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<ul><li><p> PORT MACQUARIE AND DISTRICT </p><p>EISTEDDFOD SOCIETY 34th ANNUAL </p><p>SPEECH &amp; DRAMA EISTEDDFOD 2013 </p><p>Adjudicator Noel Cislowski </p><p>Monday 9th - Sunday 15th September 2013 </p><p>Uniting Church Oxley Highway </p><p>Port Macquarie 2444 </p></li><li><p>Proud sponsors of the 2013 </p><p>Speech and Drama Eisteddfod </p></li><li><p>2013 SPEECH AND DRAMA COMMITTEE </p><p> Director Tim Parry </p><p>COMMITTEE MEMBERS </p><p>Nicole Bann-Murray, Kristy Ismay, Lisa Gilchrist, Trisha McIntyre, Claire Michell, Louise Parry, Sandra Thompson, </p><p>Larissa Toohey &amp; Sandra Treeves </p><p>Venue and Ticketing </p><p>Uniting Church Oxley Highway </p><p>Port Macquarie 2444 </p><p>Competitors are admitted free to the session/s in which they compete. </p><p>Spectator Admission </p><p>Event Pass 1 Adult Entry to all Sessions $30.00 </p><p>Family Day Pass 2 Adults &amp; 2 Children - One Day only $20.00 </p><p> 1 Adult &amp; 3 Children - One day only $20.00 </p><p>All Day Pass 1 Adult to all Sessions - One day only $12.00 </p><p>Pensioner Day Pass 1 Aged Pensioner One day only $ 5.00 </p><p>Adult Session 1 Adult to 1 Session One Day only $ 5.00 </p><p>Pensioner Session 1 Aged Pensioner One Day only $ 3.00 </p><p>Child Session 1 Child Gold coin donation </p></li><li><p>We Welcome Our Adjudicator </p><p>Noel Cislowski </p><p>BA (Hons) Sydney A Ed (Qld); FSDA; FTCL (Speech and Drama); </p><p>L Mus A; LTCL (Singing) Dip Mus (Hons) </p><p>Noel Cislowski is a past president of the Music Teachers Association of NSW and of the Speech &amp; Drama </p><p>Association of NSW, a former deputy chairman, Board of Studies NIDA (19722000), a director of the City of </p><p>Sydney Cultural Council, Deputy Chairman of the City of Sydney Eisteddfod Foundation, President of the Friends </p><p>of Zenith Theatre, Chairman of the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra Board of Management and Chairman of the </p><p>high School Debating and Public Speaking 19691991. He has been a teacher with the Queensland and NSW </p><p>Education departments where he taught gifted and talented classes. He was an adviser in Speech and Drama for </p><p>the NSW Department of Education then Head of the Speech and Drama Branch and Leader of the Creative and </p><p>Practical Arts team in curriculum development. He has lectured at various tertiary institutions, including the </p><p>Australian School of Pacific Administration, University of NSW, Macquarie University and the Australian Catholic </p><p>University. He has been a private teacher and coach. </p><p>Noel has had experience acting with theatre groups in Queensland and NSW as well as playing lead roles in </p><p>musical comedy in Sydney and Brisbane. He has appeared with Sydney Symphony Orchestra in both singing </p><p>and speaking solo performances. He has adjudicated major drama festivals in New Zealand, NSW and </p><p>Queensland, including speech and drama adjudications in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, Northern </p><p>Territory and New Zealand, and vocal and instrumental adjudication in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania </p><p>and Northern Territory. He is a Life Member of the Speech and Drama Association of NSW, received the Red </p><p>Cross Medal for Meritorious Service (major stage productions in Sydney Town Hall and Opera House with school </p><p>students), RSL Special Award (preparing student speakers for Anzac Service over 20 years) and Director of </p><p>Youth Services for the Rotary Club of Chatswood. </p></li><li><p>Sponsors </p><p>The Eisteddfod committee is extremely grateful to our Sponsors. Their support is critical to our success. We proudly acknowledge the </p><p>following sponsors for their outstanding gifts. </p><p>Gold Port Macquarie Orthodontics Waters Edge Boutique Hotel Port Macquarie </p><p> Silver Advanced Aussie Blinds and Security </p><p>Stacks The Law Firm Ironman Australia Port Macquarie </p><p>Bronze Wok Eva Authentic Asian Cuisine Compass Financial Services Bunnings Warehouse </p><p> Business Donations The Book Warehouse Port Macquarie Harvey Norman Computers &amp; Electrical Players Theatre Port Macquarie Tropical Treasures Clark Rubber Dad &amp; Daughter Nursery Awards Donations Saints Youth Drama Majestic Cinema Port Macquarie McDonalds Port Macquarie St Agnes Parish </p><p>Section donations. Ultratune Port Macquarie, Dimension 4 Kitchens &amp; Joinery, </p><p>Alexander Byrne, Port Macquarie Lions Club, Charlie Hull, Jessica Ismay, Rylee Parry </p><p>Trophy Donations. Aimee Couell, McKillop Senior College, Kiera Plews &amp; Tayla </p><p>Vatalidis, Maddison Beukers, Joel &amp; Brendon Power, Lucas Tydd &amp; Harry White, </p><p>Keith Parry </p><p>Additional Donations Danica Bridgeland, Grace Pfab, Wheeler Family, Laura </p><p>Stewart, Emma Smith, Aiden &amp; Reghan Buckley, Lachlan Wright </p></li><li><p>IMPORTANT NOTES </p><p>1. Due to Copyright restrictions, set pieces cannot be reproduced in this programme. </p><p>To obtain a copy of the set piece required for your section please contact your drama </p><p>teacher or the Director Tim Parry 0421 151 007 or Secretary Louise Parry </p><p>0400329495. </p><p>2. The Eisteddfod volunteers must receive typed photocopies of competitors </p><p>selections at least 15 minutes prior to session start times. The start times will be </p><p>included in the program. There will be a table inside the main door of the venue for </p><p>this purpose. Due to copyright restrictions copies will be destroyed after the </p><p>Eisteddfod. </p><p>3. The Port Macquarie and District Eisteddfod Society accepts no responsibility for </p><p>infringement of the copyright act by competitors in its Eisteddfod. </p><p>4. Parents and Guardians must not leave children unaccompanied. Children are not </p><p>the responsibility of the eisteddfod committee members. </p><p> 5. Please read the rules and conditions. </p><p>DEFINITIONS AND EXPLANATIONS </p><p>Age Classification: It is only necessary to fill in the School Year of a candidate or </p><p>group. </p><p>Years and Stages: This Eisteddfod will use school years where possible and/or </p><p>appropriate. Kindergarten will be rated, as Year K and post school will be called </p><p>open. Where it is necessary to group contestants we will follow the NSW </p><p>Department of School Education classification of Years into Stages. See the Schedule </p><p>of Events, Fees and Times for details. The school year of the senior member of a </p><p>group will determine the entry category for that group. </p><p>Australian Verse: Is any verse written by an Australian poet. </p><p>Narrative and Dramatic Verse: Poetry concerned is primarily with action. Narrative </p><p>poems tell a story. In Dramatic verse, the characters speak for themselves. </p><p>Choral Presentation: A program of two poems. Each program is restricted to ten </p><p>minutes, which includes time to set and strike. Choirs will be judged on vocal </p><p>performance. Dress will be school uniform. No props or costumes. This rule will be </p><p>strictly adhered to. Marks will be deducted for any breaches. </p><p>One Act Play or Sketch: From a published script maximum of 15 students per group. </p><p>Great for any School Drama classes that have studied or performed their acts at </p><p>School. </p><p>Drama in Costume: Candidates will dramatise the portrayal of a character taken from </p><p>a book, play or poem. Limited Props please. </p><p>Dramatic Duologue: This will be a scripted dramatic performance by two children. </p><p>Costume allowed but props to be limited. </p></li><li><p>Group Improvisation: Groups of three to six candidates will perform a non-scripted </p><p>dramatisation of a topic given by the adjudicator. The adjudicator will decide </p><p>preparation time. </p><p>Humorous and Satiric Verse: Poetry where humour is the "dominant motive" and/or </p><p>where the intention is to mock, ridicule or scorn. </p><p>Memorised Prose Selection: The candidates will recite a selection of prose, of their </p><p>own choice, from memory. No props or costume. </p><p> Mime: This will be a solo prepared