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  • One of the last symbolic acts of the Sederbefore partaking of the meal, is dipping the Marror into theCharoset. Jewish custom preferred tochoose ingredients that had a symbolic meaning or an association toverses from the Tenach. The KitzurShulchan Aruch explains the recommendation of ingredients forthe Charoset, one should choosefruits that were originally grown inIsrael (118:4).

    The choice of Apples comes from theverse Under the apple tree I willawaken thee (Song of Songs 8:5). TheRabbis understood this as referring to theIsraelite wives who went out into the orchardsto give birth under the shade of the apple trees,thus in deance of Pharaohs decree. The useof nuts is suggested based on the verse Intothe nut garden I descended (Song of Songs6:11). Figs are recommended based on theverse When the green gs will ripen on the gtrees (Song of Songs 2:13). The Midrash viewsthis as an allusion to the basket of rst fruitsbrought into the Temple on Shavuot. Pomegranate and Dates are also recommended.

    In Sephardic communities it is common to makeCharoset from dates. Cinnamon (bark) and Ginger are also recommended since they cannot bechopped up too ne. Thus they become reminiscent of the straw which the Israelites had to goout and collect and that was added to the mortar.Wine or Vinegar is added, of course symbolic ofthe blood that was shed. Whatever your custom,you can be assured that there is a meaningfulreason behind it. Understanding these only enhances our Seder experience.

    As in previous years, we at Kosher Check (BCKosher) make ourselves available to you, theKosher consumer during this busy time of year.No matter your question, please feel free tocall, email, text, or post a message on our facebook page. No matter your question large orsmall we are here to help!

    Please also visit our YouTube page to check outan informative video we made to assist you inmaking your kitchen Kosher

    Wishing you and your families a Chag KasherVSameach,

    Richard Wood

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    Passover Greetings & Updates

  • Whats in a name? Why the change fromBCK to Kosher Check?

    As some people may remember, BC Kosherwas founded over 30 years ago under theauspices of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council (Beth Din). At that time there was a shortageof Kosher certied products available in theLower Mainland. In addition there was only twoKosher stores for the community to rely on. Theselection of Kosher certied products andKosher facilities was much less than we havetoday. With this in mind Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock together with Rabbi Feuerstein, thenRabbi of Schara Tzedeck and other local Rabbisestablished BCK to increase the availability ofKosher products both in Vancouver and beyond.Today we certify close to 15,000 products available in every major Grocery store from Victoriato St. Johns, Newfoundland and beyond.

    From 1985 onwards Rabbi Feigelstock was oneof the rst Rabbis to start certifying food manufacturers in China. Of course, being located inVancouver with more direct ights to China thanany other North American city made this ideal.In the mid Nineties the Rabbi was accompaniedby a reporter from the Wall Street Journal whoaccompanied the Rabbi on his inspections andwrote a subsequent article on his experience.Today roughly 40%50% of our clients are outside of Canada. A few of the more well knownretail products that you have probably seen arethe Philippine Brand Mangos and Juice Products

    sold in Costco and various other stores. The BlueMonkey Coconut Water sold in Wholefoods andnot forgetting DanDPak cashew products produced by Dan D Foods in both Vietnam and Thailand.

    Having visited hundreds of food manufacturersaround the World one thing that has alwaysbeen on the Rabbis mind is food safety. It is ouropinion that if a food or drink is not safe to eatthen it cannot be considered Kosher. With this inmind several years ago BC Kosher instituted aclause into all client agreements. This clausestated that as a part of the Kosher certication,a company must meet minimum food safety requirements as dened by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. As the world continues tobecome a much smaller place and food manufacturers now have the opportunity of buying ingredients from anywhere around the world. We,at BC Kosher thought that not only should oursymbol represent Kosher but also that the foodmanufacturer has a food safety plan. As a partof this shift we have made in mandatory that allfood manufacturers have a Food Safety Plansuch as HACCP in place. In addition BC Kosherhas grown from a small local agency to an International Agency certifying hundreds of foodmanufacturers around the world. Thus came thebirth of Kosher Check.

    Over the next few years companies will replacethe existing BCK symbol with the new KosherCheck symbol. You may have already started tosee this on some products. If for any reason youhave a question about a product or a particularbrand. Please dont hesitate to contact us.

    Richard Wood

    BC Kosher hasgrown from a smalllocal agency to an

    InternationalAgency certifyinghundreds of food

    manufacturersaround the world.

  • Is Icing Sugar acceptable touse for Passover?Icing Sugar also known as ConfectionersSugar is made up of regular granulatedsugar that is then further ground up

    into a smooth powder. An anticaking agent,usually Cornstarch is added to ensure the sugardoes not clump up. Since cornstarch is Kitniyot,Ashkenazic custom is to refrain from using thison Passover.

    Do Dried Fruits requireKosher for Passover Certication?Dried Fruits are often coated in eitherdextrose, our or oil to stop them sticking together. We have seen facilities

    in Asia where employees make their own oil athome and then bring to work to use in coatingthe fruit. Since both Dextrose and Flour are Kitniyot or could even be Chametz, Dried Fruitsrequire Kosher LPesach Supervision.

    Can I purchase frozen sh touse during Pesach? During the processing of Frozen Fish it iscommon for food manufacturers toglaze the sh in Corn Starch. This is done

    to increase the shelf life of frozen products. Itis advisable to avoid packaged frozen sh during Pesach.

    Do Whole Nuts requireKosher LPesach Certication?Any unroasted nuts inshell do not require Kosher LPesach Certication.Any nuts out of shell such as Almonds or

    Cashews etc. do not require Kosher LPesachCertication as long as they are not roastedand do not have any additional additives orpreservatives.

    Does Coconut Oil requireKosher LPesach Certication?Coconut Oil is produced typically inSouth East Asian countries includingThailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India

    and Sri Lanka. Manufacturers will also produceother products including products derived fromChametz in the same facility. Therefore CoconutOil will require Kosher LPesach certication.We have conrmed that Earths Choice VirginCoconut Oil available from Choices bearing theKLBD is acceptable for Passover.

    Can I use Frozen Fruit during Pesach?Frozen Fruit can be used without certication. As long as it is not sweetened orcooked. In addition you should check the

    ingredient declaration to ensure that it doesnot contain Ascorbic Acid or Citric Acid as bothof these are Kitniyot.

    Can I purchase regular Kosher certied Milk for use on Pesach?Milk contains added vitamins that maycontain Chametz. Therefore it is advisable to purchase Cholov Yisroel Milk for

    Pesach. If this is not available one should purchase milk before Pesach at which time any Chametz will be nullied.

    Does Maple Syrup requireKosher LPesach Certication?Although Maple Syrup must containmostly Maple Syrup it is common to addother ingredients to it. In addition to

    Maple Syrup you can also purchase MapleFlavoured Syrup. This commonly contains Corn Syrup in addition to various avours. Both products would present an issue for Pesach. Therefore Maple Syrup is only recommended when purchased bearingKosher LPesach certication.

    Can I prepare for my infantRice Cereal during Pesach?Rice is considered Kitniyot, but is permitted to be consumed by infants.Manufactured Baby rice cereals can

    contain Chometz and therefore should beavoided. When preparing home made Rice Cereal it should be done using specially designated pots and utensils. Below is a recipeto prepare Rice Cereal at home:1. cup rice powder (brown or white (non

    enriched) rice ground in blender, foodprocessor or coee grinder.

    2. 1 cup water3. Bring liquid to a boil in saucepan.

    Add rice powder while stirring constantly.4. Simmer covered for 10 minutes, mix in

    formula/ milk and fruits if desired.5. Serve warm

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