Open Employee Forum - Medical Plans Employee Welfare Plan Strategies Encompassing Health Risk Management May 6, 2011

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Open Employee Forum - Medical Plans Employee Welfare Plan Strategies Encompassing Health Risk Management May 6, 2011 Slide 2 1 Committee Members & Resources \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Committee Members Gary Whitworth, Assistant Vice President, Treasurer & Chief Investment Officer Robert Heaney, Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education Thomas Olsen, M.D., Faculty, General Internal Medicine Jeanne Donnelly, Faculty, Health Informatics & Information Mgmt Mark Knuepfer, Faculty, Pharmacology & Physiology Science Mary Ann Fox, Staff Assistant, Frost Vice President Sheryll Williams, Administrative Assistant, Psychiatry Troy Turnipseed, Associate Director, Cook School of Business-MBA Program Resources Lynn Valli, Elisabeth King, Phil Frischer, Steve Gillies, Thomas Busler Slide 3 2 PCC Members May 2011 \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Lawrence Biondi, SJ President Philip Alderson Vice President for Health Sciences & Dean, School of Medicine Matthew Ryan President, Student Government Association Kathleen Brady Vice President, Facilities Management & Civic Affairs Tim Brooks Vice President & Chief Information Officer Bridget Fletcher Assistant to the President Jeff Fowler Vice President, Advancement Ken Fleischmann Vice President, Human Resources Ellen Harshman Dean, John Cook School of Business William Kauffman Vice President & General Counsel Mark Knuepfer [as of May 5, 2011] President, Faculty Senate Manoj Patankar Vice President, Frost Campus Kent Porterfield Vice President, Student Development Frank Reale, SJ Vice President, SLU Madrid Paul Stark, SJ Vice President, Mission & Ministry Ray Tait Vice President, Research Troy Turnipseed Chair, Staff Advisory Council Bob Woodruff Vice President & CFO Slide 4 3 Employee Welfare Program Objective \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx To provide Saint Louis University employees and their families an outstanding benefits package at a cost that is affordable and sustainable for the University Slide 5 4 Projected Medical Cost \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Slide 6 5 What Is Health Risk Management (HRM) \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx An initiative to improve the overall health of a population and subsequently impact cost and the long term viability of the employee medical program Slide 7 6 Health Risk Management (HRM) - The Opportunity Source: 2007 per capita cost and 7 percent projected increase from Towers Perrin 2007 Healthcare Cost Survey. Assess Risk Eliminate Waste Improve Quality Health Exchanges Cadillac Tax Health Reform Coverage Mandates OPPORTUNITY \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Health Reform Impact National Trend with 10% HRM Impact National Trend Slide 8 7 Natural Forces Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics By Julie Snider, USA TODAY WORKFORCE TRENDS Percent of population in the workforce by age: \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Slide 9 8 Obesity is Epidemic \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Slide 10 9 Where to Focus to Bend the Cost Curve The Influence of Obesity...#1 Modifiable Health Risk \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Slide 11 10 Clinical Review of SLU Population Population Stratification \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Non-Compliant 504 Members $7,780 PMPY Compliant 3,677 Members $4,226 PMPY Employee Population 7,863 Members Total Population Population with Disease Slide 12 11 SLU Vitality Program The Vitality wellness program Helps achieve health and wellness objectives through a customized approach Vitality interactive website provides Personal Pathway comprised of health goals and activities Earn Vitality Bucks redeemable in the Vitality Mall Unique health goals for each member Activity based on individual needs Gives an equal opportunity to all members, through different paths, to achieve a greater Vitality Status Complete online health risk assessment questionnaire and get your customized Personal Pathway Participate in the Vitality activities that make up the Personal Pathway to achieve vitality status and earn Vitality Bucks Reap the benefits of better health and redeem Vitality Bucks for an array of Vitality Rewards on the online Vitality Mall \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx Slide 13 12 SLU Vitality ProgramSuccess Thus Far \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx plan engage enjoy status Numbers through March 2011 Slide 14 13 Plan DesignCurrent Trends Consolidate Plan Offerings Streamline administration and increase efficiencies Focus on education of HRM program, not plan design Revised Plan Designs Impact cost and reduce required increase to employee contributions Avoid excise tax under Healthcare Reform? Increase consumerism Increase deductibles Implement Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Eliminate copays and replace with coinsurance Prescription drug deductibles and coinsurance in addition to copays Slide 15 14 What Is a Health Savings Account (HSA)? \EB\STLUN\2011\Medical Plan Overview.pptx A consumer-owned, tax-advantaged savings account, created to pay health care expenses, that is always combined with a qualified high deductible health plan The benefit of HSAs is in the consumer incentive (its your money!) to better plan for, and use, health care resources Under the HSA plan design Preventive care is covered at 100% The calendar year deductible applies for all other expenses Employees may utilize a debit card to access funds Employees elect to contribute to the HSA Contributions are pre-tax Money used to fund medical expenses including deductible and coinsurance Slide 16 15 Prevalence by Plan Type Distribution is statistically different from the previous year shown (p