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<ul><li><p> 1</p><p>REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS/PROPOSALS FOR </p><p>ARCHITECTURAL, ENGINEERING, AND CONSULTING SERVICES FOR </p><p>LECONTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MODERNIZATION PROJECT </p><p>The Berkeley Unified School District (District) is requesting qualified persons, firms, partnerships, or corporations to provide a statement of qualifications to provide design services for a full modernization project. The District would like an initial cost proposal for Phase 1 of this project to include programming, site assessment and seismic evaluation as related to the modernization of LeConte Elementary School. The intent is to award a contract at a future date for the design and construction phase(s) of the project. </p><p>Respondents to this RFP should mail or deliver (4) bound copies, one (1) unbound copy and one (1) electronic copy on USB flash drive of their Submittals, as further described herein, to: </p><p>Berkeley Unified School District </p><p>Purchasing Department </p><p>Room 232 </p><p>2020 Bonar Street </p><p>Berkeley, CA 94702 </p><p>Attn: Tom Bollinger, Director of Purchasing BUSD </p><p>(510) 644-8593 </p><p>ALL RESPONSES ARE DUE BY 2:00 P.M., ON February 22, 2017. </p><p>FAX OR EMAIL RESPONSES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. </p></li><li><p> 2</p><p>REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS BACKGROUND </p><p>The Berkeley Unified School District is responsible for educating more than 9,400 individual students in 11 public elementary schools, 3 middle schools, one comprehensive high school, and an alternative high school. In addition, the district has 3 preschool facilities and an Adult School serving several thousand students each year. With a tradition of excellence rooted in a vibrant community, Berkeley Unified alumni have become national and international leaders in business, civic society, politics, academia, sports and the arts. Students and staff in Berkeley Unified come from a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, surrounded by one of the most intellectually and culturally rich regions in the United States. </p><p>LeConte is an elementary school located at 2241 Russell Street, Berkeley, CA 94705. Students at LeConte include grades K-5 who enjoy the garden program, English/Spanish Immersion and Special Education. </p><p>LeConte has had several partial modernizations over the past twenty years. Our goal for this project is to identify overall scope for a complete modernization of the campus. This RFP is to include programming, site assessment and seismic evaluation. A priority for the site is to replace the windows and flooring, upgrade kitchen/cafeteria and improve accessible ramps. LeConte is located on a sloping site. The original design had interior concrete steps in the corridors. In a previous modernization ramps were installed, but do not meet current ADA standards. Some of the challenges for the ramps include a limited amount of distance between doorways to classrooms with a change in elevation. </p><p>The District is seeking proposals for Architectural, Engineering, and Consulting Services in the development of scope for the modernization of LeConte Elementary School. </p><p>SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED </p><p>1. SCOPE: Assessment, programming, concept design and project definition. </p><p>Review all available information from the District including previous plans, reports and studies. Conduct on-site building assessment of all relevant systems, finishes, building components. Compile assessment information and utilize remaining useful life analysis to prepare cost estimates and prioritized building systems, finishes and components for modernization. Include analysis of student safety, energy efficiency issues with current systems and overall building use. Include information from the Districts Educational Specifications process and documents. Assess current facilities including mechanical and electrical systems. Prepare an overall modernization needs report. </p><p>a. Prepare a structural analysis of the building utilizing appropriate structural engineering criteria, acceptable to the Division of State Architect, to provide an assessment of the structural and seismic capacity of the building. Provide a summary of structural and seismic deficiencies and include preliminary costs for these in the </p></li><li><p> 3</p><p>overall modernization needs report. </p><p>b. Provide an assessment of outstanding accessibility issues and include options for correcting any remaining deficiencies in the overall modernization needs report. </p><p>c. Meet with the BUSD LeConte staff and advisors to review current and anticipated programs. Confirm typical program space requirements. Include three (3) meetings with site committee comprised of principal, staff, parents, community members and students. Include three (3) meetings with the District and one (1) presentation for the Board of Education. </p><p>2. SCHEDULE: </p><p>The schedule for this package is to gather information Spring 2017 and provide a presentation for the