All InterestedSelf-regulatied learning (SRL) is a set of 21st century competencies relevant across ones lifespan, extending beyond school to work, social, and recreation contexts. Self-regulated learners are engaged, thinking, proactive, responsive, and reflective. These are the students who adapt when faced with new challenges. However, many learners struggle with aspects of self-regulated learning. Figuring out where students go wrong is critical for successful intervention.

    This workshop will focus on exploring and constructing answers to two main questions:

    (1) What is SRL and why is it important for learners in my school?

    (2) How can we help learners to recognize where they may be struggling in terms of self-regulation?

    The session will involve small group discussion and collaboration. The goal is to lay a foundation for exploring features of classroom environments that might support self-regulated learning.

    Dr. Allyson Hadwin is an associate professor in educational psychology at the University of Victoria, co-director of the Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) research lab, and a founding member of the Canadian Consortium for Self-regulated Learning in Classrooms (www.srlcanada.ca). She teaches courses on self-regulated learning, learning theories, research methods, and learning strategies. Allyson began her training with a B.Ed. in junior-intermediate mathematics. Her research focuses on promoting adaptive regulation for the 21st century with a particular focus on collaborative processes. In particular, she examines tools and technologies for supporting learners to strategically and successfully adapt behaviour, cognition, motivation, an