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PAUSE Spring Issue

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  • pauseSpring 2011 Issue A magazine created by and for the students of Kingwood Park HS



    Academic Team

    SENIORPICNICclass of 2011celebratesone last time

    Arabian Night of Fun

    Teens break boundariesat TEEN


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  • in this edition

    Take time to pause before moving on ...Welcome to the third

    and final issue of PAUSE magazine! Id like to start off by thanking the student body for reading and giving us feedback throughout the year. We have been so pleased to produce a magazine that has had such great support.

    Id like to give the magazine staff a big thank you. We have worked hard year-round to produce these magazines and have really become a family. To watch the magazine grow and develop into a new

    Kingwood Park tradition has been an amazing experience.

    A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Bradshaw. If it wasnt for her Journalism class I would have never found my passion. She has not only helped me develop my journalistic skills, but life skills as well. I know I will be able to continue my lifes journey at the University of Missouri with the necessary skills.

    I would like to dedicate this edition my fellow seniors and your accomplishments.

    It has been a blast being a part of the Class of 2011. These past four years have been a long, wild ride, but Im so proud that we have all gotten through it as one big family.

    As we begin our lifes journey, I ask that you pause and reflect on all choices and decisions that may come your way, for you never know what impact they may have.

    Academic News.......................3-4

    Student Submissions................5-6

    Teen Summit..............................7-8

    Sr. Picnic/Project Grad........11-12

    Senior Superlatives..............13-14

    College Plans........................15-16

    Senior Wills..........................17-18

    Top Ten Seniors...................19-20



    PROM!Pages 9 & 10

  • The UIL Academic Team walked into the district competition with their game faces on.

    I was extremely proud of our students performances this year, Mrs. Reineking said. We came out on top for the first time in our team history.

    The students came out with the title of District 18-4A Champions and first place Overall Speech Team and Overall Journalism Team.

    Its rewarding to see different teens coming together and having fun while displaying academic prowess, Reineking said.

    Our Academic team has shown us, once again, that there is such thing as academic excellence.

    The UIL Art students dug deep inside their pencil bags to draw out a win. Mrs. Kara Czepiel is so proud of her twelve qualifiers. Three of which advanced from the regional level competition to state.

    The All-State qualifiers Ben Sendukas, Constance Atton, and Austin Eisermann all came back from state with Honors.

    Our kids did very well with over 98 percent earning the highest score of a 4, Ms. Czepiel said. This competition teaches the students a lot about how to communicate about their work and they get to see work from all over.

    The students went above and beyond expectations and came back with a new appreciation for art and their abilities.

    Art Students draw win at State

    Academic Team puts on their game


    Chris Ringeisen12 and Natalie Jordan11




    10, A





    0 , Co


    nce A



    The UIL Theater students had great success at their Zone competition. Even though as a group they did not make it past the first round, quite a few of them succeeded individually.

    Ian Adams was named best techie; Tyler Croskey and Sydnee Harlan received honorable mention and All Star Cast; Chris Ringeisen and Natalie Jordan were state finalists in tech design; Chris Ringeisen also received first place in individual scene design.

    We went and did our best, Mrs. Diane Kaste said. Everyone has improved immensely.

    Theyve designed a whole new way to compete for the years to come.

    Breaking the fourth wall

    3 pause

  • While the school year may be coming to a close for most students at KPHS, the Silver Star Dance team season is just beginning for next years crop of high kickers. Tryouts were held for both the line member candidates and the officer candidates, and the new team has already been determined.

    The new team is really nervous to start the new year because we havent really gotten that team bond yet, but as soon as line camp comes, well all feel the sisterhood that the team has always had, Megan Little, Colonel of

    the 2011-2012 team, said.A sisterhood, indeed.The bond shared by the Silver Stars has always been

    one of the things that truly sets us apart from other teams, Ruth Lee, Colonel of the 2010-2011 team, said.

    We can expect to see a lot of improvement throughout the year as the new team settles into the very demanding life of a Silver Star. But for now, all we can do is sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained by our very own 2011-2012 Silver Star Dance Team.

    Bridging the gap, Silver Stars name new team

    Did You Know?1,640 tabs = 1 poundAlthough the house was started by a donation from McDonalds, the charity has no currentaffiliationwiththechainThe house makes about $8,000 per year from the tabsEach pound of tabs is worth .55-.65 cents

    HOSA Donates to Ronald McDonald House Think back to lunch. Do you remember seeing the collection containers for coke tabs? Thanks to the students of KPARK, HOSA was able to collect more than 150,000 tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House! In March, the club was able to visit the house and see the fruits of their efforts. Because of patient confidentiality and privacy HOSA was not able to meet the families, but they were able to tour the house and see the positive affect the charity is having on the community. Located in the medical district downtown, the Ronald McDonald House provides food, shelter, and transportation for the families of children who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments at MD Anderson. The center is able to house 50 separate families in a hotel-style setting that includes a full scale kitchen and play area for the children. The house is funded solely through donations and fundraisers, which is why KPARKs donation of tabs was so important. But panthers dont have to stop there. Volunteers are always needed to work the front desk or to play with the children. Individuals must be 18 years old to volunteer or 16 if an adult comes with them. Another option is to bring in toiletries. The house is in constant need of paper towels and toilet paper, two essential items that are always appreciated.

    By Christina Watson

    pause 4

  • Art by: Dav yown Ross12

    Art by: Jordan Chambers10 Art by: Jack Searcy11


    Twisted loveAll aloneI miss you soCant let you go

    Twisted loveMy heart is breakingYour love was so sweet Its the new you Id like to meet

    Twisted loveYou are my drugYour words are my highHow can I kiss this feeling goodbye?

    Twisted loveI tremble at the thought of usBut our past expense has hurt me soIt is our fear I must let go

    Twisted loveI will never forgetThe lessons you have taught meIts the world you enabled my to see

    Twisted loveAll aloneI miss you soCant let you go

    Little birdBroken wingsFractured beautyShattered dreams

    Easy to catchHard to loveNobody wantsAflightlessdove

    Poem by: Hannah Smothers12


    Twisted Love

    Poem by: Katie Garrett12

    Cartoons by: Katie


    Art by: Maranda Gerga10

    ( (

    5 pause

  • We need to respect howLife is differentFrom person to personWhether you are spoiled with riches orWhether you are poorer than dirtYou live differentlyThat is how life is lived

    I could be a rock starYour parent or elderI could be the presidentOr the next big thingDoes that mean that you would accept Me?Idols,heroes,monumentalfiguresStrength, courage, wisdomAll once disrespected andUnaccepted throughout their lives.

    The tongue is the greatest weapon,It breathes hate into ears of pawnsWho think nothing of themselves at times.When they should be the oneTo choose abuse over cause.This terrorist hates what is not known,Does that include you?

    We need to accept howLife is differentFrom person to personWhether you are spoiled with riches or Whether you are poorer than dirt.You live differently.That is how life is lived.

    You hate me because I stand.You hate me because I smile.You hate me because I am me.And you cannot do anything to help itYou know that dont you?

    Do you think I do not hear the lies you spread?

    Of course I do.She hears you too.As does heWe all know the truth from the lie.We all choose which one we like.

    Life is lived different.From person to person.Whether you are spoiled with riches or Whether you are poorer than dirt.You live differently.That is how life is lived.

    What it all comes down to is youAnd meCan we accept and respect each other?Can I accept who you are?Can you accept who I am?Can you respect me?Can I respect you?

    Accept me for who I amAnd I will do the same.We all bleed redWe all breath airI know you have a heartBecause I do too.Accept me for who I am.Unless youre not human.Which I assume you are.

    Because Life is

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