OIL PAINTINGS, WATERCOLOURS, DRAWINGS, PRINTS AND PAINTINGS, WATERCOLOURS, DRAWINGS, PRINTS AND ... together with two other watercolours by the same hand. [3] *200 ... ’I ain’t inspired to fight Dragons,

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    TUESDAY 23rd JANUARY 2018



    Commencing not before 2.30pm

    Pictures will be on view on:

    Friday 19th January 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Saturday 20th January 9.00am to 1.00pm

    Sunday 21st January 2.00pm to 4.00pm

    Monday 22nd January 9.00am to 5.15pm

    and on sale day

    Enquiries: Dan Goddard

    Tel: 01392 413100

    Email: goddardd@bhandl.co.uk

    Enquiries: Martin Scadgell

    Tel: 01392 413100

    Email: scadgellm@bhandl.co.uk

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.94

    551Frederick John Widgery [1861-1942]Teignmouth; Dartmoutha pair, both signed and inscribed copyright sold along the bottomwatercolours heightened with bodycoloureach 28 x 18cm. [2] *300 - 500

    552Samuel Edward Kelly [1862-1935]Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe Bay, Devon, circa 1910signed bottom leftwatercolour heightened with white25 x 37cm. *150 - 200

    553Ernest William Haslehust [1866-1949]On the river Plym; river scene with cottages and sailing boatssigned bottom left, inscribed on an Aldridge Brothers label on the reverse,watercolour33 x 51cm. *150 - 200

  • 95* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    554Rowland Fisher [1885-1969] A Cornish Harboursigned bottom right oil on canvas35 x 42.5cm. *300 - 500

    555Rowland Fisher [1885-1969] Fishermen in a Cornish estuarysigned bottom right oil on board31 x 37cm. *300 - 500

    556Rowland Fisher [1885-1969] Racing yachtssigned bottom right oil on board31 x 37cm. *200 - 300

    557 No Lot.

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.96

    558Cyril Mann [1911-1980]The Backwatersigned and inscribed on a label attached to the reverseoil on board, 30 x 34cm, together with one other oil painting of a Cattle in a Landscape and a pastel drawing of A Dimly Lit Street signed with initials and dated 48. [3] *400 - 600

    559Rowland Henry Hill [1873-1952] View across a common (Pedcar)signed and dated 1934watercolour, 25 x 35cm,together with two other watercolours by the same hand. [3] *200 - 300

    560William Strutt [1825-1915]Young Rhino with a Keeperpencil drawing, inscribed21 x 25cm,together with a pencil and watercolour drawing of lion cubs, 19 x 30cm. [2] *300-500

  • 97* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    561Louis William Wain [1860-1939]Mrs Tabbys Academysigned bottom rightwatercolour, pen and ink on paper35.5 x 50cm. *2000 - 3000

    Biography Born in Clerkenwell in London on 5th August 1860 to an English father and French mother, Wain was one of six children and the only boy. He did not attend school until he was ten and often played truant. In his late teens, Wain attended the West London School of Art and eventually became a teacher at the school.Louis Wain decided to strike out on his own and became a freelance artist. His speciality was drawing animals and rural subjects and he worked for journals such as Illustrated London News and Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. In 1883 Wain married Emily Richardson, his sisters governess. Richardson was ten years older than Louis and this caused quite a scandal. She suffered from breast cancer and during this illness she was comforted by their pet cat Peter, who Louis would sketch. Emily died three years later and it is this sad episode that was to define the rest of the illustrators career. He continued sketching cats and his first drawing of anthropomorphised cats was published in an Illustrated London News Christmas issue in 1886. His cats would parody humans while he satirised fashion and popular trends of the day. In his early years, the cats generally remained on all fours and were much more naturalistic in their poses; it was only later in his career that he produced cats walking upright with wide eyes and broad smiles, also wearing clothing. Despite his phenomenal output in both postcards, sketches and book illustrations, his mental state was frail and in 1924 was committed to a pauper ward of Springfield Mental Hospital suffering from schizophrenia. He remained in several different institutions, although he carried on sketching cats for pleasure right up until his death in 1939.

    Provenance. With The Parkin Gallery, 1988, where sold for *1750

    562-3 No Lots.

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.98

    564Herbert Sydney [1858-1923]A Grecian Priestesssigned and dated 1915 bottom rightfurther signed, inscribed and dated on the reverseoil on board23 x 12.5cm. *400 - 600

    565Ethel Kirkpatrick [1869-1966]Girl in a poppy gardensigned and dated 1898 bottom rightwatercolour94 x 52cm. *200 - 300

    566Anderson Haghe [1850-1916]Children leaving school, a village street beyondsigned Anderson HA bottom rightoil on canvas100 x 70 cm. *1200 - 1800

  • 99* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    567Jack Pohl [1878-1944, South African]Sunlight and shadow over an upland landscapesigned and dated 32oil on canvas36 x 51cm. *250 - 350

