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Your Color Expert Course Instructor: Sir Rehan Shakur Course: Marketing Management Course Mates: Faryal Ghori- 25773 Maryam Mursaleen-26861 Talha Masood-24816

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Your Color Expert

Course Instructor: Sir Rehan Shakur

Course: Marketing Management Course Mates: Faryal Ghori-25773 Maryam Mursaleen-26861 Talha Masood-24816 Zohaib Hassan-24830

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Logo & Positioning Statement

Page 3: Product Launch

Background Of Company.Reasons of failure.Strategy for Re-Launch of product:• Four piece of marketing(Product,Price,Place,Promotion)• strategy & tactics.• Promotion: Digital Marketing.• Recommend your strategies• ATL & BTL.• Digital Marketing• SWOT Analysis Select price and Competitors Price.• Pricing Price Skimming

We will take you through:

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Clairol is a personal-care-product Division of Procter & Gamble begun in 1931.The company was widely recognized in its home country,

the United States, for its "Miss Clairol" Hair-coloring kit introduced in 1956. By 1959, Clairol was considered the leading company in

the U.S hair-coloring industry. In 2004, Clairol registered annual sales worth

approximately US$1.6 billion from the sale of its hair products.

Back Ground Of Company

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Anyone who uses shampoo and interested in the “back to nature” movement occurred in 1970’s.

Target Market:

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Reasons For Failure

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The company did not try to create demand.Clairol could not inform its consumers the benefit

of putting yogurt in their hair though advertising.Consumers were mislead and was not successful.

How did the Company try to create demand for the product?

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In the consumer’s mind Yogurt Spoils, Smelliness & Soured milk in hair.

Bottle confused some consumers shampoo was mistaken for just yogurt. Individuals ate the shampoo and become very ill.

Products Flaws?

Page 9: Product Launch

Iman AliMahira KhanAyesha OmerMehwish-Hayat

Brand Ambassadors

Page 10: Product Launch

Numerous products today use natural products in it.Shampoo with: Coconut oil Tea tree oil Rosemary oil Dairy products Such products focused on the natural benefits these

things would bring to your hairsNot just adding yogurt to a shampoo and not

informing consumers the benefits.

What could make the product more successful?

Page 11: Product Launch

Mission Statement:“It aims to be the HEALTHIEST shampoo on the market and allow customers to express their

personalities ”

SLOGAN:“Your Hair Expert”

Want to look different, Try Different

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The four Ps

Page 13: Product Launch

Brand Name: YorganicFunctionality: Grow your hair “Naturally” . 2

in 1 no need of conditioner. Cost benefit.Styling: Bottle-Phallic ShapeQuality: Advance quality, product can be

easily usableExpiry: 1-2 years opened, 3 years unopened.

Water and air that gets into the bottles could break down the formulas.

Accessories: Comb

Product: This part contain following:

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Product features:• Gives shines to hair without conditioner• Provides nutrients to keep the hair and scalp healthy• Cost-effective• Reduce hair fall and dandruff

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Page 16: Product Launch

Pricing Strategy: Skimming price for introduction.Suggested Retail Price: 499Volume discounts and wholesale pricing: Profit of

wholesaler is 20 RS margin .

Price: This part contain following:

Page 17: Product Launch

Distribution Channels: whole saler, retailer, Consumer

Market coverage: Imtiaz , HyperStar, And good store

Distribution Centers: Clairol Features StoresDistribution strategy: Selective Distribution

through our own outlets.

Place: This part contain following:

Page 18: Product Launch

Promotional Strategy: Half of the marketing budget for BTL including digital marketing Bill boards,T.v etc)

Advertising: Personal Selling & Sales ForceSales Promotions: Winner of lucky draw will win

Basket full of Cosmetics products and free sampling. Marketing communications Budget

Promotion: This part contain following:

Page 19: Product Launch

Demographics: Gender, Age, Income Level, Family size, Religion, Social Classes

Psychographics: Life style, Personality, Social class

GEOGRAPHIC: Density, Location, Climate

BEHAVIORAL: Benefits, User status, Usage rates, Loyalty status


Page 20: Product Launch

We are targeting the upper class and the middle classYorganic fulfills the requirementUsing our shampoo:• Can grow hair naturally• Natural ingredient such as yogurt • Hair healthier • shines to your hair • Two in one because you don’t need to have a

conditioner as they give shines to your hair.

Targeting Strategies

Page 21: Product Launch

50% 24% 16% 6% 3% 1



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YorganicParent Company P&GCategory CosmeticsSector FMCGTagline/ Slogan Grow Your Hair NaturallyUSP That's perfectly natural.

Competitors 1. L'Oreal professional2. TRESemme3. Sunsilk


Page 23: Product Launch

Strengths 1. Strong Financial position of P & G2. Brand Loyalty3. High Quality Products4. Well known brand5. Availability of Products in Different Sizes6. Large Network for Distribution7. Consumer Trust


1. Strong competition2. Lagging behind in terms of creative campaign3. Less popularity in rural areas compare to urban areas4. Higher price than other brands


1. Have a Great Opportunity in New developing areas2. Consumer behavior towards brand loyalty3. Increase in the Shampoo consumption due to awareness4. Heavy investment in the research of Shampoo

Threats 1. High Competition in Market2. Threats from new entrants3. Threats from plenty other options available to consumers


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