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Oedipus Rex. Review slides— whoopie !. Characters. Jocasta Oedipus Creon Tiresias Antigone Chorus King Laius. Jocasta. Oedipus’s mom/wife She is the queen of Thebes She hangs herself She tried to dissuade Oedipus from discovering the truth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oedipus Rex

Oedipus RexReview slideswhoopie!CharactersJocastaOedipusCreonTiresiasAntigoneChorusKing LaiusJocastaOedipuss mom/wifeShe is the queen of ThebesShe hangs herselfShe tried to dissuade Oedipus from discovering the truthShe figures out the mystery through knowing about Oedipuss foot problem

OedipusProtagonistKing of ThebesBlinds himselfSleeps with momKills dadFour children/siblingsPride/curiosity= tragic flaw

CreonBrother-in-law of OedipusBrother of JocastaThe BrunkleOedipus accuses him of plotting against him to be kingOedipus thought that Creon paid Tiresias to say that Oedipus was the killerCreon is responsible for Oedipuss daughters

TiresiasBlind prophetDoesnt want to tell Oedipus the truthTells Oedipus that he is the killer

AntigoneOedipuss daughter

ChorusTalk to the characters about important decisionsSing and danceExplain some events

King LauisOedipus, his son, kills himKilled at the crossroads

Literary TermsTragedy: an art based on human suffering that results in catharsisCatharsis: a release of emotionsTragic hero: suffers a downfall because of his tragic flawDramatic irony: the audience knows something that the characters on stage to notTragic flaw: the character trait that causes the downfall of the tragic heroAmphitheatre: the performance arena for plays in ancient Greece