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Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solution

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solution

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solution. Full Range of PoE Products. Power Sourcing Equipment 15W → 30W → 60W. Powered Device. Intelligent PoE Management. 802.3af 15.4-watt Standard Power. 802.3at 30-watt / 60-watt High Power. PoE System Management PoE Budget Overloading Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solution

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solution

  • Full Range of PoE ProductsPower Sourcing Equipment 15W 30W 60WPowered Device

  • Intelligent PoE ManagementPoE System ManagementPoE Budget Overloading ProtectionPoE Temperature Threshold PoE Power Usage ThresholdPower Feeding Status MonitoringPoE Port Configuration802.3af mode controlPower feeding On/Off/schedulable and priority configurationPower Limit function for PoE power managementAuto detect powered device and consumption levels Classify connected powered devicesPD (Powered Device) Alive CheckSchedule PoE Power Recycle802.3at 30-watt / 60-wattHigh Power802.3af 15.4-wattStandard Power

  • PoE SchedulePer Port / Per Profile / Per day, Schedulable PoE ON/OFF Control4 ProfilesPer Hour & Min SettingDaily WorkDaily Work Power ConsumptionOff-BusinessHoursOff-Business Power SavingPer Week Day Setting

  • PoE PD Alive CheckPD Status Good !!PD Alive !!Alarm NotificationPoE Switch

  • Schedule PoE Power RecycleAllows each of the connected PoE powered device to reboot at a specified time each weekReduce the chance of powered device crash resulting from buffer overflowSunMonTueWedThuFriSat0:00Buffer Utilization: 30%Buffer Utilization: 45%Buffer Utilization: 60%Buffer Utilization: 75%Buffer Utilization: 10%Buffer Utilization: 15%Buffer Utilization: 90%PoE Power Recycles each Friday at midnight

  • Product FeaturesPoE Switch

  • PoE Switch OverviewIEEE 802.3at/af compliantFull PoE port: 8, 16, 24, 48PoE budget from 55W to 600WIntelligent PoE ManagementFiber-Optical Link CapabilityHome, SOHO, SMB, Enterprise to Industrial grade applications8-Port PoE+16-Port PoE+24-Port PoE+48-Port PoE+ (Total 600W)

  • 48-Port Managed PoE Switch30W IEEE 802.3at PoE support Total 600W PoE budgetHardware-based IPv6/IPv4 Layer 3 Static Routing Layer 2 /4 IPv6 Managed Gigabit Switch4 SFP slots, flexible for Gigabit Fiber-Optic network extensionSSH / SSL Secure ManagementIntegrate Security and QoS for PoE PD operatingPoE Power managementPoE Port power limit / Total limit to ensure stable system operatingMonitor power usage, current usage, power consumption on Powered DevicesWGSW-48040HP

  • 24-Port Managed PoE Switch24-Port Gigabit 802.3at/af PoE4-Port Gigabit TP/SFP combo Managed380-watt PoE BudgetIPv6/IPv4 Web / Telnet / SNMP v1, v2c / SSH / SSL ManagementIEEE 802.1Q VLAN / Voice VLAN / 802.1w Spanning Tree ProtocolBandwidth Control / Storm ControlLayer 3 / 4 Access Control List / Port Security / 802.1xWGSW-28044HP4

  • 24-Port Stackable PoE Switch30W IEEE 802.3at PoE support Total 360W PoE budgetLayer 2 /4 IPv6 Stackable / Gigabit Switch4 SFP slots, flexible for Gigabit Fiber-Optic network extensionSSH / SSL Secure Management2 HDMI-Like 5Gbps Stacking interfacesUp to 20Gbps stacking bus, Full-duplexRing topology Single IP managementUp to 384 Gigabit PDs managed via one IP addressIntegrate Security and QoS for PoE PD operatingPoE Power managementPoE Port power limit / Total limit to ensure stable system operatingMonitor power usage, current usage, power consumption on Powered DevicesSGSW-24040HP

  • SGSW-24040HP ApplicationGigabit Data speed + PowerSingle IP Management

  • Stackable Gigabit PoE Switch Family

  • Industrial High Power PoE SwitchIGS-10020HPTIPv6 IP Address / NTP / DNS management PoE Power up to 30.8 Watts for each PoE portsAuto detect powered device (PD)VLAN, Spanning Tree ProtocolERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) IEEE 802.1x Port-Based / MAC-Based network access authentication

  • Industrial PoE Fiber SwitchIGS-624HPTFiber-Optical Link Capability802.3af/at PoE injector48V DC to 52V DC PoE+ power boost High Power Budget for PoE ExtensionIntelligent LED Indicator for Real-time PoE UsageRedundant power system -40~75oC Operating TemperatureIP30 Rugged CaseIGS-624HPT

