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Poets of thessaloniki at the last 100 years

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Poets of thessaloniki at the last 100 years. Myrto Anagnostopoulou . Her poems first published in the magazine “ Nea Estia ” . Extract of : Chuck the unwritten paper and wait who of two will shudder first…. Ntinos Christianopoulos . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poets of thessaloniki at the last 100 years1Myrto Anagnostopoulou Her poems first published in the magazine Nea Estia Extract of :Chuck the unwritten paper and wait who of two will shudder firstNtinos Christianopoulos AwardedGreek poet,novelist,essayist, translator, researcher,folklore, editorand book reviews.Extract of:Kiss connecting more than the body for that avoided highly

John AggelakasHe became known as the singer of rock band Tripes from 1984 to 2000.Extract of:Who burnt tonight And the town smells love ?

Roula Alavera She has organized important public events surrounding literary subjects. She was a member of the Municipal Council of the National Theatre of Northern Greece Extract of: You were theinkthat exploresthe imaginarycountry.I had little panourgia, with thetaste ofdispersioninstreets.Meet you escaped complicit of the old city

Manolis Anagnostakis Politically engagedat an early agein the space ofrejuvenatingleft. He was editor of student magazine Start (1944). He participatedin the national resistance and during of the World War II sentencedto death by the Military Courtfor illegal political action (1949).Extract of:You died and became the good, the brilliant, the family ,the patriotic man.Thirty-sixwreath inaccompanyinggroundsvicethreeand sevenresolutionsfor the wonderfulof services rendered.

Nick-Alex AslanoglouAt theletters appearin 1951. Wheninone and onlyissue of the magazineConferencepublished his firstessay with heading Death andbirthin the poetryof GeorgeThemeli.Extract of:Any poster or wall would not proved your lightweight passages in the vein.Falling like quietly rain between dried leaves.Anypickaxeof the musicalwill notfind youso deepin blood

George IoannouMainlyworked onprose. Same time he madetranslationsof ancient texts,choice folk song, fairy tales and he wrotechronographsand studies.Extract of:Firetonightinthemountaingothousands of treeswillburn

Alex TraianosHe was born in 1944 to Thessaloniki. Studied economicsand political sciences. WorkedinAviation Administration. Committed suicide inKapandriti Attica in 1980.Extract of:Yellow dry summer, nestledinthe pineswrinkles,nestledagain and againwearingthe time.Absenceand night.Pale mask as a candle amid to leaning love, mask enclosed in inks arches.Watching thelotustreesto betaller, in inks arches lotus to multiply.Body heightofsilence.Floor planted the isolation.Konstantinos PlastirasPh. Philofphilosophical schools Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and directoroflibraryMakedonikonStudies. Premieredwithpublications poems in the magazine New direction .Extract of:Childrenhanging fromour reaction.Recognizeand notrecognize.Destroyanythingin front of them.Matchingunmatched.Causing

Nick VrettosHe wrote theatrical plays, poetry, essay and transcriptionsfor theatercinema andradiotalesPapadiamantisandChehof.Extract of: Whatsensualimages,My God!Got therhythmofmy body, kissing, thegroan,her words,friskthebeastinside meNina Kokkalidou-Nahmia Worked as a journalist in theelectronicandprint media. Dealt with thestorythe novelandchildren's book.Extract of:Now thatmy nameisnotin your mouth, the nightcarefulnot tobust.The curtainbillowsin allweather andnightis hidden.Remembermy handwhenused to collecttheblanketsfrom bottom, but aboverememberingmy namein order not tobustat night

Marios Marinos HaralampousDealt with thecriticismand theessay.There wasresearcherof the historyof Byzantium andthePresidentof Makedonikis Association Environment Protection.Extract of: I havetheright to die, to spendmy lifeas I want. He wrotethe last moment, andstraightwayaniceheadleanedquietto theeternal sleep

Kostas MoskofRepresentative of the institutionGreek CultureIn The Middle East. Publishedseveral tasksas ahistorian,essayist,poet andjournalist.Extract of:Lovesaid, thisonlyoutsidepinsfrom the timethememory.-Arrives inPargagypsies,-reaches therecalcitranttale ofCham,-reaches theyoung scoundrelSaturday nightinLakeIoannina.Your eyes aretwoclouds,twocloudsthat do not knowhow to becomerain

The end!!!!!!!!!!!Cooperatingfor work:Elefthheria FilippiadouEleni Tzempelou