    568Jack Pohl [1878-1944, South African]Oryx in a landscape, mountains beyondsigned and dated 1920oil on canvas29 x 50cm. *200 - 300

    569Cuthbert Edmund Swan [1870-1931]Leopard stalking a python in a treesigned bottom leftwatercolour and bodycolour36.5 x 20cm. *200 - 300

    570Neville Henry Pennison Cayley [1853 - 1903]A pair of exotic birdssigned and dated 188 bottom leftwatercolour65 x 45cm. *250 - 300

    571Thomas Maybank [1869-1929]Treasure of The Woodsa set of six watercolour illustrations comprisingNo.4 ...Do hurry and see what it is, And he disappeared over the hill top; No.5 ...Its all my fault that the whole Greenwood is in trouble;No.13 ...Suddenly Florence felt something poking her in the back;No.15 ...only queer twisted trees that looked like Goblins faces grew among the rocks; No.18 ...I aint inspired to fight Dragons, and never will be, said the horse; No.22 ...This attack was so unexpected that the dragon forgot the knighteach signed Thomas Maybank and inscribed on the reverseeach 25 x 20cm. [6] *400 - 600

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.100

    572Joshua Shaw [1776-1861]An extensive Arcadian landscapefigures, horse and cattle by a steam in the foregroundwith a distant view to an estuary beyond,-oil on canvas101 x 132cm, contained within a plaster and gilded carlotta frame *4000 - 6000

    Biography Joshua Shaw was born in Lincolnshire and from a young age displayed fine artistic talent. Orphaned at seven years, he was sent-out to farms as a bird scarer and then to Manchester as a manual foreman. He travelled to London where his painting found favour and in 1817 Shaw emigrated to America and by 1819 had settled and established himself as an artist in Philadelphia.

  • 101* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    573Attributed to Karel Borchaert Voet [1670-1743] A parrot, flowers, figs, grapes and fruit on a marble ledge draped with a heavy velvet curtain, view through a window beyondoil on canvas68 x 88cm. *3000 - 5000

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.102

    574Dutch School late 18th/early 19th CenturyPortrait of a scholaroil on panel17.5 x 12cm, *200 - 300

    575Dutch School late 18th/early 19th CenturyA tavern interior with a young man playing a fluteoil on panel24 x 18cm, *200 - 300

    576Circle of Thomas Barker of Bath late 18th/early 19th CenturyBoy with pet mice in an Italianate landscapeoil on panel29 x 23cm. *200 - 300

    577Manner of Sir Peter Lely, 17th CenturyA portrait of Mary Dodding, circa 1677, bust-length, wearing a powder blue dress and rose pink cloak with pearl necklace and earringsinscribed top right Mary, daughter of George Dodding Esq., AD1677oil on canvas74 x 61cm. *800 - 1200

  • 103* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    578After Van Dyck [19th Century]Charles I, a triple portraitoil on canvas82 x 106 cm *500 - 700

    579Circle of William Dobson [1611-1646]A portrait of James Graham, Second Marquis of Montrose, bust-length, in armour with white line collar73 x 58cmoil on canvas. *600 - 900

    580English School 18th CenturyPortrait of a gentleman in armouroil on canvas within a painted oval34 x 27.5cm. *250 - 350

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.104

    581Circle of Adam Buck [1776-1852]A miniature portrait of Major General Sir William Blackburne, Indian Army, head and shoulders, indistinctly initialled lower right, on ivory, oval 6.5cm, in a gold frame with guilloche enamel and hair plait reverse, together with a miniature oval river landscape with fashionable pedestrians and horsemen in the foreground, an elaborate and ornate bridge beyond, a town and snow coverer mountains in the distance, 8.5 x 12cms and a group of contemporary manuscript diary extracts and William IV Commission to the rank of Major General in The East Indies

    *800 - 1200

    Blackburne entered the Madras Army as a cadet in 1782 where he received an ensigns commission in 1783 and in 1790 was promoted to lieutenant. Having served in Madura, Tamil Nadu and Tinnevelly and the campaign to defeat Tipu Sultan in 1792, his skill as a linguist led to his being employed as a Maratha interpreter in Tanjore during the enquiry into the right of succession to the Tanjore Raj and later held the post of Maratha Interpreter in Tanjore. In 1801 he was appointed Resident at the Tanjore Court and held that office until he left India in 1823. Blackburne commanded his soldiers to repel two invasions of the local province. In 1804 having exposed fraud and oppression on the part of the native officials in Tanjore, Blackburne was employed by The Madras Government to remodel the local administration both in Tanjore and the native state of Pukukota. Blackburne left India in 1823 and received the honour of a knighthood in 1838, the year before he died. The landscape that accompanies the miniature is, by family repute, a contemporary and related view in India.

