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Peer Editing Checklist - ChiArts American Literature IIEditing Areas Are there any phrases or sentences that seem irrelevant to the essay? Are there points where another sentence should be added to clarify or add info? Are transitional words/phrases used between paragraphs? Do any sentences seem redundant (e.g., alarmingly startled)? Are there any sentences that seem inconsistent with the style and tone? Is the essay correctly punctuated? Are there any sentence fragments or runon sentences? Is verb tense consistent throughout? Is subject-verb agreement consistent? Are similar words (such as there/their or past/passed) confused at any point? Are there any misspelled words? Are there any capitalization errors? Reviewed by: Circle Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Further Directions Bracket phrase/sentence [ ] Place a plus sign (+) where needed Draw and arrow where a transition is needed Place parentheses around redundant words or phrases List sentence numbers in the bottom margin of the essay Circle punctuation errors Mark fragments F and runon sentences R Underline verb tense errors Mark SV Draw box around any confused words Circle misspelled words Double underline letter

Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No

6-Step Process for Peer Review1. Read the paper out loud to the author. While the reviewer is reading, the author should make notes over any areas that sound awkward or seem unclear. 2. Identify the thesis statement - does it provide a roadmap for the rest of the paper? Are the 3 main points of the essay clear? 3. Identify the topic sentences in each of the body paragraphs. Do these clearly connect to the thesis points? 4. Does each body paragraph connect to the main idea of the essay (how the author uses a strategy to understand a text)? 5. Does the conclusion sum up the authors thoughts about the process? Does it connect to how the strategy would be useful in the future or with other texts? 6. On a sticky note, leave the author with ONE suggestion for improvement and THREE things you liked about the essay.