Board of Education to review June 2017. The school will be moved to a separate interim housing location during construction. Include a project schedule with durations of design, bid and construction with appropriate phasing as necessary as part of modernization package. </p><p>3. BUDGET: </p><p>The preliminary Construction Budget for this project is $3,000,000. Part of this study will include the overall budget as determined to fully modernize LeConte Elementary School. The budget needs to be prioritized and include phasing. Consultant to provide cost estimate for proposed scope. </p><p>ASSUMPTIONS AND AGREEMENTS </p><p>Firms should propose a process for each of the services noted above that would include meetings with District staff, including facilities staff and LeConte staff. Assume one presentation on programming package to the BUSD Board of Education. Selected firms will be considered for additional LeConte projects at the discretion of the BUSD Board. </p><p>LIMITATIONS The District reserves the right to contract with any entity responding to this RFP. The District makes no representation that participation in the RFP process will lead to an award of contract or any consideration whatsoever. The District shall in no event be responsible for the cost of preparing any proposal in response to this RFP. The awarding of the contract for Architectural, Engineering and Consulting Services, if at all, is at the sole discretion of the District. RESTRICTIONS ON LOBBYING AND CONTACTS From the period beginning on the date of the issuance of this RFP and ending on the date of the award of the contract, no person, or entity submitting in response to this RFP, nor any officer, employee, representative, agent, or consultant </p></li><li><p> 4</p><p>representing such a person or entity shall contact through any means or engage in any discussion regarding this RFP, the evaluation or selection process/or the award of the contract with any member of the District, Board of Trustees, selection members, or any member of the interview committee. Any such contact shall be grounds for the disqualification of the Proposer. (Questions and requests for information may be submitted as noted below.) INDEMNIFICATION The District shall require the selected Consultant to indemnify the District for all </p><p>acts arising out of the Consultants work pursuant to the contract between the </p><p>District and the Consultant. The Indemnification clause from the Districts </p><p>Architectural Services Agreement is included below. </p><p>AGREEMENT </p><p>The selected Consultant will be expected to execute a Professional Services Agreement, which is the Districts standard form of Architectural Services agreement and will be provided for review to firms receiving this RFP. </p><p>TIME OF PERFORMANCE </p><p>Provide a proposed schedule to complete Services #1, 2 and 3 noted above. SUBMITTAL FORMAT Firms responding to this RFP for the Project must follow the format below. Material must be in 8 x 11 inch format and should be no longer than 25 pages excluding cover letter and tabs. The information presented under each heading should conform to the information requested. Each submission package will be reviewed to determine its completeness prior to the actual evaluation. If a respondent does not respond to all categories requested, the respondent may be disqualified from further consideration. COVER LETTER (maximum one page) shall have the name of the firm making the submission indicating your interest in working with the District. Include a brief description of why your firm is well suited for and can meet the Districts needs. The letter shall be signed by the individual authorized to bind the respondent to all statements and representations made therein, and to represent the authenticity of the information presented. BUSINESS INFORMATION Provide the following information: </p><p> Company name Address Telephone Fax Name and Email of main contact Federal Tax I.D. Number License or Registration Number Business Structure (Corporation, Partnership, etc) </p></li><li><p> 5</p><p> A brief description and history of the firm. Number of employees (licensed professionals, technical support.) Number of current projects and present workload and where possible, </p><p>projected workload for the period in question Location of office where the bulk of services solicited will be performed Insurance coverage and limits carried </p><p>RELEVANT K-12 EXPERIENCE Provide information about prior services/designs prepared by your firm on at least three (3) prior modernization projects. Projects with window replacement are preferred. Include the following information: </p><p> Provide a list of the following for each district: o district name and location o date o Modernization project work completed o name of contact person, phone number and email o key individuals of the firm involved and their roles in the project o role of consultant if work was not exclusively by the firm (i.e., joint </p><p>venture, association) o any sub-consultants that worked with the firm </p><p> PROJECT APPROACH Provide a statement demonstrating your firms or teams ability to accomplish the scope of services