Planning Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion Marketing 3344

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  • Planning Advertising and Integrated Brand PromotionMarketing 3344

  • Advertising Plan and Its Marketing ContextAd PlanSpecifies thinking and tasks needed to conceive and implement an effective advertising effortMarketing Plan

  • Advertising Plan ComponentsIntroductionSituation AnalysisObjectivesBudgetingStrategyExecutionEvaluation

  • Advertising Plan ComponentsIntroductionExecutive summaryOverviewSituation AnalysisHistorical contextIndustry analysisMarket analysisCompetitor Analysis

  • Historical context is an important consideration in developing an advertising plan for a brand.Ad in Context Example

  • Advertising Plan Components: ObjectivesTo create or maintain brand awareness. To change consumer beliefs or attitudes. To influence purchase intent. To stimulate trial use. To convert one-time users into repeat purchasers.To encourage brand switching.

  • Sales vs. Communication ObjectivesAdvertising = Sales?Advertising = Communication?Effective Communication = Sales?Focusing on communications objectives allows advertisers to consider a broad range of strategies. Building brand loyalty can take years.

  • Advertising Plan Components: ObjectivesCharacteristics of Workable ObjectivesQuantitative benchmarksMeasurement methodsCriteria for successTime frame

  • BudgetingMethodsPercentage of salesDoes not relate spending to objectivesShare of market/voiceLikely to maintain status quo market shareResponse modelsDepends on sales = advertising relationshipObjective and TaskPreferred and strategicAdvertising Plan Components: Budgeting

  • Determine cost based on build-up analysisProduction costsAncillary costsOther promotion/IBPReachFrequencyTime frameMedia

    Compare costs against industry and corporate benchmarksReconcile and modify budgetDetermine timeFrame for payoutImplementing Objective and Task Budgeting

  • StrategyBrand name recognition?Repetition and frequencyRhyming gamesTrial Use Stimulation?Introductory offersProduct guaranteesBrand Switching?Value PropositionsProduct comparisonsAdvertising Plan Components

  • What is the strategy in this ad?Ad in Context Example

  • Advertising Plan ComponentsExecutionCopy strategyMedia planIntegrated brand promotionEvaluationCriteriaMethodsConsequences

  • The Role of the Advertising Agency in Planning Advertising and IBP Advertiser must bring to the table an assessment of the brands value, the external environment, and opportunities and threats. The advertising agencys role is to translate the current marketing plan and market status of the brand into: advertising objectives advertising strategies finished advertisements and IBP materials placement and execution of advertising and IBP