  • Industrial PoE Fiber Switch Application240km

  • Product FeaturesPoE Injector Hub

  • PoE Injector Hub FamilyIEEE 802.3af(Up to 15.4W)IEEE 802.3at(Up to 60W)Fast EthernetGigabit EthernetHPOE-2400G(24-Port Gigabit PoE)HPOE-1200G(12-Port Gigabit PoE)HPOE-460(4-Port Gigabit PoE)POE-2400G(24-Port Gigabit PoE)POE-1200G(12-Port Gigabit PoE)POE-400(4-Port PoE)POE-2400 (24-Port PoE)POE-2400P4 (24-Port PoE, 400 Watts full power)POE-1200 (12-Port PoE)POE-1200P2 (12-Port PoE, 200 Watts full power)HPOE-800G(8-Port Gigabit PoE)

  • 802.3at 60-watt PoE Injector HubIEEE 802.3at PoE Plus / Mid-Span PSE8 x 30-watt PoE+ ports, full powered4 x 60-watt Ultra PoE ports2 DI / 2 DOFull Management (WEB / SNMP v1, v2c)PoE Schedule / Schedule Power Recycle / PD Alive Check Email and SNMP Trap for alarm notification of eventsHPOE-800G

  • 802.3at PoE Injector HubGigabit Mid-Span Power over Ethernet Injector Hub24 ports on the upper stack are data and power ports24 ports on the lower stack are data ports1-Port 10/100Mbps management portComplies with IEEE 802.3at 52V DC per port maximum 30.8 watts720-watt PoE power budgetPoE Power Schedule to save powerAutomatically detects powered device and consumption levelRemote PoE Power management by WEBPoE per port power feeding limit and priorityTemperature over protection to prevent device damageSNMP and SNMP trap 19-inch rack mountable; 1U heightHPOE-2400G

  • HPOE-2400G ApplicationIEEE 802.3at30 wattsIEEE 802.3af15.4 watts

  • Product FeaturesPoE Injector / Splitter

  • Ultra PoE Injector / Splitter56V DC power input (PoE-171)50V DC power input (PoE-173)12V/19V/24V DC output (POE-171S)0 to 50oC operating temperatureCompact size metal case protectionIEEE 802.3at / 802.3af End-span and Mid-span modeSupports 15.4W, 30W or 60W IEEE 802.3at/af standard PoE devicePlug and playRemote power feeding up to 100 meters POE-17160W PoE InjectorPOE-171S60W PoE SplitterPOE-17360W PoE Injector

  • Ultra PoE Injector / SplitterUltra PoE provides Double Power, better than conventional 802.3at PoE

  • 30W PoE Injector IEEE 802.3at / 802.3af Mid-span PSESupports 15.4W or 30W IEEE 802.3at/af standard PoE device100~240V AC power input, 53V DC PoE output0 to 50oC operating temperatureCompact size metal case protection1 Ethernet copper port with built-in PoE injectorPlug and playRemote power feeding up to 100 meters POE-163Gigabit 30W PoE InjectorPOE-16430W PoE Injector

  • Product FeaturesPoE Converter / Extender

  • Passive PoE ConverterIEEE 802.3af/at PoE compliantPassive PoE Output1 DC 12V/19V/24V DIP switch-40 ~ 75oC operating temperature POE-165S12/19/24V DC

  • PoE over Coaxial ExtenderAdvantages of PoE over CoaxialNo need to find power outlet in every locationSaves time and moneyProvides power to the receiver up to 1000m in distanceVC-203PTTransmitterVC-203PRReceiverRG6 Coaxial CablePoE over Coaxial

  • PoE over Coaxial Extender

  • PoE ExtenderComplies with IEEE 802.3at / 802.3af PoEExtends the range of PoE an additional 100 meters (328ft.)Automatically detects and protects PoE equipments from being damaged by incorrect installation4 units, daisy-chain installation with 500 meters distance supportPlug and Play-10~60oC operating temperaturePOE-E201

  • POE-E201 Multi-unit Installation500m

  • Industrial Media ConverterIGTP-80x seriesIGTP-805ATLC Fiber InterfaceMulti / Single Mode SFP moduleDistance up to 120km max. (Vary on SFP module, 100/1000 dual mode support)SC Fiber Interface with Multi-modeDistance up to 220m / 550mIGTP-802TIGTP-802TSSC Fiber Interface with Single-modeDistance up to 10km

  • Industrial Media ConverterIGTP-80x seriesIEEE 802.3at / 802.3af standardPoE Power up to 30 Watts for PoE port24V / 48V DC redundant powerDC 52V power over RJ-45 Ethernet Cable to devices with Ethernet portReal-Time Power Fault Relay Alarm-40 to 75oC operating temperatureIP30 metal case / DIN-Rail and Wall-mountable design6KV DC EFT protection for power line / 6KV DC Ethernet ESD protection

  • Product FeaturesSolar PoE Switch

  • Features BSP-300Battery charging and discharging The BSP-300 empowers the connected PoE devices in the day and night time from charging and discharging.ChargingDischarging* / 15

  • BSP-300 Application*/45BSP-300Site: Desert in Chile

  • */45BSP-300 Application

  • POE TesterQuickly tests RJ-45 outlet for Power over Ethernet existenceTwo LEDs indicate the types of PSE (power source equipment)End-span PoE switchMid-span PoE injector / injector hub4-pair, 60-watt ultra PoE injectorIEEE 802.3at/af PoE compliantCompact size, Plug and Play design

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