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Personal Selling Process

1Face-to-Face interactionPersuasionFlexibilityPromotion of salesSupply of InformationMutual BenefitPersonal Selling2Face-to-Face interaction: Personal selling involves a salesmen having face-to-face interaction with the prospective buyers.ii. Persuasion: Personal selling requires persuasion on the part of the seller to the prospective customers to buy the product. So a salesman must have the ability to convince the customers so that an interest may be created in the mind of the customers to use that product.iii. Flexibility: The approach of personal selling is always flexible. Sometimes salesman may explain the features and benefits of the product, sometimes give demonstration of the use of product and also faces number of queries from the customers. Looking into the situation and interest of the customers, the approach of the salesman is decided instantly.iv. Promotion of sales: The ultimate objective of personal selling is to promote sales by convincing more and more customers to use the product.v. Supply of Information: Personal selling provides various information to the customers regarding availability of the product, special features, uses and utility of the products. So it is an educative Mutual Benefit: It is a two-way process. Both seller and buyer derive benefit from it. While customers feel satisfied with the goods, the seller enjoys the profits. Goals range from:finding prospects convincing prospects to buykeeping customers satisfied--help them pass the word alongNature of Personal Selling3Goal of the process is to find new customers and sell them somethingSalespeople spend their time Maintaining existing accounts Building long-term customer relationshipsPersonal Selling Process4Steps involved in Personal Selling Process5Finding new People who recognize their needs and are ready to buyTwo stepsIdentifying leadsQualifying leadsProspecting6ProspectingIdentifying leads/potential customersReferrals from customersReferrals from internal company sourcesReferrals from external referral agenciesPublished directoriesNetworking by salespersonsCold canvassing Qualifying leads-Identifying those who are most likely to buyThree criteriaNeed for the productCan afford to buy productCustomer is receptive to be called upon by salesperson71. Customer researchInformation gathering about size, purchasing practicesCompanies databasesChamber of commerceNewspaper articles

Pre-Approach-Planning the sale82. Planning sales presentationUse information gathered in pre call customer researchPlan how to approach the questions buyer may ask

Pre-Approach-Planning the sale9Appointment to see buyerTo gain prospects attention, stimulates interest & make transition to presentationCan make or break entire presentationFirst impression is last impressionAt the end salesperson must gain buyers agreement to move into need assessment stageApproach10Deals with discovering, clarifying and understanding buyers needs and wantsBest way is to ask questionsSituational questionsProblem discovery questionsProblem impact questionsSolution value questionsConfirmatory questionsNeed Assessment11Discussion of those product and/or service features, advantages, benefitsMay be oral or supported by written, or visual aidsFeatures: Characteristic of a product or serviceAdvantage: How the feature changes the performanceBenefits : How the advantage is useful for the buyerPresentation12PresentationBenefits should be those which address specific needs mentioned by the customerConvince the customer that their companys products or services meet their needs and wants much better than competitionPolypill consisting of aspirin, statin, three blood pressure lowering agentsProductFeatureAdvantageBenefit Poly pillFive-in-one tabletAffordable, once in a dayPatient compliance13Product demonstrationPrepared sales presentationAdvantagesGives new sales people confidenceCan utilize tested sales technique that have proven effectiveGives some assurance that company story will be toldGreatly simplifies sales trainingPresentation14Objections should be welcomed Indicate prospects interest in presentationTechniques to be followedActively listen to buyerClarify objectionsRespect the prospects concernNo defensivenessRespond to objectionMeeting Objections15Types of ObjectionsPrice/ Value ObjectionsProduct/ Service ObjectionsProcrastinating ObjectionsHidden ObjectionsMeeting Objectives16I dont need this or it costs too muchConvince buyer of importance of problem and of value of solutionGo back to need assessment stage and ask problem impact and solution value questions Offer some price value comparisons if buyer is still reluctantPrice/Value ObjectionsBuyer doubts whether the product or service can solve his problem, or improve his operations. Salesperson convinces buyers that the product will do what is being said about itDemonstrate that product is capable of fulfilling buyers needsProduct/Service Objections17Proof-providing tactics are usedCase-historiesTestimonialsClinical Reports, technical Reports and dataExpert OpinionsIndependent tests A demonstrationTrial useSolution to Product/Service Objections18Difficult to overcomeLet me think about it a while,I have to talk over it to my boss, Let me see/I will see I have some other reps to talk before I make my decision.Made to avoid immediate action on the proposition Seek commitment for future actionMeeting with the buyer or his bossProcrastinating Objections19Prospects often hide their real reasons for not buying or stated objections may be fakeDetermine real barriers to the salesAdapt presentations as per the buyers feedbackAsking questions is a good remedyAt any cost, arguments should be avoided A sales rep can win an argument only to lose saleHidden Objections20Salesperson must ask the buyer to commit to move sales forwardCan I place an order for you today?Buyer may take an action to close saleWeve decided that we need to make a change and we think your company is in best position to serve our needs.If sale is not closed;Objective of sales call is to get the buyer to agree to some action which moves buyer closer to the saleHe may agree to see the demonstrationAgree to try the sample of the productGaining Commitment21Sales is not over when order is obtainedRequired as shift is from transactional selling to relationship sellingIt is much more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to retain existing customers. Follow up22