Online Branding - Practical Ways to Reach Your Customers

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  • Online BrandingPractical Ways to Reach your Customers

    & Transform them into your Brand AdvocatesEmpower Series

  • A Brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships

    that, taken together, account for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another.

    Seth Godin

  • Online Branding is a thoughtful process of creating consistently positive, attractive branding images and

    messages in the RIGHT Mix of Online Channels, to influence your target audience.


  • Factors Affecting Online Branding


    Opportunities to research online Supermarkets

    Consumers are confused Confumers? ;-)

    Digital clutter

    How to step up? Be Distinctive.

  • What hasnt changed?

    Big brands are trying to create a life-long relationship with their TG

    Brand Represents me: Starbucks cap

    Reebok T-shirts

    even Harley Davidson Tattoos!

  • What has changed?

    How you get there: using various digital channels

    How consumers can research a brand: Search




    Amazon reviews

  • Google Search:

    120 billion searches per year.

    2 billion internet users.

    60 Internet searches per year per user.

    Most of it related to products and brands.

  • 7 billion hours watched last year.

    2 billion internet users.

    3.5 hours per year per user.

    Most of it related to products and brands.(Car reviews, product unboxing, product comparison, etc.)

  • Eliciting Emotions

  • Eliciting Actions

  • Eliciting Actions

  • Practical Ways to Reach your Audience

  • Equal Opportunity - No matter how small they are.

    Challenge Status Quo - Thinking that only HUGE brands can access the channels of branding, is dead.

    Zero-Dollar Budget is now possible!

    Understand Your Customer.

    Come up with the Top 3 ideas: launch it

    get the feedback

    iterate from that

    Then restart.

    Don't think about branding as a "Clever" or "Catchy" piece of advertising -but focus on the overall customer experience

  • Top 5 Channels for Online Branding

    Search Organic



    Social Organic



    Email Marketing (Permission based)

  • Dealing with Multiple Channels

    Success in online branding depends mostly on your choice of channels used, and the targeting options.

    Fail to target, fail to get results.

    Focus on conversions

    Optimize until you get it right

    Start lean. Experiment.

    Listen closely to your audience. Spend more time with them.

    Track everything.


  • Google Analytics for Tracking Conversions

  • Turn Loyalty into Advocacy!

  • The Benefits of Online Branding

    Cheaper than traditional branding activities (TV/Newspaper/Radio)

    Measurable results

    Demand a Premium pricing

    Higher market share

    Reduced threat of competition

    Greater employee satisfaction

    Stronger recognition by your target audience

  • The Steps

    Identify your super fans

    Listen to their conversations

    Bring them inside your circle Woo them!

    Delight them

    Make it easy for them to share

    Create communities for super fans

  • 5 Effective Ways

    Post-Purchase communication - Drip mails to keep them engaged

    Build a community to keep the together

    Affiliate Marketing

    Rewards program


  • Take Away: Five Actions to Build Your Brand

    Articulate: Define the brands social identity, so you communicate with a unique,compelling and authentic voice.

    Connect: Find your best and most likely customers and give them a reason to followyou in social channels

    Engage: Interact with people by making brand communications and content morepersonally relevant and engaging.

    Influence: Inspire and enable people to share stories and messages about yourbrand. Give them reasons to share what your share with them.

    Integrate: Build Social into the brand and product experience to make it cohesive anduseful.

  • Take Aways Online branding is NOT about visibility, ubiquity and functions - it is about bonding

    emotionally with online users.

    A brand's strength is built upon its determination to promote its own distinctivevalues and mission.

    Online branding is all about a cause - People need to connect with your mission.

    Branding = your business identity

    Ensure your brand is associated with credible sources.

    Focus on creating relationships - because relationships lead to opportunities. A sale isjust the beginning.

    Your network is your net-worth. Build it right.

    Maintain a consistent posting and publishing schedule.

  • Take Aways Play your strengths. Outsource our weaknesses.

    Know your audience. Build a strategy around your audience. You don't need toplease everybody.

    Position your brand - and bring consistency.

    Be honest about your product or service. Negatives spread faster than positive.

    Manage your online reputation. It is very important to listen to what your audiencetalks about you. Use social monitoring tools and products like Google Alerts.

    Blogging is the most powerful and effective way to get started with online branding.Develop your unique voice, and base it around your mission and values.

    Optimize your website for keywords that your brand stands for. Inbound marketing isthe best way to get people to know about you.

  • Heres How Apple Does It

    Why? Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.

    How? The way we challenge status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly.

    What? We just happen to make great computers.

    Want to buy one?

  • Next Steps:

    Learn about your customers

    Position your brand. Make it stand for something.

    Learn Guerilla Marketing

    Learn Copywriting

    Always be testing and experimenting

  • What's Your cause?

    What's Your belief?

    Why do You EXIST?

    What will the world miss when you Cease to Exist?

    Why do You get up everyday in the morning?

    Some powerful questions. For you and your brand.

  • Connect with meTwitter: @wealthyminds

    LinkedIn: Radhakrishnan KG