performance with no accompanying effects props </p><p>or costume other than black tight fitting clothing. Performance should not </p><p>exceed three minutes. Requires black clothing. </p><p>Lyrical: Poetry concerned primarily with intellect and emotion. Lyrical verse deals </p><p>with emotional themes, personal or impersonal. The name suggests a music-like </p><p>quality. </p><p>Impromptu Reading: Selections are set by the Adjudicator. </p><p>Prepared Speech: A speech prepared by the candidate in which palm cards or notes </p><p>may be used. Subject is own choice. </p><p>Prose Reading from HSC Text: Candidates in Yrs. 11 Open may read a </p><p>selection of their own choosing from a registered HSC English Text. Duration - </p><p>Maximum 5 minutes. </p><p>Bible Reading: Set text as per syllabus. </p><p>Set Poems and Set Prose: Set texts as per syllabus. </p><p>Own Composition- Poetry, Prose or Dramatic Monologue: The aim of this section is to </p><p>encourage creative writing- adults are requested not to assist. The candidate reads or </p><p>performs original material of their own composing, (A copy must be submitted). </p><p> Shakespearean: Candidates must be in Year 7 or higher and will dramatise the </p><p>portrayal of a character taken from a Shakespearean play. Costume and Props are </p><p>optional. </p><p>Solo Improvisation: This will be a performance of a topic given by the adjudicator. </p><p>One minute preparation time for a maximum three minute performance. Requires </p><p>black clothing. </p><p>Verse for Multiple Voices: This will be a single piece of verse recited by two or more </p><p>candidates (Maximum six voices). Rules as for solo verse. Costumes optional. </p><p>Special Needs: this section is for competitors who attend a special school or a special </p><p>unit/class within school. </p><p>Time Limits: See Schedule of Events, Fees and Times for time limits for each </p><p>category. </p></li><li><p>TO ALL AGE GROUPS </p><p>Offensive or derogatory language will not be tolerated. This rule is necessary </p><p>because of the varying ages in the audience. If you are unsure, please work to a 'G' </p><p>rating or check your script with the Director or Secretary. The adjudicator may </p><p>disqualify any performer using unsuitable or sensitive material on stage. Please check </p><p>well beforehand to avoid embarrassment if asked to leave the stage during your </p><p>performance. </p><p>GENERAL RULES </p><p>1. Competitors are expected to know the Speech and Drama rules of the Port </p><p>Macquarie and District Eisteddfod Society. Lack of knowledge will not be accepted as </p><p>an excuse for infringement. Breaches of rules may result in disqualification of the </p><p>competitor(s) </p><p>2. Entries must be on the current Entry Form and must be lodged with The Entry </p><p>Secretary by the closing date. LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED NO LATER THAN </p><p>FRIDAY 28th JUNE WITH AN ADDITIONAL $20. No entries will be accepted without </p><p>PAYMENT. No cash to be sent through the post. Please send cheque or money order </p><p>only. </p><p>3. It is the responsibility of individual entrants or their teachers to collect all reports </p><p>after each session. No submitted material will be returned to performers or teachers </p><p>(except own compositions). Due to copyright regulations all submitted copies will be </p><p>destroyed. Non-recovered reports will be held for one week following the Eisteddfod </p><p>then destroyed. </p><p>4. Teachers, parents or competitors must not approach the adjudicator during </p><p>sessions. Contact may only be made through the committee members of the Speech </p><p>and Drama section of the Port Macquarie District Eisteddfod. Breaches of this rule </p><p>will result in disqualification and exclusion from the competition. </p><p>5. Protests may be lodged with the Secretary in writing immediately after the session </p><p>and must be accompanied by a deposit of $50. This will be forfeited if the protest is </p><p>not upheld. The Director or Secretary (in the event of the Director being