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  • 1. Production of Content pageThis is how I went onto to construct my contents page and how I edited each pictureI firstly opened up a new pageI then went on to edit my photos separately before gathering them all togetherEDDITING PICTURE 1- T o edit this picture I first had to remove the pipe from the wall thiswas achieved by using the cloning stamp tool followed by the smudge tool.Before After

2. I then went on to add a gradient overlay and add a glow around the imageFinal imageEDDITING PICTURE 2 - After importing the image into Photoshop I then proceeded toedit this picture by going to image adjustment and selecting pasteurize which relates theeffect seen, I had the options to increase or decrease how much I wanted to pasteurize theimage. 3. Before AfterI have also remover the table from the background i did this annishaly by using the crop tooland the clone stamp. 4. EDDITING PICTURE 3-To didnt this picture I added a filter the filter I finally applied was abrush stroke, this gave the appearance that the photo had infract been painted.BeforeAfter 5. I then added a glow around the image so it can match with the other images on the page,the glow will also help the image to stand out. 6. EDDITING PICTURE 4- I cut this image out using the lasso tool after cutting it I thencopied it onto another page and started to work on the painting also before cutting theimage I set the feather to 2 to avoid getting any sharp lines.After cutting this image I then went on to cut the image of the frame I did this using themagic wand tool as it give me nice neat straight line.After doing this I pit both images onto of each other after skewing them to ensure theylooked as if I took the image like that to begin with. After which I used the brush tool tocreate lines in the hairy to make parts of the painting visible to give the effect she has beenscratched in. 7. One the layers were merged I went on to create an effect so it appeared as if the image ofthe girl was painted into the image behind. To create this I used the rubber tool where Iselected a different brush .AfterAdding a signatureFirst i wrote out my signature on paper and took a picture of it.I then went on to crop this thotop on photoshop.After doing this i then imported this image onto my content page where i adujested its size.i also used the magic wand tool to errase the gray ares giving the effect it was written onthe page itself. 8. After fully reeaing the background of the image,I then went onto to adjust the brightnessand contrast of the image, i did this by going to image adjustment brightness to help it tostand out more. 9. Finial Contents Page