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Road to Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction Chapter 2

Road to Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction Chapter 2

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Text of Road to Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction Chapter 2

  • Road to Civil War, Civil War and ReconstructionChapter 2

  • I. Mexican War

  • II. Treaty of Guadalupe HidalgoFeb. 1848Ends Mexican WarCA, NM (including UT, NV, AZ)Rio Grande River the southern boundaryMexico gets $15 million

  • III. 1850sDecade of Crisis

  • 1850sDecade of Crisis (contd)184980,000+ flood CACA a free or slave state?CA a slave state?Extend the Missouri Line?

  • IV. Compromise of 1850

  • Compromise of 1850 (contd)CA free stateSlavery unrestricted in UT & NM territoriesTX gets $10 million for landSlave trade abolished in D.C. & MDFugitive Slave Act

  • V. Kansas-Nebraska Act1. Republican PartyOpposed to the expansion of slavery & KS/NE Act.

  • Roger Taney Dred Scott

  • VI. John BrownHarpers Ferry, VABig slave rebellion?FailureCaught, tried, executedConfederate Army begins.

  • VII. The South SecedesDec. 20, 1860SC secedesProtect states rights, slavery, & way of lifeMS, FL, AL, GA, LA, TX followed. (Later VA, AK, NC)Feb. 1861Confederate States of AmericaPres. Jefferson Davis

  • The South Secedes (contd)Fort Sumter, Charleston, SCS. opens canon fire; Union gives up the Federal GarrisonConf. celebrated their 1st victory; Civil War begins. (Bloodies war in U.S. history)

  • VIII. Civil War

  • Anaconda Plan

    Union Plan--Gen. Winfield Scott4 Phase Plan 1st PhaseUnion Navy blockade ALL Southern Ports 2nd PhaseControl the Mississippi River3rd PhaseMarch through GA; up to Carolinas 4th PhaseCapture capital at Richmond, VA

  • Antietam

    AntietamBloodiest day 22,000 dead Sept. 1862TURNING POINTKept Confederates from getting foreign aid!

  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Jan. 1, 1863. Gave N. moral justification England agreed; wont help the S. Ex-slaves/free blacks joined Union 54th Mass. Infantry

  • IX. 1863: Turning Point1863: War Tips to the North 2. 1862-1863 Union loses at Battle of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville June 1863Gettysburg, PA Bloodiest overall battle of the war Lee; never again try to attack the N. Confederate fate sealed at Gettysburg Wont get European support; never win again

  • July 4, 1863Vicksburg, MS Union (Grant) got control of Miss. River Gettysburg Address Jan. 1864Grant Commander of the Union Army

  • Shermans March to the Sea

  • X. Consequences1.Generation lost; 620,000 2.Women: nurses, vet. hospitals, at home, etc. 3.1865: 4 million new Americans (13th Amend.) 4.Politics: preserving the Union; federal gov. supreme 5.American democracy survived 6. Reconstructionindustrialization

  • XI. Reconstruction13th AmendmentAbolishes slavery

  • 2. 14th Amendment, 1868Protect Rights of all U.S. citizensDue process & equal protectionNo state/fed. office; Conf. officers3. 15th Amendment 1868, 1. States cant prevent citizens from voting based on: race, color, or previous servitude