unavailable) </p><p>of the Speech and Drama section of the Eisteddfod shall be the last level of appeal. </p><p>The ruling given by the Director will be final. </p><p>6. Where there are insufficient entries the Committee may decide to cancel a section </p><p>and reserves the right to place the competitor(s) in the next eligible section. The </p><p>Committee reserves the right to divide sections where there are a large number of </p><p>entries. </p><p>7. The Committee reserves the right to require a proof of school year from any </p><p>competitor. Unless this is furnished, prizes may be withheld and may be awarded to </p><p>the next best performer. </p><p>8. The Eisteddfod is an amateur competition (Oxford dictionary definition of </p><p>amateur) "Professionals" will not be admitted as competitors. </p></li><li><p>9. Breaches of the Copyright Act by competitors will not be the responsibility of the </p><p>Port Macquarie District Eisteddfod Society Inc. All competitors must name the author </p><p>and the title of the work being performed. The competitor may give this information </p><p>at the time of performance. </p><p>10. The NOVICE section in each age group is only open to a competitor who has </p><p>never won a place i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any section of a Speech and Drama </p><p>Eisteddfod. </p><p>11. In the interests of child protection and copyright NO VIDEO RECORDING, </p><p>DIGITAL OR FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE ALLOWED DURING PERFORMANCES. </p><p>Offenders will be asked to leave the auditorium. </p><p>PERFORMANCE RULES </p><p>1. Competitors must be punctual for the Eisteddfod sessions and report to the </p><p>Secretary at least ten minutes prior to the session commencing. Entrants who are </p><p>unable to compete are requested to advise the Session Secretary or the Organising </p><p>Secretary as soon as possible. Please note that no refunds of entry fees are possible. </p><p>2. Entrants must be prompt in answering calls for section competitors. Failure to </p><p>report to the section announcer will be regarded as withdrawal from that event. The </p><p>entry fee for that section will not be refunded. </p><p>3. Unless otherwise stated, all material presented will be from memory. </p><p>4. Teachers and students are advised that time limits will be strictly adhered to. </p><p>Marks may be deducted from the scores of offending candidates in proportion to the </p><p>time overrun. </p><p>5. No offensive or blasphemous language to be used in any presentation. Text may </p><p>be edited to delete any such language. If in doubt, please contact session secretary </p><p>prior to commencement of Eisteddfod. </p><p>6. Championships will not be awarded if there are less than three competitors or if </p><p>the standard of presentations is very low. The Adjudicator will make this decision. </p><p>7. Scholarships are intended for the extension of studies. Scholarships and all major </p><p>awards are awarded at the discretion of the Adjudicator. </p><p>8. No competitor shall be allowed to present the same item in more than one section </p><p>or compete more than once in the same section of the Eisteddfod. </p><p>9. No competitor shall re-present material with which he/she has been placed 1st at </p><p>the previous Port Macquarie Eisteddfod. </p><p>10. No practice is allowed on stage once the Eisteddfod commences. </p><p>11. No competitors competing in events involving more than one performer e.g. </p><p>Duologues or Group Sections are allowed backstage until summoned by the stage </p><p>manager. </p></li><li><p>12. In all sections, a second prize may be awarded if there are five or more </p><p>competitors; a third prize will be awarded if there are seven or more competitors. </p><p>Variations to this rule will be at the discretion of the Organising Committee. </p><p>13. All Choral groups (except small school choral groups) will have a minimum of 20 </p><p>competitors. Small schools will have a minimum of 10 competitors. A small school is </p><p>defined as a school with less th...</p></li></ul>