in a comprehensive and thorough manner with an aggressive schedule in order to meet the clients timeframe. Include the following information: </p><p> A brief written summary of the firms approach to the project. Describe your firms approach to quality control / assurance procedures. Describe the approach to be used to collect the required data, collaborate </p><p>with other parties and complete the tasks requested by the District. </p><p>PROJECT TEAM SUMMARY </p><p> Identify key team members expected to work on this project, along with their resumes, including sub-consultants, and state their qualifications relevant to the scope of this project. </p><p> Include any additional references for proposed team. </p><p>FEE PROPOSAL Provide a fee proposal. The fee proposal shall include a fixed fee not to exceed amount for Services #1, 2 and 3 noted above. Include hourly rates schedule for the firm. </p><p>SELECTION CRITERIA </p><p>Each Proposal will be evaluated and ranked on the criteria set forth below. The criteria will be weighted as noted below in determining award. </p><p>Statement of Proposals Response (100 Points): 1. Relevant experience of the firm (30 points) 2. Project Approach (25 points) 3. Qualifications of proposed staff (25 points) 4. References (10 points) </p></li><li><p> 6</p><p>5. Cost of Services (10 points) </p><p>The most highly qualified firm designated from the RFP review process will be asked to interview with staff/advisors and with District Facilities staff. The interview committee will recommend the most qualified firm for approval by the Board of Education. Should the District be unsuccessful in negotiations with the firm with the highest score, the firm with the second highest score will be extended the opportunity to negotiate a contract. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS Each Submittal must conform and be responsive to the requirements set forth in this RFP. The District reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in received Submittals. Further, the District reserves the right to reject any and all Submittals and to negotiate contract terms with one or more respondent firms for one or more of the work items. The District hereby notifies all respondents that it will affirmatively insure that, in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit its response to this RFP and no respondent will be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex, age, ancestry, religion, marital status, national origin, medical condition or physical disability, or sexual orientation on consideration for the award. The District reserves the right to change the dates on the schedule without prior notice. PREPROPOSAL MEETING AND SITE WALK The District will conduct a pre-proposal meeting on February 8, 2016 at 3:00 pm at LeConte Elementary School, 2241 Russell Street, Berkeley, CA 94705. QUESTIONS &amp; REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION Direct any questions related to this RFP by email, with a Subject line BUSD LECONTE RFP Questions to: Maria Denney at with copy to William Savidge, Program Management Consultant in Association with Van Pelt Construction Services at </p></li><li><p> 7</p><p>BUSD LECONTE RFP IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE </p><p>Task Date Complete Reference/Comment </p><p>Issue LeConte RFP 2/1/17 </p><p>Issued to firms by email and posted on </p><p>Districts web site </p><p>Pre-Proposal Meeting/Site Walk 2/8/17 3:00 pm at LeConte Elementary School </p><p>RFP Responses Due 2/22/17 Allows 2 weeks to respond </p><p>BUSD Staff Review RFP's 3/1/16 Internal review Facilities, District staff, </p><p>stakeholders </p><p>BUSD Staff Interview Finalist </p><p>Team(s) 3/10/17 Interviews week of 3/6 </p><p>BUSD Board Approves Contract 3/22/17 Regular March Board Meeting </p><p>Kick Off Meeting 3/24/16 With Facilities staff, District staff </p></li><li><p> 8</p><p> INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES </p><p>ARCHITECT AND ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS </p><p>This Independent Consultant Agreement for Professional Services (Agreement) is made and entered into as of the _____ day of , 20__ by and between the _________ School District, (District) and (Consultant), (together, Parties). NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows: 1. Services. The Consultant shall provide Assessment, programming, concept </p><p>design and project definition for LeConte Modernization services as further described in Exhibit "A," attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference (Services). </p><p> 2. Term. Consultant shall commence providing services under this Agreement on </p><p> , 20__ and will diligently perform as required and complete performance by , 20__, unless this Agreement is terminated and/or otherwise cancelled prior to that time. </p><p> 3. Submittal of Documents. The Consultant shall not commence the Services under this </p><p>Agreement until the Consultant has submitted and the District has approved the certificate(s) and affidavit(s), and the endorsement(s) of insurance required as indicated below: </p><p> X Signed Agreement X Workers' Compe...</p></li></ul>