  • 105* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    582Eugenia Cappelli [19th Century] after LeonardoThe Head of a Saintinscribed in pencil on the reverseoil on boardova, 15 x 12.5cm, within a Florentine carved giltwood frame. *100 - 150

    583Circle of Nathaniel Hone [Irish, 1718-1784]A miniature portrait of a young man, said to be Thomas Smith [b.1690], son of Thomas Smith, Governor of South Carolina, head and shoulders with dark hair and brown eyes, wearing a green coaton ivory, 7 x 5.5cm, in a leather case set within a small 19th century gilt gesso frame. *200 - 300

    584Flemish School [late 17th/early 18th century]The Temptation of St Anthonypencil drawing, 34 x 25.5cm.-contained within a carved wood and gilded frame.

    *400 - 600585Italian School 18th Century The Blessingpen and ink drawing24.5 x 16cm. *100 - 150

    586Circle of Francis Cotes [1726-1770]Portrait of Lady Carpenterbust-length, with long dark hair tied high with pearlsand wearing a pearl chokeroil on canvas74 x 62cm, in a contemporary carved wood frame. *300 - 500

    587-8 No Lots.

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.106

    589George Jones [1786-1869]Sleeping Man; Reclining Womantwo, pen, ink and pencil drawingseach 8.5 x 8.5cm. [2] *100 - 150

    Provenance Covent Garden Gallery Ltd from the Collection of The Artists Widow.

    590William Etty [1787-1849]Winged putti with dove in a landscapepen, ink and wash drawing,14 x 12cm.with sketches verso of the torso of a man, a bull and a head study *250 - 350

    591William Etty [1787-1849]An interesting album of original sketches- including Joan of Arc by the Gates of Orleans, a page of nude sketches incorporated in a letter to his brother William from an address 14 Buckingham Street, The Strand, a poem by William Makepeace Thackeray [1811-1863] entitled Impromptu dedicated to William Etty,with other original sketches,album size 31 x 25cm. *400 - 600

    Provenance Martha Etty [William Ettys sister married into the Dimes family].By family descent through the Dimes family.

    592Attributed to Antonio Cavallucci (c.1751-c1795/8, Italian)Three head studiessigned Cavallucci bottom centrepencil heightened with white28 x 39cm. *150 - 250

    Provenance Doig, Wilson & Wheatley, Edinburgh label, on reverse

    593 No Lot.

  • 107* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    594Victoria [1819-1901]Hagar and Ishmael in The Desertsigned and dated Victoria May 13th 1834inscribed with title and further inscribed top right Ladies Fancy Bazaar, Williss Room, May 1834pencil drawing21 x 18cm. *400 - 600

    The Williss Rooms were used for charitable fund raising purposes. It could be surmised that this drawing was given to Lady Jersey, who was an overseer of these rooms, for sale for charity. It was priced at 10 guineas - see typed note on reverse

    595Edmund Thomas Parris [1793-1873]Queen Adelaide, a bust-length portrait in decollete dress and ermine robesigned, inscribed and dated E T Parris Del 1835. Historical Painter to Her Majesty bottom rightwatercolour heightened with white20 x 27cm. *300 - 500

    Queen Adelaide was Queen Consort to William IV

    596James Warren Childe [1780 - 1862] Portrait of a Infantry Major [ADC] seatedsigned bottom leftinscribed Bedford St bottom leftwatercolour heightened with gum arabic28 x 22cm *250 - 350

    597Attributed to Sir Thomas Lawrence [1760-1830]An elegant lady in a parkinscribed Sir T Lawrence bottom rightpen and ink study19 x 16cm. *250 - 350Provenance Collection C J Newman, Esq.

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.108

    598Stuart G. Davis [19/20th Century]Portrait of a young lady, head and shoulderssigned and dated 1907 lower rightoil on canvas59 x 50cm. *300 - 500

    599M. E. Hall [19th/20th Century]Portrait of a Tyrolean gentlemansigned bottom rightoil on canvas50 x 40 cm. *200 - 300

    600-1 No Lots.

  • 109* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    602Attributed to Nathaniel Hone [Irish, 1718-1784]Portrait of a youth, thought to be The Cheshire Prophetoil on canvasoval, 70 x 58 cm. *2000 - 4000

    Provenance With Thomas Agnew & Sons

    603 No Lot

  • denotes lots affected by Artists resale rights - refer to conditions of sale.110

    604Attributed to Nicholas Condy [1793-1857]Fisherfolka pair, oils on boardeach 24.5 x 19.5 cm. [2] *800 - 1200

    Provenance With Mandells Gallery, Norwich.

    605Frederick George Pasmore [late 19th Century] Cottage interior with children and ducklings;A stable interior with children, a cockerel and terrierstwo, both signed and dated 1881oils on canvas, each 44 x 34cm. (2). *700 - 900

    606 No Lot.

  • 111* All lots subject to a buyers premium of 21% plus vat @ 20%

    607Johannes Anthonie Balthazar Stroebel [1821-1905]An Overheard Conversation; a well furnished town house interior with figures seated and a maid standing, cleaning tableware in the foreground-signed and dated 90 bottom leftoil on canvas69 x 89 cm. *1500 - 2500

    Provenance With Arthur Tooth & Son

    608After RubensKing Solomon and The Two Womenoils on metal38 x 50...


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