Passover in “Tomer” kindergarten

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Passover in Tomer kindergarten. The teacher: Edna Seri "" :" . ? How do we know that Spring is here?. : .... We clean and make every thing Kosher for the holiday: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Passover in Tomer kindergartenThe teacher: Edna Seri "" :"

  • ?How do we know that Spring is here?

  • : ....We clean and make every thing Kosher for the holiday:Collecting garbage around our class and cleaning the recycling garbage cans .

  • ...Cleaning with our hands and while dancing with our feet

  • ..Our kitchenware were cleaned thoroughly.

  • , . Mixing mud, straw and water , pouring it to molds and creating bricks.

  • .Checking the mix , consulting and pouring it to the molds

  • .Building an oven Tabun from stones and filling the spaces with mud

  • . . ....Yoram became part of the team and we thank him for the great help that we got from himWhat a yummy Matzoth

  • .The fire is on and the Matzoth dough is getting ready.

  • "" .A minute before ending our activity , the exhausted slaves take a picture.

  • .Our Seder table is ready.

  • . : .The children divided into three groups: first one: The slaves dance.

  • ...Asking to be free

  • - : .Second group decided to perform with the song : Spring with a brush.

  • : ?Third group: dancing with the song: How do we know that Spring is here?

  • ?"Echad me Yodea?

  • ...Hene ma tov uma Naim."

  • "" 2000 Bon appetite and happy Passover from the children and the staff of Tomer kindergarten- Kibbutz MatzubahPartnership 2000Western Galilee Edit by Edna seri and Efrat Srebro