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  • Mine Backfill - Design & Operational Integration Course

    P A T E R S O N & C O O K E P r e s e n t s :

    W I L L E T G R E E N M I L L E R C E N T R E , S U D B U R Y , O N T A R I O , C A N A D A

    A U S T R A L I A C A N A D A C H I L E S O U T H A F R I C A U K U S A

    Content & Program

    The three-day technical course consists of 26 lectures, case studies and lab demonstrations followed by an optional one-day site visit to the Kidd Mine, a Glencore Operation, in Timmins, Ontario to examine its paste backfill system including surface and underground visits. This is a unique opportunity to combine technical and practical learning to achieve a rounded, comprehensive introduction to backfill. The course will be given in English.


    Backfilling - not the most glamorous step in the mining cycle, but some say the most important; one that directly influences safety, environment and profitability. The choice of backfilling method is not only site specific, but project specific. Often project constraints such as timeline, cash flows and regional skills impact the choice of backfill method, as they rightfully should. The best method allows for the highest ore recovery at the quickest cycle time for the lowest cost; all while meeting the projects environmental, safety and economic drivers.The successful implementation of a backfill system is dependent on a sound understanding of the requirements, the material properties, process engineering, hydraulic reticulation design, geo-mechanics and placement strategies and effective operational management to integrate backfill successfully withinthe mining cycle.

    0 2 - 0 5J U N E 2 0 1 5

    On completion of the course, delegates will have an appreciation of the requirements for the design and operation of a safe and reliable backfill system. The course objectives are to:

    Introduce the fundamental concepts of geo-mechanics and material properties which underpin decision-making when developing a backfill design;Examine the various elements that go into engineering a backfill system, including plant and process design, reticulation design and barricades;Relate to operational aspects of a backfill system including quality testing and monitoring, operational management plans, risk control and implementation.


    The course is presented by senior staff from Paterson & Cooke, with contributions from Mine Design Engineering and other guest speakers. All key lecturers will be available throughout the week for discussion and questions.Rob Brown (Canada) Principal (Mining) Engineer, leads P&Cs global backfill group and specializes in pastefill system design and construction.Jaco Snyman (South Africa) Senior (Civil) Engineer, provides his experience on mining projects, backfill studies and detailed engineering.Maureen McGuinness (Canada) Senior (Process) Engineer, specializes in pipeline wear and adds direct operational experience from her years managing the Kidd Mine pastefill system.Stephen Wilson (UK) Senior (Mining) Engineer, adds international expertise from mining in Russia and the integration of tailings disposal and backfill technologies.Ike Isagon (Canada) Senior (Backfill) Specialist, brings nearly 30 years of international mining experience and risk assessment expertise to the course.Dr Ben Thompson (Canada) Senior (Geomechanics) Consultant with MDE, presents his experiences with in-stope backfill monitoring programs and the latest technology.


    Kidd Mine Paste Backfill Plant,Timmins, Ontario

  • P A T E R S O N & C O O K E P r e s e n t s :

    0 2 - 0 5J U N E 2 0 1 5

    Mine Backfill - Design & Operational Integration CourseW I L L E T G R E E N M I L L E R C E N T R E , S U D B U R Y , O N T A R I O , C A N A D A

    The agenda is presented for information purposes only and illustrates the topics that will be covered; adjustments are not expected, but may be required at the organizers discretion.


    Fees &Registration

    Space is limited for the site visit. Registration for the site visit will be on a first come, first served basis.

    The sponsor reserves the right to cancel the course and return registration fees if enrollment is insufficient. Personnel substitutions may be made at any time without penalty.

    Registration DateOn or before April 24th, 2015

    After April 24th, 2015

    Three Day Technical CourseCAD 1900

    CAD 2200

    One Day Site VisitCAD 1000

    CAD 1300

    The course will be held from Tuesday, June 2nd through Friday, June 5th, 2015. The first three days will be held in the Willet Green Miller Centre, Sudbury, Ontario with visits to P&Cs backfill laboratory. The optional fourth day covers a visit to the Kidd Mine, in Timmins, Ontario, which will require an overnight stay in Timmins. Transportation by bus and one nights accommodation is included in the site visit fee.

    Dates& Venue

    Registration Enquiries: Gesa Witte, BackfillTraining@PatersonCooke.comTechnical Enquiries: Maureen McGuinness, Maureen.McGuinness@PatersonCooke.comPaterson & Cooke Canada Inc., 1351-C Kelly Lake Road, Unit 2, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 5P5













    The course is designed for all professionals involved in backfill applications, including:Mining and geotechnical engineersChemical and mineral processing engineersMechanical engineersOperational staff

    Who ShouldAttend Project and/or study managersEquipment and reagent vendors

    Business decision makers Government legislators and policy makers

    A U S T R A L I A C A N A D A C H I L E S O U T H A F R I C A U K U S A

    Tuesday June 02


    Backfill Overview

    Course Introduction

    Backfill SelectionsConsiderations

    Material Testing 2

    Material Testing 1

    Plant Design Principles

    Plant Design PitfallCase Study


    Tea/Coffee break

    Key EquipmentSelection

    Tea/Coffee break

    Lab Demo -Material Testing

    Social Function

    Case Study -Backfill Systems

    Registration (07:15 - 08:00)

    Friday June 05

    Travel to Kidd Mine

    07:00 - 09:00

    Kitting up

    Visit Briefings

    Site Induction

    09:00 - 11:00

    GROUP 2:UndergroundDistribution System Tour

    GROUP 1:Paste Plant Tour

    11:00 - 12:00 Lunch

    12:00 - 14:00

    GROUP 1:UndergroundDistribution System Tour

    GROUP 2:Paste Plant Tour

    14:00 - 19:00

    End of Site Visit

    Tour Wrap-upTravel to Sudbury by Bus

    (Departure 06:30)

    Wednesday June 03


    ReticulationSystem Operation

    ReticulationSystem Design

    Breakout Session

    Quality Control& ReconciliationRisk Assessment



    Tea/Coffee break

    Pipeline Wear -Case Study

    Lab Demo -Dewatering & Rheology

    Tea/Coffee break

    Backfill Binders &Cement Chemistry

    Evening Free

    Backfill Admixtures& Chemical Additives

    Thursday June 04


    BackfillGeo-mechanicsBarricade DesignBackfill Placement& Monitoring

    Backfill System Management& Integration


    Case Study - Kidd MineWrap Up Discussion

    Tea/Coffee break

    Backfill Economics& Life Cycle Planning

    Case Study -Backfill Effecton Mine Production

    End of 3 Day Course

    Those participatingin the Site Visit:Travel to Timminsby Bus

    Evening Free


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